10 Best Vertical Garden Kits

best vertical garden kits

Have you ever found yourself in a position when you want plants in your house but do not have adequate space to establish a wall garden? Do you like the idea of different garden types and like to experiment with green interior? If your answer to any of these questions was in the affirmative, you should try vertical gardening.

The concept of vertical gardening seems intimidating at once with all the research required. Therefore, to make things simple for you, we have created this guide on forming vertical gardens. In this article, you will find reviews of some of the best vertical garden kits along with detailed information about the new planting concept.

What Are Vertical Gardens?

Vertical gardening is a newly developing gardening technique used for decoration. However, the technique has been around for many years in either the form of creepers or living walls. People who prefer earthy decoration indoors like vertical gardening because of the sheer space they save in the house.

Vertical gardens are those which with the help of vertical garden kits, plants are grown in a vertical, rather than horizontal fashion. Planters are placed on top of one another to create a living wall of plants. Vertical gardening is a space saver but also a great aesthetic addition.

Vertical gardening requires you using specific planters that the pants grow vertically. To make things clear, vertical gardening doesn’t actually change the plants’ growth. Instead, the vertical gardening kits have such close knit planters that the plants seem to be growing upwards.

Green walls are the most impressive example of vertical gardening. To create them, plants are so well knit together that they create an illusion of a living wall of plants.

Benefits of a Vertical Garden

Putting together a well-groomed wall garden is not an easy job. You need to put in a lot of time, effort, grooming, and knowledge into the concept. However, the final result is always a space saver and a work of art.

Let us look closely into some of the most common benefits of creating and maintaining such gardens.

  • Saves Space: No arguments here, vertical gardens are the best way of accommodating plants into a small space. Vertical gardens grow over walls and can go up to as much height as you can maintain while being extremely voluminous.
  • Diversity: One of the best things about vertical garden sis how well they give you the opportunity to team diffident plants together. You can organize vegetative, ornamental, and fruiting plants in separate rows while they all come together to form a beautiful whole.
  • Minimizes Pests: Plants tend to pick up more pests when they are in contact with the ground. Most plant diseases also come from the Earth. therefore, since vertical gardens do not come in contact with the ground as much, they are much safer.
  • Protects the Environment: While all gardens absorb pollutants and release oxygen, vertical gardens play a special role in this aspect. Since you can grow huge vertical wall gardens in less space, they act as a protective shield to their surroundings.
  • Living Room Divider: If you place an artificial vertical wall in the middle of your living room and use it for vertical gardening, you can create a live living room divider. Therefore, wall gardens can help you have more privacy in your house.
  • Reuse Waste: Most DIY vertical garden kits are made of old plastic bottles, organizers, and other such things. Therefore, you can use most of your plastic waste to create vertical gardening planters.
  • No Soil Dependency: If you are a seasoned gardener, you can grow their vertical gardens hydroponically. Therefore, even if you have bad soil quality around, all your need are good hydroponic grow mediums and you’re good to go.
  • Adds Refreshment and Reduces Stress: Many studies show how indoor plants allow the human brain to get more relaxed. Having a living wall inside your house will surely help you have a better looking and more calming space in your house.
  • Easy Rearrangement: Most vertical graden plants are arranged independently. Therefore, whenever you want to make changes to your garden or want to add new plants, you can do so without disturbing the other plants. This is not only convenient but also economical.
  • Good Crop Yield: Believe it or not, since vertical plants get to grow independently, they have better crop yields. Trees such as Espaliered can be planted vertically to consume less space while producing an increase in yield.
  • Creates Microenvironment: A place’s environment is dependent on natural factors such as plants in the vicinity. When you grow a garden vertically inside your house or office, you can change the microenvironment of the space. An entire living wall is sure to add better breathing and temerature conditions to the room.

The Cost of Starting a Vertical Garden

Before you can venture into any new gardening technique, to is best to know the costs involved. Knowing the price of getting vertical garden kits or making some DIY ones along with maintenance costs will help you make better decisions.

It is crucial to note that regardless of the price, maintaining a vertical garden is an extensive time and energy consuming process. Putting all the parts together to form a solid whole is a time-consuming task and requires high maintenance.

Setting aside the time and energy investment, vertical gardening is a much economical process. Most garden kits can be made through domestic waste and tend to last for a long time. Even ready-made gardening kits are not too expensive and they’re made to be strong and last.

