Best Way To Stop The Kinking Of Garden Hose ?

kinking of garden hose

If you are an avid gardener, this situation might have arisen frequently. While watering your flowers and garden, if you have ever turned around to discover a kink in your garden hose, you have come to the right place!

Having the flow of water disrupted in the middle of the process is one of the most annoying situations while gardening.

Why do hoses kink? 

The kinking of garden hose occurs when it has been rolled up in the middle while gardening. Most often, a strong yank can effectively relieve the kink; however, other times, you have to straighten it out by retracing your steps.

If the hose is rigid and old, a kink can lead to leaks and cracks, impeding the water flow and disrupting your gardening. In extreme cases, the hose might blow apart due to the disruption.

How to reduce the kinking of garden hose?

While garden hoses are bound to kink once in a while, you can take a few steps to reduce or avoid the situation completely.

Make sure your hose is straight

When not in use, ensure that your hose is kept straight. A tight garden hose reel that is constantly coiled will lose its flexibility over time. This, in turn, will cause the hose to kink more often with each use.

Large loop reel

To prevent loss of flexibility in the hose, use a system or reel to wrap the hose in large loops. This process will ensure that the hose is not tightly coiled, thereby retaining the shape and flexibility of it over time. Alternatively, you could place two holders on the ground and wrap the hose around them.

Avoid turning off the water pressure

If a reeling system is used, ensure that you keep the water running until the garden hose wound up completely in the reel. This retains the pressure provided by the water, which prevents kinking of the garden hose.

Use a rubber hose

Rubber hoses do not have the problem of losing the flexibility and shape, thereby, reducing tightness that would inevitably lead to kinking. Rubber hoses are also more durable and strong, which reduces the possibility of tangling, splitting, and kinking.

Bury your hose

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to kinking, burying your garden hose into the ground will resolve the problem. This method allows the hose to be perpetually straight, preventing coiling and thereby kinking. However, this method is inconvenient as it restricts the distance your hose can reach.

What is a kink-resistant hose?

A kink-resistant hose possesses the qualities of flexibility, which minimize memory of the hose. This means that it will lie flat in storage, thereby preventing kinking. Kink resistant hoses are also strong to prevent tangling while in use. When purchasing a new garden hose, make sure that these factors are present.


Kinking of garden hose is one of the most annoying situations for a gardener. This problem can be reduced in a variety of ways, but the most permanent option is to purchase a hose that is kink resistant. This will make gardening a smoother process, increasing the convenience of use.