Best Electric Weed Eater – Product Reviews and Buyer’s Guide of 2021

best electric weed eater

No one likes a shabby-looking garden or driveway. The yard is an eminent part of your house as any other room and must be kept neat and clean at all times. With the highly efficient best electric weed eater, maintaining your yard becomes a piece of cake.

When you hear about electric weed eaters, you may be visualizing it to be a large and heavy electronic machine. However, those are things of the past. The best corded electric weed eater is light, efficient, and extremely powerful.

It offers a noise-free operation, unlike a gas-powered wacker, and is more powerful than a battery-powered weed eater. Moreover, with a corded weed eater, you need not worry about charging batteries or the limit of using for a short duration.

Corded electric weed eaters are the better choice. However, when you come to choosing one, you might get overwhelmed with the numerous options available. The best electric weed eater reviews bring you the top 10 products to ease your difficulty of choice.

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10 Best Electric Weed Eater of 2021 – Product Reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer with Auto Feed 14-Inch (BESTA510)

The Black + Decker comes with a motor of 6.5 amp, offering you the power to cut the toughest grass. It is higher than what you will find in most of the other trimmers. Its POWERDRIVE transmission allows you to remove all the weeds and clean your lawn within minutes.

What makes it the best corded electric weed eateris that its swath is 14-inch. The wide cutting swath lets you complete your work with higher efficiency. Additionally, it comes with a speed of 8000 revolutions per minute, letting you finish your work quickly.

Apart from that, the Black + Decker trimmer has an auto-feed system (AFS). Some tools may require you to manually feed the line when it gets over. However, this smart grass trimmer automatically feeds the spool when you run low on it.

What’s more? The Black + Decker comes with an auxiliary handle, preventing strain on your hands. Also, it weighs only 3.19 lbs, letting you work for long hours without fatigue. It also has a guard to let you trim grass in tight spaces while your flowers remain protected!

Key Features

  • Weight: 3.19 lbs
  • Automatic Feeding Spool
  • Motor: 6.5 amp
  • Cutting diameter: 14 inches
  • Speed: 800 rpm


  • Easy operation
  • It lets you use it for long hours without fatigue.
  • POWERDRIVE transmission enhances efficiency
  • High power tool


  • The edger is not efficient.

2. WORX WG119 15 Electric String Trimmer

The WORX WG119 is the best cheap electric weed eateryou can get your hands on. It offers a powerful motor of 5.5 amp that lets you remove dry grass and trim with ease. It weighs 6 lbs, so you can move it around your lawn easily.

You can adjust the handle of the trimmer to meet your comfort needs. Also, its telescopic shaft allows you to change the height of the tool according to your convenience. Further, you can convert it into an edger within seconds, saving you from buying a separate tool for edging.

The automatic feed system of the trimmer advances the feed whenever it is short. Thus, it saves your time and lets you trim the lawn within a short period. Moreover, the dual-line system has two exits, further enhancing the system.

What’s more? The WORX WG119 has a 90-degree pivoting head letting you reach tight spaces with higher ease. Also, it comes with a flower guard to protect your plants and other lawn ornaments.

Key Features

  • Dual-line Auto Line Feed
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Cutting width: 15 inch
  • Motor: 5.5 amp


  • Ultra-wide swath lets you cut weed easily
  • Easy to use with an adjustable handle and telescopic shaft for adjusting the height
  • Its 90-degree pivoting head lets you change the cutting angle.


  • Faulty line system

3. Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable) 21142

Beating all the other trimmers in terms of power, the Greenworks features a motor of 10 amp. The corded weed eater offers consistency of work along with smoothness in operation. Moreover, its cutting path is 18 inches, which is the highest on the list, letting you finish your work sooner.

Its powerful motor and wide cutting path undeniably make it the best electric weed eater.Apart from that, it comes with a cord lock. It lets you move around without the wire getting in your way.

The handle is cushioned for added comfort as well as better grip. Further, it has an extra auxiliary handle that you can adjust to suit your angle. Now you can trim your lawn for a prolonged period without much fatigue.

Another factor that makes it stand out is that the Greenworks trimmer can be attached to multiple other tools.

Key Features

  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Dual-line Bump Feed System
  • Attachment Capable
  • Motor: 10 amp
  • Cutting path: 18 inches


  • Variable trigger speed
  • Mold-grip handle along with an auxiliary handle for ease of use
  • Cord lock feature adds to the convenience
  • You can attach other tools of the same or different brand


  • The 10 amp motor makes it heavier than other tools.
  • Troublesome line system

4. BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower

The Black + Decker BESRA512CM is a 3-in-1 tool. With the help of this corded device, you can mow, trim, and edge your lawn within minutes. Isn’t that amazing? It converts into your preferred tool in one quick step.

The trimmer features an automatic feed spool system. It means whenever you run short of the line, and the smart device will automatically release it. What makes it the best corded electric weed eateris its 6.5 amp motor that is accompanied by a POWERDRIVE. It offers a smooth performance while cutting the toughest grass.

