Top 7 Best Gardening Magazines

best gardening magazines

Is cultivation your hobby, or are you a professional gardener? Do you think horticulture, horticulture techniques, and fine gardening are neat? Do you always want to know more tips on enhancing your garden design? Well, you’ve landed on the right article.

When you like agriculture, it is best to stay updated with the world’s gardening ideas and development. The best way to do it is by reading the best gardening magazines published around the globe. A gardening magazine is a treasure trove of knowledge about the world of fine gardening.

Whether you’re looking for gardening tips, gardening techniques, or garden design ideas, you will enjoy gardening books and gardening magazines. You can also read a good horticulture magazine to read about different birds and herbs and plants’ gardening challenges.

Through our research, we have shortlisted six of the best floriculture and garden magazines you can read for inspiration and more. Continue reading this article for extensive book reviews for avid garden magazine readers.

Best Gardening Magazines -Our Top Picks

Are you not sure about how to choose among the best qualifying purchases? Some things making a difference in your choice should be magazine subscription, author, publication, and experience. If you’ve been looking for the top publication reviews, you will find them in this section. So, without further delaying inspiration, let us have a look at the top gardening magazines.

1. Backyard Retreat, Volume 4

Backyard Retreat is one of the best landscaping related books you can get on the market. This beautifully illustrated brochure allows you to have a serene look into your own and other people’s backyards. If you’re looking for eye candy for your patio furniture which will provide you ample information, you’ll love his issue.

Through Volume 4 of this journal, you’ll feel relaxed looking at the fine getaways and wonderful illustrations. You will also find some tips to create your own country gardens that look exemplary. Through this journal, you will never feel the lack of inspiration and concepts.

From floor-to-ceiling fine gardening makeovers to step-by-step retreat formation, you’ll be amazed by the information you get through this issue. Whether you’re low on budget or are looking for some inexpensive additions to your patio retreat, you’ll find information and guides in this edition of the Backyard Retreat.

Since you can find articles from the most seasoned gardeners, you will find ways to enhance your backyard in the most sustainable manner.

In this volume, you will also find garden gate designs to make your retreat look gorgeous from the beginning to the end. You will find craft ideas on how to beautify the most difficult corners and spots in your backyard. You can think of this as a design magazine for gardeners.


  • Great planting articles for backyard retreat formation.
  • Allows you the motivation to beautify your favorite outdoor space.
  • find ideas on fixing awkward, dark, and weedy corners in your backyard.


  • The illustrations might be repetitive.


The Backyard Retreat is generally considered to be one of the most likable planting-based publications. Volume 4 of the famous publication is no less than a delight. Readers like the creative and inspirational ideas provided by the magazine. However, some complaint about how the pictures from previous Volumes have been reused, making the reading experience monotonous.


2. Garden Gate

If you’re looking for a magazine helping you to create the garden of your dreams, Garden Gate is the right pick for you. Whether you read the essays published in any edition for fun or for information, you will not be disappointed.

The Garden Gate magazine is your one-stop solution to all your horticulture news. You will never feel outdated once you start reading this magazine. Not only do you see gorgeous plants’ combinations, but also witness some planting diagrams through this magazine’s pages. This is one of the most delightful reads since you get to learn different techniques along with ways to practically implement them, allowing you to become a better gardener.

You get some bold yet solid advice from well-experienced gardeners to revamp your garden profile. From easy-to-grow plants to information on favorable birds, this illustrated magazine’s posts will not leave you wanting for more.

You’ll also find information on how to choose plants and herbs that work best for your garden’s soil and weather type. This magazine cuts the line for good reads and crosses it to be one of the best options in the market.

You can get the Garden gate on Kindle at a very low subscription rate. You can also buy a print edition, but it might seem a little expensive for an average reader.


  • Get garden personalization ideas from seasoned gardeners.
  • Simple and money-saver plans to make your gardens look exquisite.
  • You can choose between the print edition and the Kindle editions.
  • The review is well recognized among the people of most landscaping circles.


