Best Fertilizers For Fruit Trees 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Jobe’s Organic2. Dr. Earth3. Down to Earth
Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Best Fertilizer For Fruit TreesDr. Earth Store Organic Fruit Tree FertilizerDown to Earth Fertilizer Store Organic Citrus Fertilizer

If you are keen on growing and harvesting large-scale fruits from your fruit garden, you need to have the right fertilizer that is meant and suited for fruit trees’ growth and development. The best fertilizer for fruit tree gives the much-needed nutrient to the soil, due to which there is ample fruit growth.

There are multiple varieties of available fertilizers, but you must know how to choose the best fruit and citrus tree fertilizer for inducing a steady growth. You can reap and harvest the fruits within a very short time, and with the right fertilizers, the color of the fruits can also be retained.


Below is a list of top 15 best fertilizers for citrus fruit trees you can choose for your garden. You have to keep in mind the harvesting season, when you want to sow the fruit seeds, and how to take care of your fruit trees all year round.

Top 15 Best Fertilizers For Fruit Trees 2021

1. Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer

Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Best Fertilizer For Fruit Trees

It is an organic and granular type of fertilizer. It is one of the best fruit fertilizers that aids growth and allows faster germination of seeds. It is a certified organic product, and it does not contain any chemical compound to harm the fruit tree. It gives the much-needed ingredient to the fruits and the kernels from inside, and you get fresh and healthy fruits all year round.

It is the right combination of organic products and does not allow the rotting of root or plant. It prevents the depletion of valuable nutrients from the soil cover and enriches the soil to a large extent. This fertilizer also helps in quicker absorption of nutrients by plants. The soil quality or texture of the ground does not change even when you keep on repeating the fertilizer doses, and you get only a juicy harvest all along.


  • It is the perfect organic fertilizer for citrus fruit varieties
  • It can be used into the planting hole and quite easy to mix
  • Increases root mass and also promotes plant growth


  • It has a bad smell like fish waste
  • Growth of molds

2. Dr. Earth Store Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Store Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer

If you are looking for the best citrus fruit tree fertilizer, which can ensure the plant’s overall growth. This is a purely organic fruit tree fertilizer that is loaded with the goodness of organic manure. There are many organic nutrients that get added to the soil in this manner, and you can get the juiciest of the fruits during the harvesting season if you use this fertilizer.

This fertilizer can easily be used by you or your gardener to boost the growth of seasonal vegetables that have high water content. Tangerine, cucumber, and lemon varieties experience steady growth with this.

It stimulates healthy root development for the growth of healthier fruits and it contains probiotic and seven other different strains and varieties of soil microbes that enhance the overall quality of the soil. It gives rise to more nutritious fruits and more abundant and prolific fruits all around the year.


  • Does not rot, decompose or give birth to any insect growth
  • Ecto and Endo mycorrhizae variety that boosts root growth altogether
  • It gives rise to stable plant and fruit growth with no spikes
  • There is no fear of the water run-off nor is there any chance of water retention


  • Fetid smell from the fertilizer.

3. Down to Earth Fertilizer Store Organic Citrus Fertilizer

Down to Earth Fertilizer Store Organic Citrus Fertilizer

As the name suggests, this is the best fertilizer for the growth of fruit trees, and it is abundantly available to enhance the growth of new seeds and make the fruits juicier. It promotes lush growth and lots of dense green foliage that keeps your fruit orchard or the potted fruit plant in great health.

This fertilizer comes in the formula of 6-3-3. This fertilizer comes with micronutrient, primary and secondary nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, and iron.

It is an organic product and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is one of the best options that you get for fruit trees, vines, and other varieties of juicy and citrus trees like lemon, orange, etc. It is a mix that retains the quality and variety of the soil and also fixes up the required dose of oxygen for steady plant growth.


  • It gives rise to better plant growth and fruit harvest all round the year
  • It is healthy for the roots and nourishes the fruit trees to the tip
  • It contains fish bone meal and feather meal that work to give much-needed nutrient to the plant
  • It is also good for commercial nurseries and home gardens


  • There can be a very bad smell owing to the presence of fishbone meal

4. Jobe’s Organic Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

Jobe's Organic Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

Having a lush green garden with bunch of fruits is a pleasing look, but you need to choose the best fertilizer for fruit trees. These fertilizers offer a combination of all the necessary nutrients, allowing the plants to grow healthily.

