Best Gardening Gloves 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Handlandy2. Well Lamont3. Ironclad
Handlandy Pigskin best gardening gloveWells Lamont Padded HighlyIronclad All in One High-Performance

Be it a man or a woman, wearing gloves while gardening protects the skin from abrasions, injury from repeated tool usage, calluses, harm from possible chemicals in the fertilizers or other medicines to treat the plants, and several other possible causes to harm your hands. If you are still confused about getting the best gardening gloves for your green hands, then this guide will tell you how to make the right selection.


In this guide, you will come to know the various benefits of wearing gardening gloves, the different varieties to choose from, and what factors to consider while choosing them. Gloves play a very important role in day-to-day gardening. Below, you will understand the importance of gardening gloves, read about the common FAQs people have, and have a look at the top of the line products we have gathered for you.

Top 15 Best Gardening Gloves 2021

1. Handlandy Pigskin Garden Gloves 

Handlandy Pigskin Easy Fit Garden Gloves best gardening glovesMade from genuine leather, the Handlandy gardening gloves are a perfect fit in your palms. The pigskin has been designed using a 3D breathable mesh that allows your skin to stay cool and hydrated as you work away in your garden.

The genuine leather build allows your hands more flexibility while protecting your skin from any rogue thorns or from other minor cuts and scrapes. Available in multiple sizes and two bright colors – green and pink, these gloves are the best women’s gardening gloves, guaranteed to act as a second skin. Preferred by over 80% Amazon buyers, Handlandy gloves are indeed the perfect choice for you.


  • Advanced grip
  • Flexible
  • Varying sizes available
  • Genuine leather construction


  • Not unisex
  • Fewer colors available

2. Wells Lamont Padded Highly

Wells Lamont Padded HighlyDesigned specifically for women, these gloves are completely water-resistant, allowing your skin to stay comfortable and hydrated. This in turn also makes the leather soft and pliable. It also comes with a premium feature of adjustable wrist strap, keeping dust and grime completely out of your hands.

These gloves by Wells Lamont are specifically fitted with padded knuckles that shield your hands as you dig your way through the mud and protect the skin from abrasions. Made of cowhide, these gardening gloves have been chosen by 75% Amazon users, proving it to be a worthy buy.


  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Knuckle cushioning
  • Double durable fingers
  • Waterproof material


  • Fewer colors available

3. Ironclad All in One High-Performance

Ironclad All in One High-PerformanceThe Ironclad garden gloves are like a boon to gardeners. With a simple strap on an adjustable hook, the gloves can be customized and secured to the hand without a fuss. Provisioned with a terry cloth attachment along the back of the thumb, it allows the user to wipe away any sweat without a fuss. What’s more, you can just as easily wash it up in the machine without suffering any wear or tear.

As an added advantage, the knuckles are embedded with a thermoplastic layer that acts as a shock absorber to high impact and protects you from any cuts and abrasions. If you are on the lookout for gardening gloves at less than $20, you are looking at the best option.


  • Sweat control
  • Machine wash safe
  • Knuckle protection
  • Multipurpose design


  • Could improve sizing
  • More adjustability desired

4. Highly Durable Eco-Friendly Unisex Gardening

Highly Durable Eco-Friendly Unisex GardeningMade from natural element bamboo, these gloves by Pine Tree Tools leave the material very breathable, thus keeping your hand and skin at a comfortable temperature, no matter the climate. Moreover, the snug-fitting of the cloth also keeps your fingers free enough to access your digital devices, as it is touch-friendly.

Being skin fit, the gloves give you total comfort during use. The ergonomic design gives you a wide range of uses while wearing these gloves. For instance, fishing or even lobster diving can now be a more enjoyable hobby with these gardening gloves by Pine Tree Tools.


  • Skin tight
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable grip
  • Snug fit


  • Shorter length
  • Not tough enough

5. Bright Coloured Light-weight Heavy Duty

Bright Coloured Light-weight Heavy DutyMade up of G&F microfoam, these gardening gloves by Work Gloves Depot contain breathable nylon knitted into the weave, making you feel the most comfortable as you work. The very essence of having a microfoam coating is that it allows you a better grip as you dig or plow through different terrains. The nylon blend gives the gloves more flexibility and thus gives you a better fit while you wear it.

