The Best Rosin Press And Rosin Press Bags Buying Guide

best rosin press

Rosin press is the new talk of the town. The Rosin’s press is one such machine that has undergone tremendous evolution. In the past, pressing the Rosin was seen as a daunting task. These upgraded and high-tech machines have made rosin pressing easier than ever. If you are looking for a rosin press, you’ll be elated to know that they start at as low as $300. 

Increasingly, more and more rosin presses are hitting the commercial market. You’re sure to feel buried with so many options and technologies to understand. You should know that these tools are far more complicated than it sounds. Therefore you should get your hands on the best.

You need to be picky when it comes to rosin press as they are expensive. I have curated a list of the best cheap rosin press and best rosin press bags so that you can start pressing Rosin right away. To guide you better, we’ve listed a few other factors about the rosin press you should have a look at. 

Best Rosin Presses Of 2021

1. 2000+ PSI Professional Press Hand Crank Dual Heated Plates – Best Rosin Press Under 300

This particular model is very efficient and useful. A lot of people wouldn’t care to go for a hand crank press. There are numerous reasons why these are the best and why you should go for them. The hand crank press is very easy to clean when it comes to Rosin.

What’s the best part? You can customize the temperature and pressure that you’d like. You can control the hand crank as you want it. The other benefit of having this rosin press is that it’s constructed out of top-notch materials.

If you like your Rosin in a specified manner, you should go for a hand crank press. Though the hand crank press takes a bit higher “manpower,” but you will be satisfied with the results. The quality of the Rosin will be much higher as compared to other methods. Another perk of this particular hand crank press is that it is so affordable and economical.

There are tons of youtube videos for this particular hand press that will help you to understand the tool better. This smashingly great machine gives great output and heats up very fast. This machine is the best cheap rosin press.


  • It comes with flexible temperature control
  • The pressure can be customized
  • The plates are coated with Teflon paint
  • The plates heat evenly
  • It has a firm construction with good quality


  • It heats up fast
  • Highly customizable and flexible
  • The machine is cost-effective
  • The plates are easy to clean
  • It is user-friendly
  • The structure is durable


  • You can press only small quantities at a time
  • It requires much more manual strength
  • The instructions are vague
  • Heating plates are a bit small 

2. MyPress Gen 2, Portable Heat Press Machine – Best Rosin Press Under 400

This MyPress heat press machine is portable and can be carried around anywhere and everywhere. The machine has been built using high-quality materials for enhanced endurance and productivity. The process of this machine relies on the solvent-less technique for producing cannabis rosin. The MyPress Gen 2 is great for DIY natural oils.

During the procedure, it eliminates all traces of contamination. The machine weighs only 13 pounds, which is very lightweight and hence portable. The small size and compact body make it easy to store this heat press. Moreover, it can be operated with minimal manual labor or manpower.

Such features make this machine an ideal tool for being used in personal avenues. The 3 x 3-inch stainless steel axiom heat plates can produce a heat range of 160 to 280-degree Fahrenheit. This ideal sizing of 3 x 3-inches plates makes them well-suited for processing cannabis materials. This is one of the best rosin press under $400.

MyPress Gen 2 can maximize your material’s potential more than you can think. This lightweight machine requires minimum efforts to operate it. It has a temperature range of 100 to 250-degree Fahrenheit. You will require rosin press bags or sheets to process the materials.

You don’t have to worry about the pressure setting with the MyPress heat machine. This machine is facilitated with pressure adjusting wrench that helps to maintain a safe distance during operation. The tool is carefully designed for staying in a closed structure when not in use. The manufacturer is also providing a lifetime warranty for this machine.


  • The machine automatically switches off whenever the plates exceed a temperature of 400-degree Fahrenheit.
  • The press delivers outstanding results once the ideal temperature and time are set.
  • The LCD counter display allows the user to control the whole process.
  • The machine operates with minimum noise
  • It has power-saving capabilities


  • It is very lightweight and hence portable
  • Ideal for both personal and commercial setting
  • It has temperature control settings
  • The plates heat evenly
  • It is easy to use
  • The design and color is trendy


  • It cannot process large quantities
  • The body of the machine is non-durable

3. NugSmasher Mini – Best Rosin Press Under 500

This rosin Press from NugSmasher is one of a kind. Though this rosin press states ‘mini’, but I assure you it can do all the major work. You can’t ask beyond this when it comes to rosin presses at these price points. This NugSmasher is not recommended for commercial use, though it produces quality output.