It is easy to use and does not create any clot or lump when you use it. It does not contain any chemicals but contains only natural plant and organic ingredients that give birth to lush plant growth, dense leaves, and juicy fruits.

This fertilizer is available in six pack and is made of chosen ingredients to make your fruit tree growth more special. It is in a convenient spike form, and you do not have to mix it to water or any other liquid. There is no surface fertilizer runoff as a result of which there is almost no drainage of nutrients. Overall, it’s a good choice for the citrus fruit tees.


  • Easy to use spikes depending on the size of the fruit garden bed or the container for planting
  • You can space the fertilizer spikes evenly on all sides of the pot
  • They are premeasured varieties and they promote beneficial growth of microbes
  • Can be used in small numbers every six weeks, and it is not very expensive


  • Observed mold growth on the fertilizer sticks caught mold growths

5. Nature’s Care Organic & Natural Fertilizer

Nature's Care Organic & Natural Fertilizer

Choosing the best fertilizer for the growth of citrus fruit can be a tough task, but if you want to lay bet on a safe option, you must consider buying this organic fertilizer by Miracle-Gro Store. The fertilizer takes less percolation time through the soil, it is rich in organic ingredients, and it also works fast to give the much-needed food to the hungry plants.

With regular use of this fertilizer, in no time, you see better growth of new seeds and new tomatoes, and the tomatoes also grow to be bright red in color and juicy. This fertilizer comes with added calcium for triggering better plant and seed growth, and many people also use this product for the growth of potatoes in their kitchen garden.


  • It does not contain any artificial chemicals or ingredients that can retard plant growth
  • It contains natural products that boost tomato growth
  • You can use this for both fruit and vegetable orchards
  • It does not give overnight results but gives a better and long-lasting one.
  • One single pack feeds for up to two months
  • It comes with added calcium for better growth of plants


  • Sometimes it does not dissolve properly and smells like rotten sewage

6. Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes

Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes

If you want easy to use a fertilizer that will give you outstanding results, then this is the best fertilizer by Jobe’s that will help in the growth of the plants. All you need to do is insert these stick into the soil and let it work on it. These fertilizer spikes provide the required nourishment at the roots, and there is no specific drainage system required for the flushing out of the excess run-offs. You can use these spikes in the early springtime and late fall.

These spikes are packaged as per the latest technology, and you can store them, and use them as per the requirement. You can use this below the plant surface where there is a prominent growth of active tree roots. It is the ideal growth fertilizer for orange, lemon, and tangerine and you just need to hammer them in, and there is no extra method of drilling that is required.


  • Easy to insert along the dripline of every tree
  • You can get in a combination of clear as well as of traditional packaging
  • Ideal for fruits, citrus and nut tree varieties
  • Premature spikes make it easy to use for the mass-free process of fertilization
  • Germination of fruits from the soil is easily accelerated


  • Customers have often complained about the packaging quality
  • The bottom part of the boxes sometimes come in a soaked variety

7. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food

If you wish to have a healthy and fruitful kitchen garden, then this is the best choice that you can make. It is the best fertilizer, and it does not contain any harmful ingredients or toxic chemicals that can retard the growth of trees. It feeds for up to 6 months and is the right one for all garden vegetables and fruits containing huge water content.

This fertilizer is loaded with nutrients that are going to make your plants grow fast and healthy. It works the best virtually during all seasons and for all different types of plantations. Each and every granule of this food plus fertilizer contains a coating of resin that controls and regulates nutritional delicacy. You can control this by spreading one scoopful per 2 gallons, and you can reapply this fertilizer every six months.


  • Easy to use and store, and can be used after six months
  • Gives rise to better plant and fruit variety along with high-quality color
  • The empty shell remains after the nutrients get released within the soil
  • Does not pollute the environment
  • It does not burn and contains sulfur and boron
  • The quality of nutrients changes during warmer temperatures


  • The company uses plastic shells, which are harmful to the environment.

