Best Upside Down Suet Feeder-Top 10

best upside down suet feeder

Are you looking to attract a large variety of birds to your yard? From woodpeckers to chickadees, a good suet feeder can do just the right job. Suet refers to a type of bird feed whose primary ingredient is rendered animal fat. In addition to this, grains, fruits, dried insects, and peanuts may be mixed into this feed.

It is an excellent alternative to seed that helps maintain a bird’s energy levels and body heat. By choosing the right upside down suet feeder, you will be able to make your yard attractive to many birds. Read ahead to find our reviews for the best upside down suet feeder options.

We have also put together a buying guide to guide you through what you should look for in a good suet feeder.

10 Best Upside Down Suet Feeder Reviews

Here are our reviews for the 10 best upside down suet feeders for you.

1. Birds Choice Single Cake Upside Down Suet Feeder with Green Roof

This upside down suet feeder also doubles up as a woodpecker bird feeder. It can be used to attract woodpeckers and nuthatches. It also keeps away birds like starlings that do not take well to upside down feeders.

The feeder is also extremely easy to use and comes fully assembled. All you have to do is lift the roof and refill the suet cakes as they empty. It also has a strong coated hanging cable included with the feeder. This ensures that your feeder remains sturdy as the birds feed on it.

This upside down suet feeder is also made from poly-lumber that is made from recycled plastic and milk jugs. Hence, it is an eco-friendly option that is resistant to cracks and fading. You will also find that this suet feeder has a hanging cable capacity of 1 suet cake.


  • Reduces access to starlings
  • Squirrel proof suet feeder
  • Extremely durable
  • Great for woodpeckers


  • A wire may be too short

2. Nature’s Way Bird Products CWF2 Cedar Suet Upside Down Bird Feeder

Most feeders’ issue is that nuisance birds and squirrels come and quickly finish the feed left out for birds like woodpeckers. This is one of the best suet upside down feeder options that keep these nuisance creatures away.

These include blackbirds and crackles.

It is made of premium cedar that is rot-resistant and insect-resistant too. It also has a preservative that prevents any mold and mildew, discoloration, and water damage. Hence, this keeps the body rather durable.

It also comes with rust-free mesh and screws and has a vinyl coated steel hanging cable that keeps it strong and sturdy. You will find that it can hold 1 suet cake. You may be wondering what birds you can attract using this feeder. These include small to medium size woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, and chickadees.


  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Keeps blackbirds and squirrels away
  • A great option for woodpeckers and chickadees
  • Sturdy option
  • Made with rust-free hardware


  • The roof may be poorly painted.

3. Audubon Going Green Suet Bottom Feed Style Feeder

This is an upside down or bottom suet feeder that is designed to keep any undesirable birds away. You will also be delighted to know that you won’t find any squirrels eating your suet either. This feeder comes with a 1” square fencing on the bottom side of the feeder.

Hence, it is especially appropriate for birds like woodpeckers that feed upside down. You can simply go ahead and lift the roof on one side and place the suet cake on the inside. It comes in beige and looks quite attractive to the eye.

Hence, as the suet cakes attract birds, the aesthetics of the feeder will keep the yard looking good.


  • Keeps nuisance birds away
  • Starling proof suet feeder
  • A suet cake may last for a month.
  • Attractive suet feeder
  • Good value for money


  • The simple latch mechanism may be faulty.

4. C&S EZ Fill Bottom Suet Feeder

This is a relatively more considerable capacity upside down suet feeder designed for birds that feed on the bottom. It is colorful and can add a quirky touch to your branches and backyard.

It comes in a bright red and beige body that is sturdy and well-designed. It can hold 3 cakes or 1 brick of suet at a time. Hence, it is an excellent option for spaces that see a lot of bird traffic. It will last you for 5 winters and longer.

It is an excellent option for woodpeckers, and even mockingbirds may find their way to it. It is known to confound starlings and cowbirds, and you won’t find them finishing the feed that you left out for the woodpeckers.


  • Durable
  • Aesthetic
  • Large capacity
  • Keeps starlings away


  • May not be raccoon proof
  • A metal chain may hurt birds

5. Birds Choice SNUDD Recycled Double Cake Upside Down Suet Feeder

This Bird’s Choice Upside Down Suet feeder has a capacity of 2 suet cakes. It dispenses a high-energy food cake that should keep the birds that feed on it fully and happy for hours. It is very easy to open and refill. Because of its capacity, you can wait for longer between refills.

The two different cakes also tend to appeal to more variety of birds, and you will have many of them feeding at your feeder. The best part is that the body of this bird feeder is made of recycled poly-lumber. This is made from recycled plastic and milk jugs so that it contributes to a sustainable environment.

It has a taupe base and green roof that makes it quite an attractive choice for your yard.