This rosin press is one cool little, affordable press that has become very popular. It stands only 14-inches tall and features 2 tons of pressing power. The 2.5-inches pressing plates heat up very rapidly.

You can process somewhere around 3.5 grams at a time. This NugSmasher Mini is built using high-quality steel. The compact machine weighs only 25 lbs. This unit comes fully assembled with a lifetime warranty period. You just have to plug it in, heat it, and jump to the pressing. If you are looking for the best rosin press under 500, this is it. 

Its small size and weight efficiency make it easy to carry around. Despite its mini size, it still delivers exceptional performance. The users can easily customize the desired temperatures with the panel placed on the frontal side. The machine carefully analyzes the temperature to avoid burning the material.

The machine is quite easy to handle and does not require much expertise. If you are a beginner in the rosin world, you may require help with your first rosin press.  If you want to process larger batches in one sitting, you can have a look at the NugSmasher original. This machine is a low cost, but it’s extremely powerful and efficient. 


  • It has a manual pump level
  • The machine is manufactured in the USA
  • It consists of 2x 70W heating plates that heat rapidly
  • Exerts 2 tons of pressure
  • Constructed with rugged solid steel
  • NugSmasher Mini has a safe and quick smash plate release lever
  • The machine is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • It can press up to 3.5 grams per sitting
  • There is circuit protection for enhanced safety
  • It also has a solid temperature control


  • The machine is portable
  • It has a high-yielding potential
  • The machine is durable
  • It makes a good counter-top unit
  • Great features for the price point
  • It comes assembled
  • The machine is great for beginners


  • It is not feasible for small commercial operations
  • Expert users may require a more detailed model

Best Rosin Press Bags Of 2021

If you already own a rosin press or going to buy one, you should know that rosin press bags are unskippable. Selecting a rosin press bag is as strenuous as picking the rosin press itself. Nowadays, there are a variety of materials available for rosin press bags. This guide includes a list of the best rosin press bags as well.

1. Gutenberg Dank Pressing Co Rosin Bags

Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co is one of the top-rated rosin bags company located in Philadelphia. Gutenberg has a wide range of bag sizes that come in different micron level. Their popular rosin bag size is 2 x 4-inch bags that are available in 15 – 220-micron sizes. The higher the micron number, the larger the holes in the bag.

You can have worry-free Rosin pressing time knowing that their bags are manufactured with 100% dye-free and food-grade nylon. These double stitched rosin bags are more durable than you think. The premium nylon used to make these bags allow greater strength and produce high yields.

Gutenberg has gone a step ahead by pre-flipping the bags inside out to save your time and efforts. These bags can withstand a heat of up to 375-degree Fahrenheit. These bags work great with all kinds of rosin heat presses. These bags are available in packs of 10. These eco-friendly bags are going to work perfectly with your rosin press.

These bags can withstand great amounts of pressure that prevents blow-outs or any mishaps. These bags are reusable and hence cost-effective. In other words, you can wash the bags and use them multiple times. You get more bang for your buck with the Gutenberg bags.


  • They are available in a variety of micron sizes
  • The bags are reusable
  • The bags are made with food-grade nylon
  • It is heat-resistant
  • The bag has double stitching


  • It is durable
  • The bags are cost-effective
  • The size of the bag is appropriate
  • These bags can be used with all rosin press
  • Great yield in every sitting
  • Very responsive customer service
  • The bags are pre-flipped
  • It is easy to clean
  • The materials filter very smoothly


  • They do not have any blow-outs guarantee

2. The Press Club 37-Micron Premium Nylon Tea Filter Press Screen Bags

The Press Club is one of the leading manufacturers of rosin press-related products. This bag has been in popular demand since its inception. The press club offers a ‘no blow-outs guarantee’ for all their rosin press bags. You can identify a press Club bag by seeing the pink stitches.

Their stitches have proven the bags to be the strongest and most enduring filters in the market. This means that the bags are not going to burst in the middle of processing. During blow-outs, the oil gets ruined by mixing the plant material right back into it. This feature is very essential when it comes to rosin pressing.

This Press Club bag has a heat tolerating capacity of 375-degree F. It can hold great amounts of pressure and is surprisingly solvent resistant. The solvent-resistant properties make them ideal for washing and reusing. On top of all this, the bags are produced using 100% dye-free nylon material.

