Is It Worth To Buy An Expandable Garden Hose?

expandable Garden hose

With expandable garden hoses gaining a lot of popularity in the recent past, it is natural to wonder what is new to them. You must be familiar with the heavy regular garden hoses that have always been difficult to manage. All the hassle of emptying them before the winters and detangling those twisted heavy tubes make them quite troublesome.

This is why expandable garden hoses have become a much convenient option due to their easily manageable features. But to understand better if they are worth the purchase or not, read on!

What makes expandable hoses worth buying?

Listed below are the factors that make expandable hoses worth replacing your old heavy and troublesome hose.

Light weightedness

The regular garden hoses are too heavy and thus difficult to coil back up once the work is done. Expandable garden hoses however, weigh up to 5 times less than the regular hoses of the same length. Thus, even when expanded, it meets the desired capacity without causing any hassle.

Also, when it is to be coiled up, it contracts and can be easily collected back up and carried. The light weighed material used for its production makes it easily portable and lighter on the arm while watering.

Expands twice/thrice it’s size

While it’s original size might appear to be compact, do not get under the impression that it’s smaller. It can expand up to 3 times it’s given size according to the water pressure and thus adjust to the requirement. Thus, unlike the regular garden hose, it functions in an optimal manner.

Also, after the work is completed, it self-shrinks and obtains its original form. The material used here does not stretch over time and retains its efficiency. The way it contracts does not even require it to be rolled up, which makes it easier to store.

No kink, twists, or knots

The best part about expandable garden hose is the fact that they can be effortlessly managed. Issues like twists, kinks, or tangles in regular garden hoses are common and make it tiring to prepare the hose. 

On using an expandable garden hose, you will not face such problems and thus save yourself a lot of time. Also, you will not have to straighten them up now and then as they curl easily in any direction.

Self water discharge

An expandable garden hose eliminates all the trouble you have to go through to drain the regular hose, especially before winters. It self-drains itself after it’s used by expelling all the water while contracting back to its original size. Thus, it is much easier to manage as it omits all the extra hassle and mess of emptying the hose.

Final takeaways

An expandable garden hose is not just lighter than the regular hose, but it is also much simpler to manage. If you are tired of handling your regular garden hose, it can be a great choice to consider. It can eliminate most of the drawbacks of regular hoses and is thus worth the purchase. So, don’t think twice and buy it for the best.