These gloves have been specifically made for women, making it the best choice to all ladies with a green thumb. Designed to fit your hand right up to your wrist, they are hardwired to help you rough it through your work without the slightest wear or tear. The best part of this deal is its 30-day money-back offer. At less than $15, these gardening gloves are definitely a steal.


  • Made for women
  • Microfoam coating
  • Comfortable grip
  • Perfect fit
  • Washing machine safe


  • Smell like a bug repellent
  • Flimsy build

6. Xjyamus. Easy Unisex Latex

Xjyamus. Easy Unisex LatexGloves don’t usually cover digging traits. But this design by XJYAMUS is specifically designed to allow your fingers to grab the weeds and mud with ease. Four inbuilt ABS plastic claws in the gloves give your hands the freedom to access the weeds or mud without requiring the use of any tools. Now your hands have better access to your garden than ever before, making it the perfect accessory to have the best garden.

To make things even better, these garden genies have natural latex coating on them, making the gloves highly ductile and adding sensitivity to your touch. This, combined with nylon back-knit, keeps your hands comfortable through all the seasons.

Wash these gloves and reuse them without having fear of wearing them out during rough use.Remember, gardening is a talent one hones from within. So are the gloves that you wear to protect those talented green thumbs. If you don’t like the girly color, simply go for a neutral design.


  • Easy access claws
  • Puncture resistant
  • Breathable material
  • One size fits all


  • Uneven sizing
  • Rubber like smell

7. AmazonBasics Puncture Resistant

AmazonBasics Puncture ResistantMade from pure leather, these gloves are the perfect choice for all those who love to spend time in their garden. The design extends up to the forearm, giving the wearer full protection while wading through thorns and other harmful elements. Made from animal hide, the weave is guaranteed not to puncture in the slightest.

If you are planning on improving your gardening skills, these babies will do the trick for you. While most gloves face tautness near the thumb, the ergonomic design of this model by AmazonBasics gives your thumb ease of movement, letting you go about your work without any hassle.

Though gloves are meant to protect the hands from thorns and the likes, it is common knowledge to steer clear of dangerous plants and plant parts. Handle them with care and you will find that your gloves can do wonders to your garden.


  • Puncture resistant
  • Extended design
  • Flexible
  • Padded palm
  • Heavy duty
  • Size variation


  • Colors are boring

8. Women’s Special Purple Color Poly

Women’s Special Purple Color Polyardening gloves are intended to keep your skin and nails safe as you dig away through thorns, bushes and other weeds. These gauntlet style gloves by AmazonBasics are the perfect accessory to protect your hands with comfort and care. As an added advantage, a poly-spandex layer gives your hands ease and carefree movement.

These gloves also come attached with knuckle guards that keep your hands safe from scrapes and other grazing instances. What’s more, these gloves come all the way up to the forearm, giving you more access around your garden. Its gauntlet style cuffs cover your arm thoroughly, protecting them through wear and tear. If you have a budget of less than $20, these are the best garden gloves for you.


  • Thornproof design
  • Ease of use
  • Padded palm protection
  • Comfortable length


  • Not real suede
  • Rigid build

9. Synthetic Leather Multi-Purpose Women’s

Synthetic Leather Multi-Purpose Women’st is only natural that the gloves you wear give you maximum protection while you use them. These gloves by AmazonBasics come fitted with fingernail guards that protect your lovely nails from chipping. A cushy terry cloth layer on the back allows users to wipe their brow off sweat without wasting any time. The palm of the glove is also reinforced and contoured to give you a better grip.

The synthetic leather material makes it a very good choice for long-term use and its reusability. Made specially to suit women’s hands and grip style, these polyester gloves are the apt choice for garden-loving ladies. At less than $15, these gloves are a neat option to buy. Over 80% of Amazon users suggest buying this glove, so give it a try.