  • Holds two seed cakes
  • Environment-friendly
  • Squirrel proof suet feeder
  • Woodpeckers learn to use it quickly
  • Great finishing


  • Starlings may learn to use it with time.

6. Kettle Moraine Cedar Upside Down Clinger Suet Plug Log Feeder

This Kettle Moraine feeder is one of the best upside down feeder options due to its innovative design. It is shaped like a log and is made of cedar. The log is 16 inches long and is perfect for woodpeckers.

Also, it comes with 4 holes and cracks through which the birds can go ahead and feed on the suet. Do note that this product does not come with suet cakes. Due to its design, it naturally tends to attract birds that feed upside down, especially woodpeckers.

It comes in a hanging mount design, and you can go ahead and hang it just where you like. As the log dries, the cracks may get bigger and will be a good option for birds to feed through. Do note that this is normal. You will find that the cracks will not extend beyond the core.


  • Appears rustic
  • Functional design
  • Affordable
  • Can fill with suet or peanut butter


  • May stain easily

7. Songbird Essentials Suet Saver Suet Bird Feeder

This Suet Saver feeder is a great option for birds that eat upside down. Hence, birds like woodpeckers are drawn to it and eat the suet from it. It will keep away flocks of sparrows that often pay attention to other bird feeders.

The suet feeder’s bottom part will hold on to the plastic part on top with simple tension. You can simply pop it off and add the suet to the holder. You can then snap the wire part back on. Songbirds are attracted to this feeder and find eating from it extremely easy.

They keep squirrels and starlings away. They are also much easier to load than the classic cage because they tend to get greasy in several places. The plastic parts on this bird feeder stay clean and neat as you use it.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fill suet
  • Does not get sticky
  • Squirrel proof suet feeder
  • Starling proof suet feeder


  • Openings can be narrower

8. Perky-Pet Bamlft The Loft Bamboo Wild Bird Feeder

This bamboo construction bird feeder is one of the best upside down suet feeders on our list. It is made of bamboo construction that is extremely sturdy and durable. This feeder’s aesthetics also makes it possible for it to blend into your backyard and the trees around seamlessly.

It is designed to provide shelter to the suet baskets beneath it and the birds that will come to feed on it. The bamboo on the feeder naturally works to resist any bacteria and mold. Hence, you won’t have to expend too much energy on maintaining the feeder.

It is a great option for any birds that feed upside down, including nuthatches, woodpeckers, and chickadees. It has a capacity to hold 2 suet cakes so that you can continuously feed birds for a long time before refilling.

Hence, the birds can keep full and happy during the difficult winter months.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Mold and insect-resistant
  • Biodegradable bamboo body
  • Squirrel proof suet feeder
  • Works well with woodpeckers and bluebirds


  • May not be stable for some birds

9. Natures Way Bird Prdts Upside Down Suet FDR BMB 4

This Natures Way upside down suet feeder is designed to hold 2 suet cakes to feet birds for longer. It is extremely easy to fill, and you can keep the birds happy all winter long. It is an excellent option for your woodpeckers and other songbirds.

It will also keep any starlings away. You also won’t have to worry about any squirrels coming to finish the suet that you have laid out for the songbirds. It also comes with a stainless steel mesh that keeps the whole feeder sturdy and lasting very long.

It is also rust-proof. This keeps the birds safe as they feed. It will also keep you safe as you go about handling the suet feeder. It is made of a cedar wood body and has an elegant and aesthetic design that seamlessly blends in with most backyards.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy body
  • Durable suet feeder
  • Good capacity of 2 suet
  • Attracts woodpeckers


  • Starlings may get used to it over time

10. Audubon Going Green Suet Feeder Model NAGGSUET

This is a versatile suet bird feeder that lets birds access it from the sides and the bottom. Hence, it is a great option for birds that feed on the bottom-up like woodpeckers. Yes, woodpeckers tend to love this suet feeder.

It comes with a coated mesh wire cage and is a squirrel proof suet feeder. It holds one suet cake and will keep the birds feeding on it energetic and happy. It also has a coated steel cable that makes it extremely easy to hang.

You will also see that it has a recycled plastic roof that makes it an eco-friendly option for your backyard. You can go ahead and feed your woodpeckers just right using this suet bird feeder.


  • Squirrel proof suet feeder
  • Made of good quality material
  • Roof for protection from rain
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Starlings may get used to it and use it

Best Upside Down Suet Feeder Buyers Guide

You have now seen the choice of products for the upside down suet feeder. We have also included one option where the birds can use it as both upside down and a double-sided suet feeder.

Read ahead to find out what you should look for when you are in a good upside down suet feeder.


