Best Garden Trug-Top 8

best garden trug

For those who love gardening, trugs are not just an option; they are a necessity. After all, the aesthetic tools offer practical and ornamental value, from gathering harvests to creating attractive displays. Does the idea of walking down your garden with a trug full of the prettiest flowers not sound picturesque?

Well, it did to Queen Victoria too! The invention of wooden baskets to transport vegetables took birth centuries ago in Sussex. However, it was not until the Queen herself fell in love with the trug that it became popular!

Since then, garden trugs continue to hold the throne as the first chic accessory ever in gardening. With this guide, you can walk in the Queen’s footsteps and pick out the perfect little trug for yourself!

Why Is It Useful To Have A Garden Trug?

While a garden trug is undeniably aesthetic, there is more to it than its appearance. In essence, a trug is a tool and indispensable at that. It tends to be compact, shallow, convenient to use, making it ideal for carrying garden produce.

Whether you are looking to transport plants, fruits, vegetables, or even tools, a garden trug will come in handy. However, the uses of a trug go beyond mere transport! Let out your creative spirit and use one to create an elegant plant display. Or, use it as a vase for sun-dried flowers.

If you need, you can even use these handy tools as storage for items like seed packets! The options for using trugs are endless for those who take pride in their garden.

Not to mention, there is a variety to choose from, including a hip trug, classic Sussex trugs, and so on. Whether needing something dainty or robust, there is a trug for all gardeners.

What To Consider When Choosing A Garden Trug?

The trug may seem like nothing more than a basket made with wood. However, that does not mean choosing one is quite so simple.

If you are a passionate gardener, you want nothing less than the best for your beautiful greenery. So here are a few things to consider when searching for the best garden trugs.

1. Gardening Scale

For those who consider gardening a hobby, delicate and handcrafted trugs are well and good. However, if you are a professional gardener, you will want something that aids you through your tasks.

In that case, a hands-free hip trug with a neoprene sleeve is convenient for transporting plants and tools. For domestic purposes, smaller ones like the Garden Colander Trug or the Sussex Handmade Trug will do fine.

2. Drainage And Base

When it comes to garden trugs, you will not find on without drainage. However, the variation will be in the amount of drainage they allow. Go for a base with several tiny holes to allow easy draining of water. Then you will be able to wash fruits and veg efficiently in your garden trug itself!

3. Trug Weight

One factor to never overlook when buying a garden trug is the weight. If you need something lightweight that can hold a sufficient volume, a hip trug or Draper Expert may be perfect.

Keep in mind that weight does not signify the quality of a trug. The reason to consider weight is that your trug needs to be easy to carry from your kitchen to your garden.

Best Garden Trug Products

With the multitude of garden trugs available in the market, choosing the one that perfectly fits your needs is challenging. If you are new to gardening, this holds even truer! Here are our reviews of the eight best garden trugs for a gardening experience that is efficient and enjoyable!

1. Tierra Garden GP184 Colander Trug

When it comes to gardening needs, the Tierra Garden Colander Trug is your solution to, well, everything! The garden trug has ample place for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. However, its functionality shines most after you finish harvesting.

The built-in holes in this garden colander trug allow efficient drainage, making it perfect for rinsing kitchen produce. So, essentially, you need a single container for all your harvest-related tasks! 

The Tierra Garden Colander Trug also uses durable plastic, so expect it to last a long time. Also, its compact size makes storage super easy!


  • Easy to store
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Drainage holes


  • Holes may trap dirt

2. Kouboo Vegetable And Flower Wicker Basket

The Kouboo Basket is ideal for toting along on those trips from your kitchen to your garden and back! The elegant rattan trug is hand-woven and makes for a lovely home decor piece. It is the perfect place for displaying those gorgeous flowers or seashells.

Simultaneously, the generous space in the basket means you can put it to practical use as well. With the leather-wrapped handle, carrying your harvest and vegetables around will be both convenient and comfortable!


  • Leather handle
  • Easy to clean


  • Large size may make storage inconvenient

3. Don And Polly Barber Wooden Garden Trug

The Barber Wooden Trug is pretty much in a class of its own. The creation of a retired shipbuilder, Don Barber, the trug reflects that same high-quality. Handcrafted with Myrtlewood, the basket has reinforcements in the form of brass nails.

The basket has such an aesthetic design that you will hate to use them in your garden! At the same time, you will love it because of the convenience and capacity it has to offer. This durable basket also makes for an attractive centerpiece at home.


  • Sealed with food-safe mineral oil
  • Reinforced with nails
  • Quality craftsmanship

4. mansum Wooden Sussex Garden Trug

The mansum Sussex Garden Trug is perfect for gardeners that are also environmentalists. If a plastic trug does not float your boat, this handcrafted wooden basket surely will! 

The Sussex Garden Trug is available in either a small or large size. The elegant wood design of this basket looks lovely when you tote fruit and veg around in it. The wooden handle of the basket also makes for comfortable carrying around places.


  • Easy to carry
  • Made only with wood
  • Two sizes


  • Can feel a bit flimsy

5. Esschert Design USA MW19 Sussex Trugs

The Esschert Sussex Trugs set themselves apart from every other basket on this list by being a set of three. Yes, you read that right! These trugs come in three sizes that fit snugly into one another.

The baskets are ideal for transporting vegetables, herbs, and other garden items. Besides, the handle provides a comfortable fit around your hand for carrying. The different dimensions mean people can use each basket for a different purpose, from storage to decor to gathering harvest!


  • Three-in-one set
  • Versatile 
  • Snug handle


  • Uses staples

6. Wrenbury Traditional Gardening Trug Basket

Gardeners in search of the perfect basket should look no further than the Wrenbury Garden Trug. Not only does it offer a unique design, but it is also multifunctional. From creating home displays to carrying and storing veggies, there is nothing this trug cannot do.

The trug is made from a wash willow with a hessian lining, so people can expect it to be quite sturdy. With this basket, capacity will be the least of your worries!


  • Durable willow
  • Multifunctional
  • 12-month warranty


  • The fixed handle can make storage inconvenient

7. Esschert Design Flower Trug

The Esschert Flower Trug is the best garden trug out there for those flowers with extra-long stems. The stand-out feature of this garden trug is that it has a flat bottom without edges. So if you want to collect flowers along with your harvest, you can be sure that their stems will remain straight.

This garden trug is made from wicker material making it sturdy and long-lasting. It is also longer than your average trug, so gardeners can expect to store quite a lot of items in it.


  • Flat bottom
  • Lengthy trug
  • Can hold a lot of weight


  • Wicker may unravel over time
  • Unstable handle

8. Good Directions TRUG101 Garden Basket Trug

One of the most unique garden trugs on this list, the Good Directions Trug, is handmade as well. However, instead of wood, this basket uses 24-gauge pure copper! Without a doubt, gardeners can expect this trug to last a lifetime.

Besides withstanding the elements, this trug is a superior choice for carrying items like veggies, seeds, and hand tools! Not to mention, it makes for a great piece of decor if you prefer to keep it at home. Another notable feature about this basket is it is watertight, so it makes for the perfect vase!


  • Watertight
  • Copper materials
  • Resistant to elements

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a list of the best garden trugs around! Since all of these trugs have their unique features, the perfect one for you comes down to personal preference.

Take your time to go over the different aspects like style, size, and materials. Then consider which ones will best fit your style of gardening. Or, if you plan on using it for decor, then consider what kind of items you want to store in it.

Trugs are must-have accessories for gardeners. So even if you do not need one yourself, your friend that loves gardening will surely love one! Well, hopefully, these reviews can make your choice that much easier.