  • Highly durable material
  • Reinforced design
  • Nail friendly
  • Sweat wiping cloth


  • Too snug a fit
  • Better color options could be available

10. Digz Soft Washable

Digz Soft WashableGardening is made a more fun and enjoyable task once you wear gardening gloves. Digz’s working gloves for women are made up of synthetic leather, which is machine wash safe and is highly durable to rough use. These also come with easy to put adjustable wrist straps that ensure you have a snug fit as you work.

Making the gloves more compatible, the polyurethane palm fitting in the glove makes it resistant to easy wear and tear. Being thin and skin-tight, the gloves are also highly compatible with your touchscreen and other digital devices. If you are under a budget and on the lookout for the best gardening gloves, this is the one for you.


  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Extensive grip
  • Breathable backhand
  • Lasting velcro


  • Better quality cloth expected
  • Porous fabric

11. Timeek Heavy-Duty Cowhide

Timeek Heavy-Duty CowhideWhat you want in gardening gloves is high durability and good resistance to regular wear and tear. This pair of gloves by Timeek made from cowhide leather makes the material pretty sturdy and yet remains soft and comfortable to use. The thick hide is a blend of double thread sewing that gives the glove extra protection from rough use.

The one quality that will keep your gloves useful is their light weight and skin-tight fit. With an easy to wear elastic wrist, the gloves are easy to wear and keep away dirt and grime from coming on to your hands. This makes the gloves a multi-purpose accessory and perfect for use.


  • Suede back
  • Comfortable fit
  • Breathable skin
  • Unisex shape


  • Chemical like stink
  • More colors desired

12. Sktree Super Light Washable

Sktree Super Light WashableMen tend to get into rough work when it comes to gardening. So, it is only essential that the glove they wear be absolutely suited for heavy-duty work and one that has a high sustainability rate. This specific model by Skytree is dipped in PU material, making it the best-gripped pair of gloves. The stretchy material has a breathable weave pattern that makes it the perfect choice of accessory for any climate and any weather.

The palm and the fingers are rendered lightweight by these gloves that give your hand the right amount of flexibility to continue your work without any obstacles. The bestselling feature of these gloves is their compatibility with machine wash. So, if you are on a budget and wish to purchase a good pair of gardening gloves, these are the absolute pair to go for.


  • Super light stitch
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Multi-purpose build
  • Machine wash supported
  • Variable sizes available


  • Poor plastic covering
  • Low-quality stitch

13. Gardena Multi-Colored Easy Wear

Gardena Multi-Colored Easy WearIf you are on the lookout for simple and cheap all-time use garden gloves, then Gardena gloves are the way to go. Made to be highly resistant to garden injuries and bugs like ants, these gloves are the perfect choice for those looking to get several pairs of gloves at a budget deal.

The skin-tight fit of the gloves prevents dirt and water from entering the inside of your palm and leaves you free to go about your work. The breathable fabric gives your palm a very good grip and keeps your hand from sweating as you work. These are the best gardening gloves you can find at such an economical price.


  • Cheap buy
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Superior quality
  • Breathable material


  • Not waterproof
  • Not machine friendly

14. Bella Gloves Floral Women’s

Bella Gloves Floral Women’sDesigned specifically for women who love gardening, Bella gloves offer the very best gloves at an economical price. This fabric has been reinforced with synthetic materials that keep the gloves puncture resistant. With padded palm and fingertips, your fingers become nimble as you play about the garden and sow your plants.

Made to cater to women, this Bella Glove is a professional cloth that shouts toughness and dexterity. The glove has floral patterns all over the skin and appeals to the feminine side of gardening. Give your sweet hands the best support with these best women’s gardening gloves by Bella Gloves and style your garden with increased passion.