The two main factors affecting a vertical garden’s cost are the kits’ size and the watering system employed. It is important to note that the cheaper the kits, the smaller the size and more time-consuming the watering process.

If you choose to use cheap kits, you will have to create a daily hand-watering routine around your plants. However, expensive kits generally have a water reservoir or a drip irrigation system.

How to Choose the Best Vertical Garden Kit

There is no doubt about the fact that vertical gardening kits come in a huge variety. Depending on your gardening routine, budget, and preferences, each person will prefer one gardening kit over another. There is no one-size-fits-all in case of vertical gardening kits.

A gardening kits is the defining factor of your garden’s look, size, quality, and ease of maintenance. Therefore, you must make sure that it suits all your requirements. Given below are certain things you must always keep in mind while investing in the best vertical garden kits for you.

1. Size

Vertical garden kits come is a huge array of sizes. You must choose the kit size suiting your requirements. Not only do you have to consider the width of the kit’s frame, but also its height. Needless to say, a vertical garden kit’s size will determine how big your wall garden is going to be.

While considering vertical garden kits, you must have a look at individual wall planter size along with the overall frame size. Now all types of plants require huge planters, while some require a lot of space. Keep in mind the types of plants you are planning to use beforehand.

2. Style

believe it or not, there are several varieties of wall garden styles. You can create hanging gardens, pocket gardens, or even a herb garden. You can also choose from a variety of planter kits such as pocket planters and garden planters.

You can even choose to conduct vegetable gardening in your indoor vertical garden. You can even choose to use a metal or a wood frame. You can even choose to grow your plants hyroponicaly or with potting soil. You can look for several gardening ideas and choose the one you like the best.

3. Planter Material

Not only does the type but also the material of your planter influences the way your wall garden turns out. The best vertical garden kits either include wooden, metallic, ceramic, plastic, or clay planters.

Wooden and PVC plastic planters are the most popular at the moment. People like clay or ceramic planters for their aesthetic appeal. However, they tend to be too heavy for easy maintenance. Metal planters are not ideal since they tend to rust over time.

The materials you choose your planters to be in makes a huge impact on your plants’ appearance. Since PVC pots are extremely lightweight, they can be shifted easily. Natural pots may allow plants to grow over them, while metallic pots are unbreakable with good maintenance.

4. Number of Tiers

Much like traditional gardening, a vertical garden too is arranged in rows and columns. However, vertical columns grow on frames and their size depends on the number of tiers on the frame. This is a crucial element to take notice of since the tiers decide how tall you can grow your vertical garden.

You must make sure that the vertical garden kit’s frame is large enough for it to accommodate a lot of plants. However, the frame should not exceed your space’s height and should be easily maintainable for you. If you are short, you should not get a frame with so many tiers that you cannot reach the top at ease.

5. Watering and Drainage System

Considering a good watering systems and drainage system is crucial not only for a vertical garden but also for traditional gardening. You get a lot of watering system choices when it comes to vertical gardens. While many cheaper kits require daily manual watering, some might be self watering vertical garden kits, while others might feature a handy water reservoir with a drip system.

As you already know by now, creating vertical gardens takes a lot of time and effort. Having a convenient watering system allow you to get some effort off your hands; especially in case of vertical gardens with a water reservoir and self watering vertical frames.

Drainage too is crucial to consider for cleanliness and easy maintenance. You do not want a bad drainage facility that spills water on the floor of your garden space. Systematic drainage approaches are common in the best vertical garden kits.

The Best Vertical Garden Kits

Looking for awesome vertical garden kits might not be as easy at it seems. The process involves considering too many factors before choosing the right kit suiting all your vertical garden requirements. Moreover, there are several type of kits you will come across, which can be very overwhelming.

We have shortlisted ten of our favorite vertical garden kits to help you start. You can continue reading for detailed information and reviews of the products.

1. Gardyn Home Indoor Smart Vertical Garden Kit

The best thing about technology is how well-integrated it is in all our life’s aspects. Be it TVs, phones, or even verticals planters. The Gardyn Home Indoor Smart Vertical Garden Kit is an example of such smart systems.

This product has wi-fi connectivity and can be connected to an AI application to solve most of your garden requirements. Be it feeding, watering, or draining, this self watering vertical player will do everything for you. The app allows you to set a watering and feeding schedule for smart and tension-free gardening.

This product is much more than just a herb garden. You can grow high-yielding vegetables along with ornamental flowers to allow for garden diversity.

