Top 5 vegetable container gardening tips

Vegetable container gardening may seem quite daunting to someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience but we have some tips that can make the job much easier. Here’s our 5 tips and tricks to make vegetable container gardening more efficient.

1. Overcrowding. It is often tempting to over plant but should be avoided in order to prevent your plants from struggling with each other.

2. Avoid growing cole crops like broccoli, kale etc in small containers. Cement patio’s are also one thing that we wouldn’t recommend.

3. Watering is fun but over watering will lead to issues. Have patience and avoid the urge to water your plants more than you should.

4. Mix flowers in with edibles to get a lovely texture and color.

5. Experimentation is okay. If you realize that something is not working then don’t worry. Examine the situation and change what went wrong.

Fertilizers are another important part of gardening. This is why we have curated a list of the best fertilizers for your garden that you can pick from!