8. Vigoro Fruit, Nut and Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

Vigoro Fruit, Nut and Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

The best fertilizer can drastically change the look of your garden and make them grow well. This fertilizer by Vigoro is a good choice for those looking for a wholesome supply of nutrients to their plants. They are easy to install, do not give out any bad smell, and do not pollute the environment like traditional fertilizers. You can break them easily and spread evenly; while some parts drift into the ground, some parts remain.

You can enjoy miraculous growth for trees when you buy this fertilizer. It is the best one for citrus trees, and it gives steady plant growth throughout the year. The harvesting season becomes easy with this fertilizer, and the nutrients reach up to the kernel of the fruit plant.


  • It can easily give rise to better and faster fruit harvesting
  • Easy to purchase and store
  • Does not pollute the environment or rot
  • Does not invite insects to the roots
  • It is also good for apple and water apple trees


  • It is not always easy to dig into the roots, people have to try with pry bar sometimes

9. Espoma Holly-Tone Plant Food Bag

Espoma Holly-Tone Plant Food Bag

Organic fertilizers are always good for the plants and soli and for those who are consuming the fruits and plant products. Hence, if you are looking for the best fertilizer for the growth of fruit trees, this is the ideal one. It is a food bag that gives the required amount of food to the hungry plants, and you can experiment with this in both autumn and spring seasons. The harvest is extremely good with this fertilizer, and you get real juicy fruits.

It can also be used for all organic farming and gardening types and the growth of rhododendrons, evergreens, Hollies, and Dogwoods. It is the right fertilizer that you can use as a natural plant food with biotone microbes, and this makes your garden look like a botanical masterpiece. Like many fertilizers, it does not leave salt on the soil cover and gives better fruit and flower gardens.


  • Can be grown in lawns, gardens, potted plants, and patios
  • It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
  • If it is stored in a dry cool location, it can lead to better leaf growth
  • There is a faint odor that dissipates quickly
  • Ideal for ferns also


  • Sometimes might need excessive watering, and the plants often take much time to grow

10. The Old Farmer’s Almanac Organic Plant Fertilizer

The Old Farmer's Almanac Organic Plant Fertilizer

It is the best fertilizer for your fruit trees, and you can use this in restricted quantities to harness your plants’ growth. It is easy to apply, gives rise to better fruition and plant growth, and does not harm the environment.

It is the best fertilizer that can be used for trees like tomatoes and other vegetables. This fertilizer comes in the ratio of 8-4-8, where 8% is the nitrogen for plant growth,4 % is phosphorus promoting healthier fruits, and 8% Potassium for stronger growth of roots. Thus, it helps in the overall growth of the plant.


  • Comes in the ration of 8-4-8 that promotes plant growth
  • It has no fetid odor
  • Promotes faster growth of tomatoes and other veggies


  • Some consumers complained of mold growth

11. Pound Tree-Tone Plant Food by Espoma

Espoma Pound Tree-Tone Plant Food

It is one of the most effective plant foods that you can use. This is the best fertilizer that is easy to procure and use. This product is organically safe, and it does not lead to sludge or the growth of any toxic or hazardous ingredients as part of the soil cover. This fertilizer has a mix of 15 essential nutrients that are required for the growth of plants.

It is an ideal fertilizer for fruit and also for ornamental trees. It is environmentally safe and contains the fine blend of natural organics that contain varieties of nutrients. It is easy to use when compared to spikes or pellets.


  • It can easily be mixed and applied
  • It even works the best on grass or any other sort of plants
  • Sometimes hard to find in departmental stores but in Amazon it is available
  • It is also good for the growth of myrtles


  • The soil turned moldy after application
  • It might smell a bit as it contains large doses of chicken matter

12. Water Soluble Plant Food by Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food

It is water-soluble plant food and is the best fertilizer. This fertilizer is a perfect choice for the kitchen garden; its ease of application makes it popular. You can easily mix it with water and spray it on the plants to see some miraculous results in a few days. It nourishes the roots to a large extent and includes no chemicals but only natural ingredients. It feeds instantly to promote the harvesting of new crops, and fruit varieties especially.