You will find various types of suet feeders available on the market. For the upside down suet founders, you may find them in the form of suet cages or suet logs. Suet cages come with a coated wire frame and are made for independent hanging, and you can attach other feeders to them.

These suet cages may have roofs and covers to protect them from rain and to make them squirrel proof suet feeder options. On the other hand, suet logs refer to logs that come with pre-drilled holes.

They provide a natural perch for birds and keep the suet dry and protected during rain and harsh weather conditions. They also look more natural so that birds are instantly attracted to them.

You may want to avoid open tray suet feeders. These tend to be rather vulnerable to larger birds like starlings and even squirrels that may eat the suet you have laid out for songbirds.


When you opt for a suet feeder, you can go ahead and choose one that contributes to sustainable environmental goals. A suet feeder that is environment-friendly may be made of recycled plastic or even biodegradable bamboo.

Look for an option that is also durable. This will keep the suet feeder lasting for long, and you won’t have to add to the carbon footprint by purchasing one each time.

Pick the Right Suet

A suet feeder can fall short without choosing the right suet to go with it. Suet formulations are meant to provide lasting energy to birds. Pick high-quality suet for the best results for your birds. These will also attract more birds in the long-run.

You may want to pay attention to the ingredients to be able to do this. Look for a good ratio of fat, fiber, and protein.

Pay attention to the protein content of your suet. It should have about 4 to 13% protein. These may come from animal sources or even through plant sources from peanuts and the like.

In addition, when you opt for fruit suet, look for ones that contain fruit pieces. Yes, the smell of fruit does attract the right birds. However, if the actual pieces are absent, you will notice that they may not come back to feed on the suet.

You may also want to tailor the suet to suit the birds you want to attract. For instance, blue jays like peanuts in their feed. On the other hand, many people add cayenne pepper to make for a squirrel proof upside down suet feeder setup.

Do note that you can go ahead and make your suet cakes if you like. You can begin by opting for suet cakes that come with the feeders. You can then experiment to attract the right birds with the right ingredients.

Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder

If you want to keep enough suet for your woodpecker, you may want to keep away other creatures like squirrels and starlings. Look for a suet feeder that is designed to enable this. You can look for squirrel proof feeders with baffles, cages, and meshes.

You can also go ahead and use distraction tactics with the squirrel proof upside down suet feeder to get the most out of it. Place little corn cobs or other food at least 10 feet away from the trees or bushes. The squirrels will be satiated by this and will not be tempted to figure their way around the upside down feeder.


You may now have a fair idea of just what you should look for in an upside down suet feeder. We have listed the 10 best upside down suet feeder options for you. We have also reviewed them so that you can compare them to our buying guide and pick one that suits your priorities best.

A good feeder should keep your birds energetic and happy season after season. They also work to keep away any squirrels, starlings, and other birds that may eat the suet left for woodpeckers and other songbirds. Do note that many of these nuisance birds are intelligent and learn to adapt to an upside down suet feeder.

You can avoid this by taking care to also leave some food around for other species that abound in your area. With this, you can go ahead and make the best of your purchase.


1. How to Hang Suet Feeder?

You can go ahead and use a designated pole that is exclusive to the suet feeder. Hang this at a height so that other animals are not able to get to it.

It is best to use caged suet for the same. You may want to couple this with a squirrel baffle so that only your songbirds have access to the upside down suet feeder.

2. Where to Hang Suet Feeder?

Keep the suet feeder in places where the birds may find it comfortable to feed. Look for an area that is shaded from the harsh sunlight of the day.

Birds can take respite here and feed on energetic suet at the same time. Make sure to place it at least 5 feet above the ground so that dogs and other animals cannot access it.

3. How to Attract Birds to Suet Feeder?

To begin, you can place a new suet feeder in places where you had older feeders earlier. This will help the birds reach the suet feeder without too much trouble. Make sure to keep only fresh suet around and get rid of any rancid suet as the birds may find it unappealing.

4. What Eats Suet at Night?

If you find your suet disappearing overnight, it is most likely to be the raccoons that have been doing the rounds. However, you may find that nocturnal birds also feed on your upside down suet feeder at night.

5. Do Suet Feeders Attract Rats?

Suet feeders are not designed to attract rats. What does attract rats is the fallen pieces and crumbles of suet and other bird food that may occur on the ground. Rats may try to access this if they find the trail.

6. Why Won’t Birds Come to My Suet Feeder?

Birds may not come to your suet feeder because it may be placed in an area that has a lot of human activity. If this is not the case, do note that birds take weeks to find a new feeder. By experimenting with the area where you place it, you can attract more birds.

7. Is Suet and Lard the Same Thing?

Lard largely refers to pig fat that is treated to rid it of any impurities. Suet, on the other hand, is largely made from the fat around the organs of animals like beef and mutton. Suet and lard may often be used interchangeably.