One f the nicest things about this planting system is its design. You can grow a volumunous vertical garden in it. When you want to harvest the fruits or vegetables, you can just take what you want and leave the rest to grow further.

This planting system allows you to grow your plants either in soil or hydroponically. Therefore, you have extensive control over your plants and the growing process.

The entire garden kit measures 12 x 24 x 63-inches. It can sit on any surface to grow to its full length, allowing you to grow mess-free hydroponic veggies even in your kitchen.


  • Wi-fi integrated smart garden kit.
  • Grows enough veggies and fruits to save many grocery kits.
  • Sits effortlessly on any surface to grow plants vertically.
  • Organic and food-safe growth process.
  • The app allows you to fix a self seeding and self watering schedule.


  • One of the most expensive vertical garden kit in this list.

2. Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Garden Planter

When we think of vertical gardening, most people tend to think of only vertical wall gardens. However, another effective type of vertical gardens is stackable garden pots.

Stackable pots are incredibly easy to use, water, and maintain. They allow you to grow plants as you would have in a traditional garden, but since the pots sit over each other, they do not consume as much space. You can use a stackable vertical garden kit both indoor and outdoor for perfect results.

The pots included in this particular vertical garden kit are made of durable and water-resistant PVC plastic. Therefore, you do not have to worry about then wearing down over the years. They allow for a reasonable vertical garden starting price.

Since this kit comes in a 5-tier design , it is pretty tall and can be used to grow just about anything. You can dedicate on tier of this vertical garden as a herb garden , another has a vegetative garden, and so on.

To keep the plants well watered, you don;t have each hydrate each plant manually. All you have to do is water the top top, and let it trickle down to the bottom ones. Therefore, it is an easy product to maintain plants in by people of all ages.


  • Made of durable and weather-resistant PVC plastic.
  • Easy to transport and maintain due to the stackable design.
  • Trickle-down watering system.
  • Perfect for maintaining a diverse garden.
  • Saves incredible space.


  • The trickle down chain might break sometimes, making the watering system ineffective.
  • The potsare slightly heavy. Therefore, setting up might require some other person’s help.

3. Yinuoday 72 Pocket Vertical Wall Garden Planter

If you are running out of space but still want to create a beautiful wall garden with extremely small plants, you can consider using pocket planters. They are affordable hanging planter options for just about any space you have.

If you are looking for pocket planters. There is no product better than the Yinuoday 72 Pocket Vertical Wall Garden Planter. As the name suggests, this product has 72 pockets for 72 different plants. This vertical garden kit is one which accommodates the most plants in one unit.

Naturally, each pocket is very small. Therefore, it is best to use this kit for planting herbs and small succulents. The small size is not adequate to grow vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants.

Unlike most products on this list, this kit is made of cotton fabric. When you water the indoor vertical garden kit and water it, you will feel the drainage throughpoutthe cloth. If you do not over-ater, the cloth will absorb all the moisture and dry off in no time. Therefore, it will allow you to keep your home clean without issues.

Since this product is made of heavy cloth, it is also extremely low maintenance, portable, easy to install, practical, and economical. We like how the product itself is green to accentuatethe green color of the herbs planted in it.


  • Serves as the best medium to grow herbs in.
  • Hangs easily on a wall and does not create a lot of mess.
  • The fabric itself absorbs a lot of moisture to keep your home clean.
  • Saves a lot of space and money.
  • One of the most affordable vertical garden set up you can invest in.
  • Can be the home to a huge number of plants.


  • You cannot plant fruiting and vegetative plants in it.
  • Washing the product might be a hassle at times.

4. Vivosun Vertical Raised Garden Bed

Not all vertical gardens have to be similar to live walls. Some can be in the form of handy planters that allow you to segregate your plants at ease. The Vivosun Vertical Raised Garden Bed is one such product. This 5-tier raised garden planter houses four pot in each row. Therefore, it can house many plants together allowing you the ultimate putting together creativity.

This garden planters’ frame is made of galvanized steel. Since is steel is rust-resistant, you don’t have to worry about the frame to come down after a few years.

Each teir has drainage holes which you can open or close according to your requirements. Therefore, the frame is made to ensure that all the plants are healthily watered without creating sogging or rotting roots.

This planters’ ergonomical shape is the perfect solution to low space as well as for gardeners with back issues. The frame is also incredibly easy to put together, maintain, clean, and sustain. This garden kit comes with an instructions manual to help you grow plants and maintain the frame for a long time.

