Top 10 Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses –The Complete Buying Guide

insulated outdoor cat house

Does your kitty love to be outdoors? Despite their love for you and all the time you two spend playing, cats love to run around freely. However, you must know very well how they hate cold, wet things. Getting an insulated outdoor cat house would be the perfect solution here!

Cats are undoubtedly the most adorable pets. From curling in your lap to playing around your feet, kitties are cute little pets. They may love curling up in your bed but believe or not; cats are wild animals and love running outdoors.

What you need is a cute little cat house that can keep your kitty dry, cozy, and comfortable. Here is a list of the top 10 insulated outdoor cat houses that can protect your cat from the harsh weather. However, the first thing that you need to decide is where you will place this house.

Apart from that, several other factors, such as the shape of the door and house, material, size, etc. This guide will take you through the 10 best options, followed by a detailed insight into the choosing guide.

Let’s take a look at some of the ‘purrfect’ cat houses.

Top 10 Insulated Outdoor Cat Houses

1. PETYELLA Heated cat Houses for Outdoor Cats in Winter

The PETYELLA heated outdoor cat houseis undoubtedly the best one on the list. It is fully weatherproof, insulated, spacious, and quite adorable to look at. Be it for your little furball or the stray cat you love, nothing else can be a better present for them.

The PETYELLA cat home has a slanting roof that is water-resistant, providing a dry space for your kitty. Its bottom is thick and waterproof to prevent the cold or water from soaking in through the floor.

The tiny house comes with an electronic heating pad that has a 4m long cord for convenience to top it all. Plug it in, and the kitty’s dwelling will be toasty within minutes, perfect for snuggling in the chilly weather. Now you need not purchase any extra bedding for your furry friend.

What’s more? The heating pad comes with a timer. Now you can set a specific time that is enough for your kitty to get all warmed-up. Once the time is up, the pad will automatically turn-off, proving to be an energy-efficient tool.

The PETYELLA cat condo comes with two doors that are covered with plastic to prevent the cold winds from entering. You may choose to remove them to provide complete freedom of movement for your cat.

Note: Do not place the house under the sky in heavy rains.


  • Comes with a heating pad
  • Has a chew-proof cord
  • 2 doors for ease of movement
  • A plug-in timer to save energy
  • Slanting, water-resistant roof
  • 100% refund guarantee if you are not satisfied


  • Does not have a raised platform (though the bottom is waterproof)

2. ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House

What you need for outdoor cats is a tough, scratch-proof house, and the ecoFLEX Albany is perfect for the job. It is made from a highly durable material that will never fade and stay free of rot, cracks, bugs, warp, etc. You can buy this tiny house and be carefree for years.

The Albany outdoor cat house can withstand harsh weather conditions. Be it snow or rain, and you can rest assured that your kitty will be safe and comfortable. Moreover, if it is for stray cats, you cannot get a better option as it is quite tough. It can easily house 2-3 cats.

The large cat househas two doors to let your kitty enter and exit freely. Plus, you can choose to cover these doors with a plastic flap that is included in the package. It will provide further protection from the chilly winds as well as water.

One of the best things about the Albany cat house is that it has a raised platform. You can place it outdoors without the fear of cold water or wind soaking in from the bottom. Also, its ecoFLEX, no-toxic material, makes the house easy to clean.


  • Non-toxic and durable ecoFLEX material
  • Easy to clean with water or a damp cloth
  • 2 doors for ease of movement
  • Spacious enough for a big cat or 2 small ones
  • Raised platform for enhanced protection


  • Does not come with a heating pad; you may have to add extra bedding

3. Extreme Consumer Products 2020 New Line Up Collapsible Indoor/Outdoor Pet or Feral Cozy Cat House

The Extreme heated outdoor cat houseis one of the best options to keep your kitty warm and protected. You can also place the tiny condo in your yard for stray cats and kittens. It will keep them comfortable and shield them in the cold weather.

The red and black cat house is not only attractive but also cozy and functional. It comes with a heated pad that warms up within minutes once it is plugged-in. One-third of its cord is chew-proof to enhance durability.

What’s more? It has two doors, both of which have an optional plastic flap for cover. You may choose to put-on the flap for the windy nights and remove it if the temperature is warm. These doors allow your kitty to move in and out in a hassle-free manner.

The material used is thick yet waterproof, making the house perfect for rainy and snowy days. Additionally, it is pretty easy to clean with soap and warm water.

Now you can keep your kitty’s dwelling as good as new. The best part—it can be set up within a few minutes, in a hassle-free manner!