  • The Kindle edition could have a larger font.
  • The print edition is quite expensive.


The garden gate is undoubtedly one of the best reads if you’re a gardening enthusiast. The content, as well as the gardens, illustrated within the booklet, are wonderful. However, the publication is generally criticized for the high price it comes for. People also do not like how long each edition could be, making some sections boring if you’re not in the mood.


3. Garden Answers

Have you been looking for a magazine curated by experts? Have you ever wondered what it could be like to have a publication dedicated to answering some frequently asked gardening questions? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, you will love to get the Garden Answers publication.

if you have any pressing questions about the pants in your gardens, you don’t have to look anywhere else. All you have to do is pick up The Garden Answers and you will probably find your question already answered in it. This manual is a new gardener’s paradise since all the information is provided by experienced people.

Even though getting started with farming is not the easiest thing to do, you will not feel alone once you start reading this journal. Along with answers, this journal is also perfect for allowing you information about seasonal and non-seasonal plants and fruits. You will also find some substantial information about birds commonly found in estate gardens.

Whether you’re looking for container recipe tips, illustrations, or some seasoned information, you’ll not be disappointed with this gardening magazine.

In this publication, you will also find comprehensive guides to some gardener tools. Other than that, you will also have access to some easy-to-follow gardening procedures to make your plant, herbs, fruits, or shrubs grow in a better and more sustainable manner.


  • Get information from the most seasoned gardeners from around the world.
  • Get the latest techniques’ information and tips on how to make your garden grow in a sustainable manner.
  • Available on Kindle at an affordable price.


  • The information is mostly UK centric.


The Garden Answers booklet is very well revived among most farming and landscaping circles. The journal’s focus on problem-solving and information imparting is appreciated by most UK farmers. However, if you’re trying to use the tips in any other part of the world, you might be disappointed by the results.


4. Horticulture

If you consider yourself to be a sophisticated farmer or floriculture-enthusiast, you must have already heard a lot of praise for this magazine. Even if you haven’t we recommend you to get either the print of the Kindle edition of this journal to get the most resourceful information about your field of interest.

Through this manual, you’ll get the most authoritative and practical information from experienced people in your field. Not only that, the essays are written in such a manner that you’ll love reading and understanding them.

One of the nicest things about Horticulture is how it is not focused only on global vegetables, fruits, plants, trees, and shrubs. In fact, when you pick this booklet, you will find information on the most exotic and regional plants and agricultural techniques that exist in the world.

If you want to get an agriculturally wide world-view, you should surely get this journal. It is full of information about new gardening tools and techniques. Other than that, you get a complete review of all the latest news from the agricultural world, including the latest developments and inspirations.

If you’re willing to be a part of the elite agricultural circles, you’ll love this manual. Other than being informative, it is also very fun to read because of all the illustrations and agricultural humor. This is also a perfect pick for you if you like to associate yourself with the finest information and circles.

Not only will this magazine get you most of the information you will need, but will also make your experiences extra delightful. You will like gardening even better once you get to be in the know of everything new happening in the world.


  • One of the most elite agricultural reads in the market.
  • Get the most practical and authoritative information about your field of interest.
  • Get updated with the latest trends, news, and development in the agricultural world.
  • Available to buy in print or read on Amazon Kindle.


  • One of the most expensive magazines on Amazon.
  • Some terminology might not be beginner-inclusive.


There is no doubt about the quality of information delivered by this journal. Users like how even if you pick this up as a casual read at the beginning, you will automatically fall in love with the world of cultivation. The only problem with this issue is how expensive and advanced it is. Therefore, most beginners are afraid of picking the journal for the fear of losing their motivation.


5. The Gardener Magazine

Most gardens like the idea of learning from a single source very fruitful. If you think on the same lines, you will like The Gardener Magazine to its fullest. This publication is available on a monthly basis and you can either read it on Kindle or get print versions. Whichever you choose, the font, page, and information quality provided by the editors is exemplary.