It is guaranteed that it uses natural ingredients and you can use a sprinkler or the plant feeder attached to it, to give food to the plant. It can be used for a better and more consistent harvest. It does not burn if it is used in the right direction. It is great for tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, basil, herbs, and other vegetables.


  • It can be combined with water, sunlight, and nutrition when the plant keeps growing in the fastest phase
  • Once the seedlings get established, then you can feed at the normal rate


  • Takes time to infuse growth under certain temperature and weather conditions
  • There is no specific instruction for single pot of herbs

13. GS Plant Food Store Organic Liquid Kelp

GS Plant Food Store Organic Liquid Kelp

This is one of the best products that you can use for gardening purposes. It is the best fertilizer that aids germination and increases the bloom size. It will give you the finest, and most prolific growth of your fruit and vegetable plants. It is made from the finest seaweed plant and it improves the quality of seed and helps in germination. This is the right nutrient for better plant growth, and gives your plants better sustainability.

This product relieves stress in all types of plants and increases the bloom set and flowers. It does not affect plants’ growth in any negative manner, under any type of extreme temperature. It is easy to apply and gives you a rich harvest altogether. It is the right food for your plants, and they are not affected by any type of fungi or bacteria when you keep spraying this product after regular intervals.


  • It contains the pure extract of seaweed plant Ascophyllum Nodosu
  • It can be told to be a miracle plant food
  • It can be used for all types of plants, and even for celery and cauliflower
  • It also works the best and miraculously fast for flowers like rose


  • It needs to be diluted properly to get to the core of the plant

14. Miracle-Gro Fruit & Citrus Plant Food Spikes

Miracle-Gro Fruit & Citrus Plant Food Spikes

This is the best fertilizer for the growth and development of fruit trees, and it comes in a pack of 12 spikes, which are easy to install as part of a bush, herb, or a growing plant. It promotes better fruit quality, dense leaves, and foliage, and enhances the plant’s overall productivity. It does not contain toxic substances or chemicals and also enhances the growth of new shoots and branches.

It is one of the best plant foods that you can get, and it is easy to procure and store. It does not give out any foul smell.


  • It is also great for use on palm trees
  • Strong citrus fruits are grown, and it is also ideal for a shady tree
  • Good for flowering shrubs


  • There is no inner seal, so when you open the pack, it might be difficult to store.

15. The Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray

The Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray

It is the perfect and the best fruit tree fertilizer that gives you the finest fruit tree and herb growth. You can go through different packs of plant food available in the market, but this contains 5 different types of balanced nutrition for the plant, and zinc.

It can be used for all types of fruit trees and ornamental plants, and if you want, you can also buy a multipack from the company. Along with the zinc, this fertilizer contains iron, manganese, magnesium, and sulfur. So it can provide proper nutrients to your fruit plans and save your plans from yellowing. So, if you want to supply the best nutrient to your plant, then you must buy Citrus Nutritional Spray by The Southern Ag.


  • It can protect your fruit trees from yellowing.
  • You can buy it in bulk and request for a mixed version
  • It is made of 5 balanced essential nutrients
  • It contains iron, manganese, magnesium, and sulfur
  • It is best for avocados, mangoes and other tropical fruits


  • It does not have any nitrogen source

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Fertilizer For Fruit Tree

You can choose the best fertilizer from the above list, but you must consider a few factors before choosing. For example, nitrogen can help your trees succeed, and you must choose the best fruit tree fertilizers with a rich amount of nitrogen.

Some other nutrients are available in such fertilizers such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, zinc, iron, boron, and manganese. So you can also consider the following factors to choose the best fertilizer for the growth of fruit trees.

1. Nutrients

Fertilizers are the source of nutrients to the plant, and if you want them to grow well, you must choose the best fertilizer for fruit trees that have nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This combination of fertilizer is known as NPK, and you can find the ratio of these components printed on the bag of fertilizers.

But, you must check the balance of these components. For example, a 10-pound bag of fertilizer should contain 2 pounds of nitrogen, 1 pound of phosphorus, and 2 pounds of potassium. Nitrogen is needed for the successful growth of the trees, and potassium can increase the fruits’ production. On the other part, phosphorus can make the roots of the trees stronger.