  • The heated pad will provide ultimate warmth.
  • Has 2 doors for convenience
  • Plastic door covers prevent rain, snow, and air from entering
  • Big enough for 2 cats


  • Does not have a raised platform; might get wet from below
  • The cord is not fully chew-proof

4. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter

Cute looks and weatherproof construction make for the best pet homes, and that’s what this Petsfit cat shelter is. It is as efficient in protecting your cats as it is attractive. The house is big and yet portable, easy to move from your lawn to your room.

The red-colored house has a slanting roof made of stone and wood that is completely waterproof. Snow or rain, you can leave the house on your porch or yard and rest assured that your cat will be safe.

What’s best is the extras that it has. The door area has an added shelter for added weather protection. The Petsfit large cat househas a porch for your cat to play and rest.

It is even good for the dirty paws before they go in. Moreover, there is a flower basket that can also be used as a balcony for your kitten. Simply adorable!

The Petsfit cat shelter is designed to have a raised platform below the porch as well as a house. It prevents water from going in and also keeps the bugs out. What’s more? The house has a plastic flap at the backside to ease your cat’s movement.

If you have two cats or want to place the house for the stray cats you love, it is ideal.  You will need to add some bedding to make it warm and cozy.


  • Water and snow-resistant
  • Added flap as a backdoor
  • Porch and balcony provide extra room to play
  • Large enough for 2-3 cats
  • Raised platform to prevent moisture
  • 30-day return policy


  • Does not include a bedding
  • The top roof cannot be opened
  • Price at the higher-end

5. K&H PET PRODUCTS Outdoor Heated Kitty House Cat Shelter

The K&H outdoor heated cat house is the perfect solution to comfort your kitty, even in cold areas. Whether your furball likes to stay more in the garage, porch, or lawn, this insulated house will always keep warm.

The best part about this house is that it comes with a plush heated bed that is MET-certified, assuring safety. With a 5.5-feet cord, you can easily plug it into a nearby socket.

Once the bed is switched-on, your cat’s house will be all warm within minutes. Now your cat can sleep outdoors even during snow.

You know how cats hate wet things. This will be the perfectly dry abode for your furry friend as this heated outdoor cat houseis waterproof. However, try to place it on your porch or under a roof.

Whether you want it for your four-legged baby or for the stray cat who loves your lawn, it is suitable enough. The K&H pet house can fit all sizes of cats, even the large ones. Moreover, it has two exits covered with removable flaps for the ease of your furry-mate.

Its hassle-free assembly lets you set up the house in whichever corner you want. Also, you can rest assured of its durability as it comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Plus, the heating pad cover is washable, so you keep your kitty’s house clean at all times.


  • Ultimate warmth with a heated pad
  • Waterproof and insulated
  • Spacious
  • Easy assembly
  • Has two easy exits


  • Lightweight hampers stability
  • Will easily get soaked-up in rain

6. Trixie Pet Products Wooden Pet Home with Balcony

Just how cute do pet houses look, and this one is certainly one of those! The Trixie wooden pet home has a balcony at the top along with two steps on the outer wall. Your kitty can use them to climb up or just play there.

It is undoubtedly the best thing about the Trixie cat home. Your furball can play there all day long or just laze up at the terrace.

You can place it in the corner of your bedroom or living room or outdoors in the porch or garage. The cat house is compact enough to fit anywhere.

The Trixie wooden house is a spacious room for your cat, ideal for giving the four-legged being some personal space. All you need to do is place bedding for your little one, and the furball will love its new condo.

It is a great option to place outdoors as the large cat househas a raised platform. It prevents air or water from seeping in through the ground, keeping your cat comfortable. Additionally, this way, it is protected from decay or bugs from getting in.

That is not all. The Trixie cat house is designed to protect your cat and its food from dogs or other stray animals. Moreover, the wood and metal construction make it highly durable.


  • Protection from dogs
  • Extra terrace for playing
  • Spacious enough for big cats


  • Does not include bed
  • Not completely waterproof

7.  Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor Pet House

The Petsfit outdoor house is a great option to provide a personal space for your little furball. It has a sturdy construction of wood and is sure to last for a couple of years. You can place the wooden house outside for your favorite stray cat or your furry-baby.

You can leave the roof of this house open during the day for added ventilation or while cleaning. Its door opens up to form a ramp for your kitty to climb in.

Also, it comes with a heart-shaped latch. Extremely adorable! However, the overall look of the house is simple. You can paint it to add some flair.

One of the best features of this house is that it has a raised floor. The four platforms make sure that it is well above the ground, preventing any moisture from seeping through. Additionally, its roof is water-resistant too, making it perfect for placing outdoors.

The Petsfit outdoor house is easy to maintain. You can wash it with water without the fear of its material wearing out. The large cat house can house one adult cat or other pets such as rabbits, puppies, and more.