  • Arm length fit
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Knuckle guard
  • Ample grip


  • Uneven stitch
  • Short elastic

15. Trendstar Claw Fitted Highly Durable

Trendstar Claw Fitted Highly DurableGiving your hands ample leverage while gardening, these clawed gardening gloves help you to rake out the soil and even unearth gnarly pesky weeds that might be amiss from your other gardening tools. The perfect blend of fabric with synthetic materials makes the gloves completely breathable, making them the optimum choice for your regular garden use.

The best feature of these clawed gloves by Trendstar Inc is their waterproof texture and easy cleanability. If you are on a budget and require good quality gardening gloves, then these are the best for you to buy, or even to gift.


  • Easy scoop claws
  • Flexible material
  • Puncture resistance
  • Economic offer


  • Low color choice

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Gardening Glove

If you are a regular gardener and prefer to tend to your garden by yourself, then you need to understand the factors to look for in the gardening gloves you choose. Gloves are meant to protect your skin and enhance your gardening talent as a whole. To find the best gardening gloves for you, weigh down these factors and then make an informed choice.

1. Fitting

The primary factor you will need to consider before purchasing a pair of gardening gloves is their fit. If they do not fit well, you will face difficulty while gardening wearing them. Neither should the gloves be too tight nor too loose. The velcro, elastic, or other means of fastening the glove should be perfect to your hand. Look for space between your fingertip and the glove, for this implies good fitting and flexibility.

The edge of the gloves should not be too long nor too short from the base of the palm. Most often unisex gloves tend to be of an awkward fit, so it’s advised not to choose these gloves. Always try on the gloves before you buy them.

2. Purpose

Not everyone uses their gloves for the same purpose. It is essential that you understand your intention of using the gloves in your garden and also verify if your task is supported by them. This is another prime factor, as it decides which material you will need to choose to support your cause.

3. Material

Here are a few materials commonly used for making gardening gloves. You have to choose the one as per your gardening style and purpose:

  • Leather is a choice of material to carry out heavy-duty work, while also protecting you from the heavy-duty tools you might need to use. Plants with thorns are better handled with leather gloves.
  • If you need economic gloves, the best way to go would be to use synthetic materials that make up for the price through quality.
  • While cotton might sound like a comfortable choice, especially in the summer, they are not ideal for plants with larger and thicker thorns, and winter will only make you pull on thermal gloves.
  • Some gloves come as a blend of different materials that are more commonly found and available in your local stores.
  • Rubber gloves should preferably be used for cleaning up debris than when pruning or plowing.
  • Having waterproof gloves will be an added advantage to your regular gardening purposes.

4. Flexibility

Having finger flexibility while wearing gloves is essential to be able to use your fingers with ease. Choosing softer materials will give you more flexibility, whereas heavier gloves will prove to be difficult to master. Do not be fooled by the notion that gloves can soften over time and use. Unless the glove fits you well, it is wise you do not choose a glove that renders your hand uncomfortable or impossible to move.

5. Padding

Padding gives extra protection to your skin and helps to move along your work. More than often, padding protection is provided only in certain parts of the glove. For instance, knuckles, inside of the palm, the back of the hand, or even the fingertips.

But despite these, you should be able to close your fist and move about your fingers with ease. Unless that works, there is no point in choosing gloves with padding. Ensure the padding does not have a slippery feature, causing your tools to slip through while you work.

6. Wrist Closure

The most overlooked feature in gloves is the closure at the wrists. Having velcro straps or elastic clasps gives you an edge to keep the glove tightly set to your hands. Through such closures, you can prevent water, mud, and other substances from leaking into your palm from any gap at the edge. Moreover, having wrist closure can prevent garden ticks from entering your hand too, and thus keep you safe from different possibilities of toxins while gardening.

7. Seasonal Gardening

Each season has different weather, which cannot be supported by generic gardening gloves. The soil, air, and fertilizer you use will also begin to vary from season to season. Choose the right type of glove that supports the climatic conditions

8. Longer Gloves

Longer glove sleeves support your arms while you are working with dense foliage, poisonous plants, or with larger trees. So, choose your gardening gloves wisely.

9. Glove Price

Lastly, the factor that you must consider is the price of the gloves. Not all lavish gloves provide the essential services, neither do the cheap ones that are not up to standards. Stick to your budget and choose the glove that meets all the above factors.