One of the best things about this publication is how easy it is to read. With its step-by-step guides to cultivation and its illustrative informative pieces, it is a delight to read all the sections from this print. You will get established information from the best in the field and will feel your horizons expanding with all the information available on its pages.

Whether you’re looking for watering tips, cultivation approaches, garden reformation methods, this print has you covered. You will really appreciate the care employed to curate its content. The manual is backed with some time-tested and effective methods to make your gardens much better than you could have ever imagined.


  • Time-tested and reliable cultivation advice laced into the content.
  • Monthly subscription options are available.
  • Available for print review as well as on Amazon Kindle.
  • Beautiful design.


  • The information is meant t be globally applicable, but farmers from some dry countries might not benefit from it.


The glossy illustrations and the beautiful color palate on the pages make this print one of the most appreciated ones in the world. Since all the information is beginner-friendly, people who are only starting out with farming love the effects they can see of the tips on their gardens.


6. House & Garden

While agriculture is a very fruitful subject to study, it is also an aesthetically enhancing tool for most homes. If you are not as concerned about building a fruitful lawn as you are with making it beautiful, this is the right book for you.

House & Garden’s primary focus is on how to make your outdoor and indoor living space beautiful with the help of plants. This is UK’s most loved edition on influential decoration and design concepts. It is your one-stop-solution to making your house and garden look unique.

Whether you own a house in the country or in the city, this is a great read for you if you want to decorate it sustainably. Get conceptions on how to make your island retreats, modern apartments, country houses, and even mansions look fabulous.

This manual covers color coordination techniques fusing minimalist looks with the obscure modern ones. This book is a priceless source of creative impressions and inspirations for making your house chicer and classy.


  • Get the best indoor and outdoor designing approaches.
  • Make your mouse or holiday retreat look as beautiful as possible.
  • Available to read in print or on Amazon Kindle.


  • There are some technical glitches in the Kindle edition.


Everyone who values making their house look extraordinary with the help of plants loves House & Garden. This is one of the best sources of information on design and decoration. Most people prefer the Print edition over the Kindle version because it is much easier to comprehend and access. However, the Kindle availability makes this book an even further exciting read since you can read it on the go.


7. Mother Earth News Guide to Vegetable Farming

We understand how a general agricultural journal might come of as a boring read to most farmers. This is not only because of the extensive information you’ll have to filter from but also because they tend to only touch the surface with all their essays. However, if you want farming niche-centric journals, you might appreciate the Mother Earth News Guide to Vegetable Farming.

In this book, you will find ways to make your vegetative or fruiting trees grow in the best way possible. Not only do you find essays from seasoned farmers, but also find illustrative examples. Through this book, you will be able to figure out the best planting techniques and strategies for your personal backyard.

If you’re not sure about how to fertilize and care for your trees, you’ll find all the necessary information here. From pest control strategies to fertilization suggestions, you’ll never feel a lack of information from this publication.

When you read through this edition, you will learn how to properly water your vegetating gardens. Building and maintaining farms will never be the same for you, and you will find the process much more relaxing and fruitful. This is one of the best reads for farmers and gardeners of all experience levels.


  • Topic-centric book full of time-tested information.
  • Available to read on Kindle or get a print edition.
  • Illustrated to make information more understandable and interesting.


  • The Kindle edition is too expensive
  • Some general pieces of advice are too basic for advanced readers.


Mother Earth News has been a leading source of information for farmers around the world for a long time. This illustrative manual is no less than the quality maintained by the editors. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned farmer yourself, you will find some resourceful information by giving this a read. Not only that, this product is available on several platforms to give you autonomy over your reading habits.


Final Words

When you have a hobby, the best way to stay updated is by reading posts, articles, and books related to your field of interest. Gardening is one such hobby that requires you to be constantly updated with upcoming gardening possibilities.

Whether you use them to decorate your coffee table or to read articles about landscapers and their knowledge, you’d love gardening publications. If you choose posts covering several departments, you might even learn about birds, blooms, cooking, and garden crafts.

All in all, pick any gardening magazine out of the six reviewed in this article, and you won’t regret it.