Metal vs. Rubber Garden Hose

Garden hose

Garden hoses are available in numerous varieties to suit your gardening needs. While it is tempting to purchase the most popular and cheaper hoses, different factors need to be taken into consideration. One of the foremost is the material of the garden hose.

Garden hoses made of rubber and vinyl are most commonly found closely followed by metal hoses in the form of stainless steel. So, which one is better? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of both.

Metal garden hose

While it is more expensive than a rubber hose, metal garden hoses are worth the investment for many reasons.


Metal hoses are made of strong stainless steel that does not allow the hose to bend, and it is thereby resistant to kinking. They are usually expandable, allowing greater flexibility, and they are therefore easier to use while gardening.


Metal garden hoses are more durable as they are made of strong stainless steel. Not only are they resistant to tough nails and thorn bushes, but they also last much longer than other hoses. The shell made of stainless steel protects the hose from any damage.


The stainless steel can withstand every season. It is relatively easy to use during the cold months and does not get damaged during the warm months. Exposure to direct sunlight during summer cannot harm the material as it reflects the harmful UV rays.

Rubber garden hose

Rubber hoses are the most commonly used as they are easily accessible and cheap. These garden hoses also have numerous advantages.


Since rubber hoses are most flexible, they as resistant to tears and holes despite extensive maneuvering. Equipped with a good hose washer, these tubes will never leak again. Investing in a good rubber hose will make gardening easier.


Rubber garden hoses are extremely strong and durable, thereby suitable for heavy-duty tasks. They are resistant to kinking and can easily carry hot water for long periods as they are less prone to deterioration. They can also withstand severe temperatures, thereby allowing gardening directly under the sun as well as during the cold months.


Rubber garden hoses are known to be extremely resilient against mechanical damage, deformation, and twisting. It is resistant towards punctures and tears that could cause leaking and are therefore suitable for long-term use.

Characteristics of a good garden hose

A good garden hose is expected to have the following characteristics.

  • Flexibility: You should always choose a garden hose that is not stiff while in use, as this increases the probability of kinking and punctures. This factor will also prove useful during the winter months as a rigid hose can break due to the cold.
  • Thickness: Before choosing a garden hose, ensure that the wall of it is thick enough to protect the hose from kinking and breaking. This also makes it more durable.
  • Compatible: A garden hose should be compatible with various attachments such as sprinklers, showers, and many others.


Picking the right garden hose depends on your preference. While metal and rubber hoses have their advantages, each of these can be suitable for different tasks. The material of the hose will essentially determine the comfort with which you can use the hose.