This versatile garden planter measures 32.6 x 26.8 x 8.3-inches. If you plant as many plants as you can in this space in the traditional manner, you will have to use up to 10 times more the land footprint.

When you assemble the product, you can be sure of its security. WIth only four to five screws, the frame gets the strength to withstand heavy weights of the variety of plants you will grow on it.


  • Saves a lot of space.
  • Easy to water and maintain.
  • Ergonomic design that is easy to assemble.
  • Robust stainless-steel frame for sturdiness and longevity.


  • Even through the frame is easy to assemble, if you make any issues, you will have issues situating all the pots properly.
  • You will have to manually water the plants individually on a daily basis.

5. Mr. Stacky Smart Farm Vertical Tower Gardening System

Stackable garden planters are the best way to save space in while growing beautiful plants indoors. With the help of Mr. Stacky Vertical Tower Gardening System, you can plant succulents, herbs, flowers, vegetables, and even flowers inside your house.

The watering system featuring in this product is commendable with its stackable design. All you have to do is pour water on the topmost pot and it will drip irrigate the rest. Therefore, you can bit adeau to rotting roots and back hurt due to bending.

You can elevate this 5-tier planter by welding a pipe to its center hole. The planter itself is not too heavy. Therefore, the pipe will not be abused.

The plastic used to construct this pot is heavy-duty. All the materials are food-grade, allowing your vegetative and fruiting plants to produce safe-to-consume products. However, what we like the most about this product’s construction is the UV protection coating that keeps the colors safe while your plants get ample sunlight.

The planter also has an adequate drainage system to allow you to not worry about leakages inside your rooms.


  • Does not require a lot of soil.
  • Good quality plastic construction.
  • Stackable design saves space and acts as a waterfall watering system.
  • Extremely easy to maintain.


  • Might be too expensive for some people’s liking.
  • The pots have to be arranged and removed one-by-one for maintenance.

6. Meiwo 7 Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden Wall Planter

If you likes the idea of pocket cloth wall hanging vertical garden kits with one of the previous products but do not require that much space, you will appreciate this product. With only seven pocket planters, this product is extremely economical with space.

You can grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in this planter. However, it is best not to consider growing flowers, since they might not get abough space to bloom.

The closely-knit pockets are made of sturdy felt fabric, allowing the product to have excellent drainage capacity. The cloth can absorb a lot of water while drying off easily. The entire vertical garden set up measures 13 x 10 x 3-inches. Therefore, it is one of the best products you can use to decorate your home, nursery, office, or just about any space.

The kit itself is very light. Therefore, it is easy to transport and move around. Maintaing plants within the soft fabric is also a piece of cake.


  • Closely-knit felt fabric pockets perfect for small plants.
  • The fabric can absorb a lot of moisture for ultimate drainage.
  • Does not consume a lot of space while decorationg the room perfectly.
  • Easy to set up, maintain, and trasnport.


  • You will have to water the plants on your own.
  • While it can be the home allowing plants grow in a healthy manner, the vertical planters’ look itself is not very pleasing.

7. Mindful Design Stackable Garden Kit

Setting up a vertical garden is the best way of making your surroundings look beautiful. When you use the Mindful Design Stackable Garden Kit, the beauty is exemplified by in-built LED lights on the product. With of help of this planter, you can help plants grow in a hydroponic manner.

The smart LEDlights tkeep track of time and light up at specific hours. You can set the 16 dark and 8 light hours from the product itself. This smart light switch-off feature allows your vertical garden to be energy efficient.

When you purchase this product, you get a set of two stackable planters. Each planter measures 16.5 x 5.6 x 11.4-inches and can hold up to three plants. This size is ideal to grow small herbs, fruits, and even genetables like carrots and reddish.


  • Stackable design to save a lot of space.
  • Smart LED light for energy efficiency.
  • Beautiful design to accentuate the room’s beauty.
  • Perfect drainage makes it good dor using at home, office, and nursery.


  • The plastic used to build this product is not very sturdy.
  • The frame is a little thin and might not stand the test of time.

8. Ortisgreen Indoor Vertical Garden Kit

Wall mount gardening kits are a great way of saving space while making your room look beautiful with orgamental flowers and leaves. The Ortisgreen Indoor Certical Garden Kit is a product made specifically to fit in just about any room to add a touch of green into ut.