What’s more? The Black + Decker BESRA512CM is designed to provide the ultimate comfort while working. You can adjust its auxiliary handle as well as height according to your convenience. It is also a lightweight tool, easy to carry around, and still offers a speed of 8000 revolutions per minute.

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 tool
  • Motor: 6.5 amp
  • Cutting path: 12 inches
  • Automatic Feed Spool
  • Speed: 8000 rpm


  • Its signature POWERDRIVE transmission enhances the torque for higher cutting power
  • Adjustable handle, as well as length, lets you work comfortably
  • You can convert it into a mower, trimmer, and edger within seconds


  • It may melt a light extension cord due to the high power

5. CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer, 14-Inch, 6.5-Amp, Push Button Feed System (CMESTE920)

The CRAFTSMAN string trimmer is another best electric weed eaterthat features a 6.5 amp motor. The tool lets you tackle tough overgrowth and weed with extra smoothness. Additionally, it has a wide cutting path of 14 inches that adds to the cutting efficiency of the corded device.

The weed eater is designed to suit your needs as it features adjustable height as well as an auxiliary handle. You can also use the CRAFTSMAN trimmer as an edger. With one twist, the tool will be converted into an edging one, letting you neatly trim the edges. Its attached wheel ensures straight cuts.

The feed system of the trimmer works with the push of a button. It removes any guesswork that comes with an auto-feed system as well as the bumping.

One of the best things about this weed eater is that it comes with 2 extra replacement spools. Additionally, it has a warranty of three years. Now you need not spend extra dollars on a spool or replacing any part.

Key Features

  • Motor: 6.5 amp
  • Cutting path: 14 inches
  • Push-button feed system
  • Weight: 6.93 lbs


  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Comes with two replacement spools, so you need not buy extra


  • May be slightly heavy

6. Remington RM115ST Lasso 5.5 Amp Electric 2-in-1 14-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer/ Edge

The Remington RM115ST Lasso provides sufficient power to trim the grass of your lawn. It comes with a 5.5 amp motor and a 14-inch cutting width. Thus, the tool lets you trim the lawn quickly as well as efficiently.

Even if you want to use it for a long time, the trimmer can be adjusted according to your convenience. You can rotate its auxiliary handle for up to 180 degrees and also change the rod height. Moreover, to neatly edge your lawn, you can convert the tool into an edger with a button.

The Remington RM115ST Lasso uses an auto-feed system to release the line. Whenever you are falling short, the tool will itself advance the line. If your line gets over, you can turn off the motor for two seconds, and the tool will automatically feed it.

What makes it the best electric weed eateris that it is backed with a 2-year limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Cutting width: 15 inches
  • Weight: 4.36 lbs
  • Motor: 5.5 amp


  • The rotating edging wheel lets you cut the grass even in tight corners
  • The large debris guard prevents any dirt from flying back on you
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Problematic feed system

7. Greenworks 15-Inch 5.5 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21272

The Greenworks trimmer is an efficient tool with a 5.5 amp motor that is quite good for a power supply. It lets you trim tough grass with ease. Moreover, the 15-inch cutting path of the tool lets you complete your work in minutes.

It features an auto-feed system that doesn’t require you to feed the line manually. Whenever you run short of the line, it will automatically feed the line.

What makes this Greenworks trimmer the best corded weed eateris that it comes with a cord lock. Now you can wrap the cord around the stand to prevent accidental unplugging.

Its telescopic shaft lets you adjust the height accordingly for ease of use. Additionally, it does not produce much noise while working, offering an overall smooth performance.

Key Features

  • Weight: 7.05 pounds
  • Cut path: 15 inches
  • Motor: 5.5 amp
  • Automatic feed system


  • Cord lock prevents accidental unplugging of the cord
  • It is lightweight and has an adjustable shaft for ease of use.


  • Troublesome loading of the line

8. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer / Edger, (ST8600)

With slightly lower power and cutting path than the other model, this Black + Decker trimmer is still efficient enough. It can easily be termed as the best electric weed eaterwith a 5 amp motor. Also, it has a cutting path of 14 inches, which is wider than many other devices on this list.

You can rest assured that this powerful corded device will eat your weed and help keep your lawn clean. More so, as it comes with the Black + Decker signature POWERDRIVE. Additionally, this trimmer also features an automatic feed system for bump-free, smooth operation.

You can convert this trimmer into an edger in one swift move. The feature allows you to have neat lawn edges as well as grass-free paths and driveways.

Its handle has a cord retention system to prevent your cord from unplugging accidentally. With this corded weed eater, you can work for an extended period without any trouble.

Key Features

  • Automatic Spool Feed System
  • Motor: 5 amp
  • Cutting path: 14 inches
  • Speed: 770 rpm
  • Weight 5.35 lbs


  • Strong POWERDRIVE transmission ensures superior performance
  • Cord retention system prevents stoppage during operation
  • It comes with a wide guard to prevent the debris from flying back on you.


  • The spool uses too many lines in a short period.

9. PowerSmart Cordless String Trimmer (PS8208)

The PowerSmart is certainly the best cheap electric weed eateron this list. Despite its low price, you get a 9-inch cutting path that fairly well cuts the weed and grass. Also, it comes with a 2.3 amp motor that is sufficient for a small yard.