Common Types Of Gardening Gloves Found In Market

Now that you know the different factors that affect your choice of gloves, it is time to understand the different types of gardening gloves available out there. The most common gardening gloves you would come across in your local stores or even online shops are divided into four categories:

1. Cloth Gloves 

The most sought after and chosen gloves by gardeners at local stores would be cloth gloves. The prime reason being their economical availability and second being ease of machine wash. Being made of simple cotton or knit jersey, these gardening gloves are easier to toss into the washing machine and clean up. Though they offer minimal protection to your hands per se, they do keep your fingers and palms clean and cool to the touch.

2. Leather Gloves

Expensive than others, leather gloves are waterproof and known to give better protection from thorns, bruises and scrapes. If you prefer safety over price, leather gloves are definitely the best gardening gloves to choose.

3. Nitrile Or Neoprene Gloves 

More nouveau and simplistic, neoprene or nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber that renders them tough, thus keeping your hands safe from even the deepest of gashes you might suffer. Still, it is always advisable to stay safe from thorns and the like. You never know when it might just be too much for your gloves to handle.

4. Simple Rubber Coated Gloves 

Cheaper and known to do the trick, these latex gloves can definitely do the job for you. In fact, they are also known to come in handy while handling hazardous chemicals, pesticides, etc. But if you do have allergies to latex, then it is best to avoid them. Moreover, your hands can get pretty hot under these gloves. So, choose well.

Why Should You Choose Gardening Gloves?

There are six main reasons why the best gardening gloves will support you in your daily gardening chores:

  • Gardening gloves keep your fingers, nails, and hands clean and maintain the hand texture while you go about digging into the mud and handling different plants and weeds.
  • They prevent the formation of calluses and blisters from handling garden tools and the like.
  • They are resistant to cuts and scrapes caused by thorns and other sharp features in the garden.
  • They keep you safe from insect and bug bites and stings.
  • Usage of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and other fungicides can be dangerous, which can be made safe to handle with the help of these gardening gloves.
  • Some plant’s soil and chemicals can cause allergic reactions to your skin, which can be prevented with the help of convenient gardening gloves.

If you are a first time garden glove user, these points should have cleared up all the doubts you might have had in the beginning. Having understood the basics of using and buying gardening gloves, you can clear out most common doubts from these frequently asked questions.

FAQs on Gardening Gloves

Q1. Are Gardening Gloves Machine Washable?

Not all gardening gloves are machine washable. Only those that have the machine wash symbol and instruction on them can be tossed into the machine.

Q2. How To Clean Leather Gardening Gloves?

Leather gloves require proper care by rubbing them with a pumice based soap, treated with a leather protector, and washed only using hands. Machine wash and drying are not recommended to have a long life despite regular use.

Q3. Is Gardening Without Gloves Considered Harmful?

Yes, as much as wearing footwear is advised to keep our feet neat, it is only advisable to wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from harmful chemicals and other possible rashes. Wear these gloves to prevent any harm.

Q4. How To Soften Suede Garden Gloves?

Suede is animal skin, which can be made softer by spritzing it with a shot of steam from a steam iron and kneading it with the fingers to stretch the material further.

Q5. Can Gardening Cause Sepsis Without Gloves?

Thorny plants, manure etc. can easily cause sepsis unless treated properly. Gardening gloves keep your fingers, palm, and hands safe from any harm, thus preventing any risk of sepsis.

Let Your Fingers Choose The Right Glove Fit

If you are an amateur, once you get yourself a good pair of gardening gloves, you will find that your simple gardening hobby will expand into a passionate work that not only beautifies the earth, but also makes you happier. Remember, the glove should become one with your hands and help you feel the earth through the material. Only then will the glove’s purpose be meaningful.

Compare different glove models by ticking off the above-mentioned factors, weigh them out, and buy yourself the best gardening gloves. After all, the glove is second skin to one’s hands and extremely important for safety and cleanliness.