This hanging planter doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Therefore, you don’t haveto worry a lot about the planter itself and only maintaining the plants growing in it.

These garden planters can hold up to six plants. Therefore, you have the ultimate freedom to diversity. You can either make the plants match each other, or can blend varieties to accentuate the gardening kit’s beauty.

The gardening kit comes with sphagnum moss acting as a water reservoir to allow your plants to be well hyrated for a long time.


  • The moss is a great way or keeping the plants healthy and low-maintenance for a ling time.
  • Allows you t grow just about any plant you want to grow.
  • The planter boxes are in close proximity to each other.


  • Might not be ideal for spaces that do not receive a lot of sunlight.

9. Newkits Vertical Wall Garden Planter

if you are looking for an innovative type of a growing system to allow plants grow in a healthy manner, this might be the product for you. You can use these planters to plant just about anything you want to grow.

The planters’ construction is such thatit is almost self watering. The planter boxes are made of high quality fabric to keep the system completely waterproof while not allowing the water to drip off either. therefore, you do not have to worry about mess at all.

The planters’ light weight allows it to be transported easily. Therefore, you can hang it in just about any space. This garden even has the capability to grow strawberries and some other small fruiting plants and herbs.


  • Waterproof fabric for clean design.
  • The garden even self waters itself.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • the garden system is great for portability.


  • The fabric might not sustain for a long time.

10. Algreen Garden View Vertical Living Wall Planter

The Algreen Garden View Vertical Living Wall Planter is a spectacular wooden frame vertical wall planter for excellent vertical wall gardens. When you look at this planter, you will think of it as an antique window frame. Its hanging garden design is such that it will add a country look to any room.

With exposed pots, you will have better maintenance aid, since all the plants will be readily available for you to tend. You get a pluggable drainage hole. Therefore, you will have to add a water catcher in your vertical wall garden space.

The garden kit includes hanging hardware, a wood frame, and three resin pots. The pots are liftable for easy shifting and maintenance. The frame measures 24 x 32-inches. This size allows the kit to be installed just about anywhere at ease.

The garden kit comes with an indoor herb garden allowing for breast versatility. You can buy this garden kit from just about any online store.


  • Indoor herb garden.
  • Great portability.
  • Features a trellis backing.
  • Antique look for perfect
  • The removable pots are extremely easy to maintain.


  • The drainage system requires an external collecting medium.
  • The pots might not perfect access to sunlight.
  • Included pots are rather small and are not suitable for all types of plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have answered some of the most asked questions regarding vertical gardens.

1. Do vertical gardens work?

There is no doubt about the efficiency of vertical gardens. They save a lot of space and can be used to grow a huge variety of plants. Even though these gardens require quite a lot of tending and attention, they always yield great products.

2. Are vertical gardens easy to maintain?

We will contradict ourselves a little bit here. While considering traditional gardening, vertical gardens are easier to maintain, as long as you know what you’re doing. If you are clueless about the gardening process, you will have to go through along and difficult maintenance learning curve.

Setting up a vertical garden might not be as simple as setting up a traditional garden. However, with right practice and knowledge, maintaining individual plants is always much easier than traditional knit-together plants.

3. Can you grow carrots in a vertical garden?

Vertical gardens are the best way to grow vegetables and fruits if you do not have a lot of space but want to get into horticulture anyway. So, yes, you can grow carrots in a vertical garden.

Carrots will take at least 15 times the less space in a vertical garden than in a traditional garden. However, you must note that carrots grown on a vertical garden might not be perfectly shaped.

4. How do I make a vertical garden out of plastic bottles?

Using old plastic bottles to make a garden planter or a vertical wall planter is one of the best and easier way to make DIY vertical garden. All you need is a frame, bottles, potting soil, and seeds.

To create planters, you must consider a bottle in half and turn it upside down so that the neck is facing downward. Make several holes on the cap and close it. Now, you must fill the bottle with soil and plants.

You can attach this potter to the frame with strings. While the body will act as the growing system, the bottle on the neck will act as a drainage medium.

Final Words

Creating vertical gardens in your home is an interesting and healthy hobby to have. They help you enhance any places’ appearance to look like a work of art and be more relaxing. A wall garden is perfect to grow in limited space, and produce high yield.

Using appropriate garden kits to create the perfect vertical garden is imperative. You can choose any of the products from this list to start growing a vertical garden of your own. Once you get into growing and maintaining vertical gardens, you will never look back.