2. Secondary Macronutrients

Apart from the primary nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, you can find some macronutrients in these fruit tree fertilizers, such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, zinc, iron, boron, and manganese. Such components can be found in the soil, but you can use such nutrients to give enough supplements. These fertilizer ingredients can save your trees from deficiencies of elements that your soil may be low in.

Most of the fertilizer companies mention all these details. You must also check the type of soil, and based on your requirement, you can buy the fertilizer.

3. Organic Or Synthetic Fertilizers

There are two types of fertilizers available for fruit trees, such as organic and synthetic. Synthetic fertilizers have a high amount of NPK, and they are water-soluble. You can use them to provide nutrients to your trees, and you need to apply them more often.

On the other part, organic fertilizers have low amount of NPK, and you can use such fertilizers for healthy root growth. These fertilizers are better for composition, texture, and drainage. Organic fertilizers release the nutrients slowly, and they do not damage your plants.

Most of the people are now investing in organic fertilizers as they naturally increase the nutrient value of the soil, while chemical fertilizers may impact the pH of the soil permanently.

4. Types

Fertilizers for fruit trees are available in different forms such as liquid, granules, and spikes. Liquid fertilizers are best for root uptake, and they can provide the fastest result. There are water soluble fertilizers which can be mixed with water and spayed on the plants.

Organic and synthetic fertilizers are also available in granules, and you can spread such granules around the trees. When you apply water, such granules will slowly breakdown and start releasing the nutrients through the soil.

You can also use fertilizer spikes, and you can hammer them into the ground. These spikes will dissolve into the soil and release their nutrients.

These are the factors that you need to consider while you choose the best fertilizer for fruit trees. Always consider these factors and compare various products to choose the best one.

FAQs on Fertilizers For Fruit Tree

Q1. Which Fertilizer Can Help My Plants To Grow Faster?

You can choose synthetic fertilizers containing less nitrogen and a high amount of potassium and phosphorus.

Q2. Which Fertilizer Can Increase The Fruit Production Level?

Fertilizers contain a good amount of phosphorus that can increase fruit production, and you must check the NPK level of the fertilizer before choosing. Ensure you should not use fertilizers containing a high level of nitrogen because they can burn or destroy your plant’s roots.

Q3. Can I Use Fertilizers Every Day?

No, you cannot use fertilizers every day. Overuse of fertilizers weaken your plants, and they can create stress in your plants. Your plants can suffer from iron chlorosis due to the overuse of fertilizers.

Q4. How Long Does It Take Granule Fertilizers To Work?

You can use such granules with water. Else, you can spread such granules around your trees and spread some water on them. Granules fertilizer can take 2-5 days to activate.

Q5. Which Is Best Fertilizer For Fruit Trees?

Organic fertilizers contain rich amount of nitrogen is the best for fruit trees. Along with that, you can use some trace minerals for your trees.

Q6. What Is The Bio-Fertilizer?

Bio-fertilizers are made of live microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. These are the good bacteria that can produce nitrogen in the soil in a natural manner, and bio-fertilizers are completely eco-friendly. They do not have any chemicals.

Choose The Best Fertilizer For Fruit Trees

It is really challenging to choose the best citrus fruit tree fertilizers, and you can consider the above factors to choose the best one. You must check the NPK ratio of fertilizer before you choose. Organic and bio-fertilizers are better for your fruit plants because they can keep the roots healthy. But, if you want to use some fertilizers for your farm, then you can choose synthetic fertilizers, which will increase the fruit production level of your plants.

It is true that fertilizers contain a rich amount of nitrogen that can help your fruit plants grow faster, but overuses of nitrogen can burn the plants’ roots. So make sure you must choose a balanced fertilizer, and you can try organic fertilizers to keep your plants safe. Also, you must stick to the application amount so that you don’t overdo it.

Always prefer the quality of the fertilizers and choose the best citrus fruit tree fertilizer for your garden. You can choose from the above-mentioned list, or make another choice, but don’t miss to check the nutrients that it contains. If it comes to choosing between the organic and chemical fertilizers, it would always be good to choose the organic fertilizers.