If it gets too cold, you might want to add a bedding or insulation material. What acts as a positive point here is it can be closed from all sides. Thus, it can protect your kitties from the cold winds.


  • Resistant to water and snow
  • Durable wood construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Raised platform prevents moisture


  • You might need to add an insulation material/cardboard.
  • It does not come with any bedding or pad.
  • Tricky assembly

8. Kitty City Cat House

Are you looking for a simple outdoor cat house to keep your kitty warm? Whether you want to place it indoors or outside, the Kitty City cat house is a great buy. It may not seem too attractive, but it does a great job providing a comfortable space for kitties.

The gray-colored cat condo is made of a considerably-thick material. It consists of four layers—two waterproof-fabric layers outside and two insulated ones in the middle. You can rest assured that your furball will be warm throughout the night.

Especially if you live in colder regions, this cat home is the perfect purchase. Its bottom layer is thick enough to prevent water or cold air from entering even if you place it outside. Moreover, the air droplets will not seep in through its walls or roof.

The Kitty City outdoor cat bed has two doors for hassle-free entry and exit of the cat. Plus, both these doors come with removable flaps. You can place them to prevent the harsh wind from entering at night and remove them to ventilate during warmer temperatures.

You get all of this at quite low prices. What more can you ask for!

Note: You can opt for a more colorful option of this house here.


  • 4-layered material for ultimate protection
  • Insulated fabric
  • Waterproof house
  • 2 doors for enhanced mobility of cats
  • Value for money
  • Does not require extra bedding


  • Can fit only 1 cat (a second level can be purchased separately to attach with this)
  • Does not include a heating pad (the material itself is warm enough)

9. K&H PET PRODUCTS Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame Chocolate

The K&H outdoor cat house is a spacious abode for your kitty or your neighborhood flock of cats. It will give them a comfortable space for those cold nights and snowy days.

The A-frame outdoor cat bedcomes with a heating pad to provide the ultimate warmth for cats. All you need to do is plug it in, and your furry friends will have a toasty environment despite low temperatures. The cord of this bed is 5.5 feet in length, allowing you to place the house outdoors.

You need not worry about the heating pad getting dirty as its cover can be removed for washing. With this K&H cat house and pad, your cat will have a fresh and dry place to sleep every night. Plus, its construction material itself is highly-insulated, great for snowy weather.

It has two doors to prevent congestion, even if you let 3 cats in. Moreover, these doors are covered with flaps for added comfort and warmth. All of this is possible at an affordable price and a hassle-free assembly of the house.

Once you buy the house, you can be sure about its lifespan as it is highly durable. You can enhance its life by cleaning with a damp cloth. Furthermore, you will also get a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Comes with an electric heating pad
  • Made of insulated material
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Can be assembled within minutes
  • House 3-4 kitties
  • 5.5-feet convenient cord


  • Does not have a raised platform
  • Must be placed in covered areas such as porch

10. Petsfit 2-Story Weatherproof Outdoor Kitty Cat House/Condo/Shelter with Escape Door

The Petsfit 2-story cat house is an ideal option if you want to house 2 or more cats. The two levels make sure each of your cats gets private space. Alternatively, your neighborhood cats can snuggle well with their kittens.

Its asphalt roof ensures that your cat house is protected from rain and snow at all times. The same goes for the added shed above the upper platform. These two steps make for a great playing option along with allowing easy accessibility to the top floor.

One of the best things is that you can open its roof and clean the large cat house in a hassle-free manner. Another great feature of the Petsfit 2-story house is that it has a hole at the base of the second floor. You can leave it open if only one cat used this abode or cover with a cloth otherwise.

The door of this house is covered with an acrylic door that protects against the cold winds. Furthermore, it has an escape door at the lower level for extended ease in entry and exit.

This wooden house has a raised floor to prevent moisture, wind, or water from entering through the bottom. Now you can place your cat’s house outdoors and let the furball enjoy the freedom and some personal room!


  • 2 levels can fit 2 cats each
  • Has an escape door along with a front one
  • Play area/platforms with added roof
  • An asphalt roof is a rain and snow-proof
  • 30-day return policy
  • Removable top for cleaning and maintenance


  • Construction may be poor
  • Requires bedding and insulation material

Insulated Outdoor Cat House Buying Guide

Have you already found the ultimate insulated outdoor cat house? You are not done yet! There are a few things that you must look into while choosing the ideal home for your kitty. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a ‘purrrfectly’-comfortable living space!

