Everything we consume comes from the earth.From the air we breathe to the food we eat, if not for plants and trees, we would not survive.. However, in recent decades,  the earth’s greenery has been largely comprised to make way for an industrial and capitalist way of life that is completely machine-oriented. 

At Gardener to Farmer, we have taken up this specific problem with the mission to build a community of gardeners or individuals fond of gardening to guide them in the process. We dream of a greener future where the air is always fresh and humans revere plants for the way plants take care of us. While gardening is a noble deed that all of us must engage in, it requires a certain amount of knowledge. 

On this website, you will find informative articles and product reviews on a range of topics like organic fertilizers, lightweight garden hoses, gardening gloves, suitable fertilizers for specific fruits or flowers, weed killers, and more. We have tried to provide you with all this important information in one place so that your gardening or farming journey is well-informed and exciting. 

About the Founder:

The founder of Gardener to Farmer is James Fields, a 34-year old graduate in Botany at New York State University. James was never very interested in the theoretical parts of Botany but during the practicals, he became the number one student in class because of his sheer love for plants, fruits, flowers, and vegetables. His passion for gardening goes back to his childhood days when he would visit his grandfather during the holidays and help him with the plants in the backyard. 

James has grown a beautiful garden in his own backyard as an adult and thoroughly enjoys his Sunday gardening. After a week’s hard work at the office, the plants offer unparallel solace to his soul. In 2020, he came up with the idea of creating a website that would help fellow environment enthusiasts in gardening and farming. Information on different fertilizers, hose  pipes, and other gardening tools prove to be an excellent guide for those passionate about it. 

Experimenting with different seeds and techniques of gardening has always been an exciting activity for James Fields. He wishes to encourage others to do the same for the benefit of themselves as well as planet Earth.

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