The PowerSmart trimmer comes with an automatic feed system that will automatically feed the line when it is short. Additionally, the tool has a cord retention system, which prevents your cord from disconnecting.

The trimmer is extremely lightweight, letting you work with ease, even for prolonged use. What’s more? It comes with a 2-year warranty, so you need not worry about its parts getting spoilt.

Key Features

  • Weight: 3.84
  • Cutting path: 9-inch
  • Motor: 2.3 amp
  • Automatic Feed System


  • Cord retention system prevents accidental disconnection of cord
  • 2-year warranty
  • Affordable price


  • Flimsy line
  • Not good for heavy-duty trimming

10. Earthwise ST00113 13-Inch 4-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower, Corded

The Earthwise ST00009 is everything you would want in your weed eater. It offers a 13-inch cutting width that is wide enough for quick cutting. However, its power is slightly lower than the other products on the list. Still, it’s a great purchase if you check out the other features. Also, the 4 amp motor works fine for home use.

The Earthwise weed eater has a cord retention hook to prevent it from coming off the device. Thus, it allows for hassle-free usage. Also, the grip of its handle is rubberized. It not only reduces strain on your hands but also allows a slip-free grip.

What makes it the best electric weed eater is that it comes with a 3-year warranty. Even if one or more parts stop working, you can get a replacement and continue using the tool. It features a bump feed system that requires you to lightly bump the tool on the floor to feed the line.

Key Features

  • Cutting width: 13 inches
  • Motor: 4 amp
  • Bump feed system


  • Its adjustable cutting head lets you change three positions according to your convenience.
  • Ergonomic grip with a rubberized handle prevents fatigue even after prolonged use
  • Cord retention hook prevents it from coming off
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Feed system may be problematic

Best Corded Electric Weed Eater – Buyer’s Guide

Have you already picked your favorite device from the list of 10 best electric weed eater? Well, your task is not yet over. Before you make your final decision, you must consider a few factors to ensure that you choose the best option.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Corded Electric Weed Eater

Feed System

One of the essential features of a weed eater is the feed system. String trimmers require string or line to operate. The feed system determines the amount of feed fed out of the trimmer head to cut the grass. Here are the various types of available feed systems.

  • In a manual feed system, you need to release the feed yourself.
  • A bump feed system requires you to bump the trimmer head on the floor to release feed.
  • If you have an auto-off feed system, you will need to switch-off the weed eater to advance the feed.
  • The line will automatically feedin an automatic feed system when the trimmer is running short on it.

The automatic feed system is deemed the best option as it feeds the line in a hassle-free manner.


The weight of your corded weed eater matters a lot. Some of these tools can get pretty heavy due to the powerful motor. However, you must look for the lightest device so that you can use it for prolonged hours without much fatigue.


Another essential factor of the best corded weed eater is its high power. It is the reason why you chose a corded tool instead of a battery one. Make sure that the motor of your chosen option is high enough for smoothly cutting even tough grass.

Cutting Path

The cutting path or width determines the area that your trimmer can cover at a time. You must look for a weed eater with a wider cutting width to ensure that your work gets done quickly.

Additional Features

More is always better, isn’t it? Several electric trimmers come with additional tools such as an edger and mower. They can help you create perfect edges around your lawn or flower beds and keep your yard neat and clean.

Price and Warranty

Despite the multiple features, you can never guarantee any electric device’s life, and the same applies to an electric trimmer. Make sure you buy one that comes with a warranty. Also, you must compare the prices of different weed eaters along with the number of features offered.

You can easily bag the best cheap electric weed eaterwithin $25-$30. Alternatively, if you want a higher power and functionality, you can get a great deal at about $40-$55.

Best Corded Electric Weed Eater – FAQs

1. How to look after your weed eater to prolong its life?

The best corded electric weed eaterdoes not require a lot of maintenance. All you got to do is clean off the debris after every use. While you trim your lawn, your device is sure to attract a lot of wet mud. Make sure that you let it dry and then use a blower or a brush to remove the weed and mud.

Apart from cleaning, make sure that you use a strong extension, especially if you are using a device with high power. Using a thin-wired extension may melt due to the power of your weed eater.

2. Why should I buy a corded electric weed eater?

If you want to maintain your lawn with the utmost ease, a corded electric weed eater is your best option. It is lightweight and does not produce a lot of noise as well as vibrations like traditional weed eaters. Also, it does not emit fumes that come out of a gas-powered trimmer.

You may think that a battery-powered weed wacker is a better option. You must know that battery weed eaters can work only up to 20-30 minutes with one charge. It can take up a lot more time than corded ones. Also, battery weed eaters are not as powerful as the corded grass trimmers.

Final Verdict

The best electric weed eater is a great tool for your lawn. It is cost-effective and still offers a powerful operation, letting you get rid of the thickest of grass. Despite its high torque and power, an electric trimmer is easy to use, and its lightweight makes it quite maneuverable.

All you got to do is consider aspects like power, cutting path, and feed system while choosing the ultimate weed eater.

Now that you have the complete information go and get the best corded electric weed eater for your lawn!