Factors to Consider While Buying an Outdoor Cat House

Type of House

Though you want to provide a warm sleeping environment to your furball, it can still be of different types. You must decide the kind you want before going for the house hunt. Here are a few of them.

Heated Outdoor Cat House: If you live in regions that can have extremely-low temperatures, you may want to choose a heated cat house. These homes come with a heating pad or bedding that fights the chilly winter and keeps your darling warm. That is, despite being outdoors. However, this bedding needs a power outlet.

Insulated Outdoor Cat House: You may not have a source of power in your yard or lawn. Do not worry as there is still a solution. Several houses are built of insulating materials that do not require you to add a heating bed. Insulated outdoor cat houses keep your cat warm in the medium to the high winter season.

Weatherproof Outdoor Cat House: Your cats hate getting wet, and no one would know that better! If you live in an area where heavy rains are common, consider buying a weatherproof cat house. Such homes are built with water-resistant materials, especially for the rainy and snow seasons.

That said, you must know that you can choose to get a house that has all of these features!


First, choose the perfect material for your cat house and decide on the area where you will place it. If you are planning to set it up in a covered area (porch or garage), you may choose a fabric-build. On the other hand, if you are going to place it in your yard, choose a wooden, waterproof house.

That is because several outdoor houses can get soaked-up too. Opting for a cat house that has a raised platform will be a good choice, irrespective of the material. Be it wooden, cloth, or any other material, if it gets soaked from the bottom, the cat house is no good.


Many cat houses are weatherproof but may not be comfortable enough. That is until you add bedding in them. Moreover, some of the kitty condos may have openings for extra ventilation. These can prove to be uncomfortable for your darling in winters.

You can choose a fabric-made or heated house or add extra bedding if you choose a wooden condo.

Play Area

You may have seen how kitties love to climb on top of things. You may have even spotted your fur ball on top of your cupboard. Getting a cat house that will also become a play area for your cat will be a great option.

Though you can choose to purchase separate trees or stands, why spend extra dollars?

Quality and Durability

Pets or stray cats are wild. They love to run and jump around. Make sure that you buy a quality house for your energetic kitty. More so, if you are buying it for a couple of stray cats. You do not want to purchase a new one every few months!

Assembly and Portability

You must consider the weight and portability of the cat condo. After all, you will need to move it for cleaning, extra protection, etc. You might as well change your mind about making it an indoor house. Keep these things in mind.

Apart from that, look for a cat home that is easy to assemble. Although most of them are, some might leave you tired and still not get assembled.

Price and Warranty

Last but not least, you got to consider the price of the cat dwelling. Ensure that the cost meets the quality, looks, and other features such as weatherproof, insulation, etc.

Some brands offer a warranty for their products. They are undeniably better than those who do not. Choosing a cat house that comes with a warranty is always a wise idea!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to keep my outdoor cats warm even during winter?

Cats may like being outside, but they too look for a warm shelter during winters. What you can do to help them is build an insulated outdoor cat house. Alternatively, you can save yourself from all the work and purchase one of these.

You can get a large variety of cat houses at quite reasonable prices. Some may be as cheap as $20, while others will be $120. You must look for a few factors such as insulation, heating, weatherproof qualities, etc. to choose the best cat house.

2. How to keep my cat house insulated?

If you already own a cat house, you need not buy a new heated outdoor cat house. You can make it warm by adding a heating pad. They are available at various stores and may cost around $10-$20. Some other measures that you can take to keep your cat house warm are:

  • Add extra bedding.
  • Place cardboard or other insulating materials along the walls, floor, and ceiling of the cat house.
  • Make sure there are no spaces between the walls, under the roof, and the floor of your cat’s dwelling.

3. Can I leave my cat outdoors in cold weather?

Your furball may love being outdoors at all times. However, if you leave it outside in excessively low temperatures, the kitty may fall sick. Cats are prone to illnesses like hypothermia or getting frostbites in freezing weather.

If you want to leave your cat doors, make sure you provide a shelter for the cat. A cardboard box might not always work, which is why you need a cat house, even if a small one.

4. What is the correct size of the house for my cat?

You can determine the right size of a cat house by measuring your cat’s height and length. Once you have the measurements, check the dimensions of various cat houses. Make sure you leave enough space for your cat house to stretch out well.

If you have two cats, consider buying a large cat houseto give them enough space.

Final Words

Though cats are social beings, they like to have their personal space too. A house will let your furball bathe in the sun, enjoy the fresh air, and have an overall happy mood.

Getting an outdoor cat bed or an insulated outdoor cat house is the best gift for your kitty. Your darling can stay outdoors all it wants and still stay warm and protected from the cold weather. Moreover, nothing can be better than setting up one of these dwellings for your neighborhood cats!