It has minimum chances to contaminate or manipulate your final product. You also have the option to pick micron sizes ranging from 25-220 microns. Just like its competitors, these bags come pre-flipped for ease of use. What’s more? The stitching does not absorb much liquid, which ultimately decreases the wasted product.

The bag has collected quite positive reviews on most e-commerce sites. The outstanding performance and durability of this bag have made it an award winner as well. The Press Club nylon bag is manufactured in the USA and is shipped all around the world. The manufacturer also offers a 365-day return policy in case you are unsatisfied. These Press Club bags have really lived up to the hype.


  • It is made with 100% food-grade, premium quality nylon
  • The bag comes with a no blow-out guarantee
  • The proprietary stitching increases durability
  • It is easy to clean and reusable
  • The bag is solvent resistant
  • It has a high heat bearing capacity


  • You can reuse the bag up to five times
  • The bags are highly economical
  • The rosin press bag is durable
  • It can withstand enormous pressure
  • The company responds quickly to customer mails
  • Sample packs are also available


  • The bag is not truly blow-out free
  • The micron units are low
  • The yields are unsatisfactory
  • The bags rip at times

3. Agar Industries Rosin Press Filter Bag – Screens For Solventless Oil Extractions In Rosin Tech

Agar industries is a firm that produces the best rosin press bags. The manufacturer delivers pre-flipped bags for the customer’s convenience. The bags comply with industry standards and are produced using the best food-grade nylon material. These bags are sustainable and durable.

These bags are made with quality material and hence totally safe to utilize for rosin extraction. The strong stitching design helps to prevent blow-outs. Increased risk of blow-outs poses a threat to your material. It is always recommended to use top-quality, heat-resistant bags.

Agar Industries suggests that the buyers use this bag along with their Agar Pre Press. This will help them to achieve the best output from Rosin pressing. Their most sold sizing option is 2 x 9-inches and 25 microns. The other size available in 25 microns is 3 x 6-inches.

The bag was tested under a temperature of 375-degree F, and it passed easily. The manufacturer further recommends pressing at 240-degree F for satisfactory results. You can depend on these bags as they have a strong stitching design that minimizes breakage and blow-outs. You can wash these bags and reuse them if they are intact after the previous use.


  • It is tested in temperature as high as 375-degree Fahrenheit
  • The stitching is ideal for preventing blow-outs
  • It is available in an array of sizes and microns
  • The bags can be washed and reused
  • It is made with dye-free, food-safe material


  • It is easily available
  • The product is affordable
  • It allows solventless extraction
  • It is flipped inside out, therefore time-saving
  • The bag has great filtration properties


  • The bag absorbs a lot of oil
  • Your material can stick to the stitching
  • The bags cannot handle high pressure
  • They cannot hold a lot of material

What To Look For When Buying A Rosin Press

By now, you would’ve understood that the rosin press is not as simple as it seems. There is a multitude of factors to consider before you go ahead and buy it. The demand for Rosin has been there for some time now. In earlier days, people used hair straighteners to produce their Rosin at home.

 With the advent of the rosin press, the process has become more seamless. It’s just not the build or the heat you need to consider, there’s much more to it. The personal machine may look compact, but it needs a great deal of knowledge. 

Having a rosin press handy at home will imply that you can make incredible solvents by yourself. With these machines, you don’t have to fear about using unsafe solvents. You should ensure that your rosin press is capable of producing the top, purest yield with minimum hassle.

1. Ditch The Homemade Press

The homemade press is a big deal when it comes to producing a quality product. You would be doing yourself a favor by not buying a homemade press. The homemade press requires a ton of work and understanding, and even then, they can fail miserably. Such presses require a hydraulic shop press, heat plates, and many more accessories to make a DIY rosin press. 

Homemade presses may feel attractive when you build a budget, but they often end up costing way more. In the future, the DIY rosin press would require frequent maintenance to keep them running. Also, if your homemade press ends up faulty, you will have no one to charge for the errors.

A cheap shop press will not be durable, and you will need to further reinvest in them. In the process of building a DIY rosin press, you can waste a lot of valuable materials. I suggest that you invest your precious dollars in a high-quality store-bought rosin press.

2. Pick A Pneumatic Press

Don’t get confused between hydraulic presses and pneumatic presses – they are way different. A hydraulic press is commonly used in most shop and home presses. You must know that a hydraulic press is not an ideal option for a rosin press.  Hydraulic presses tend to disperse small amounts of machine oil that could pollute your Rosin.

Why should you pick a pneumatic press? Because they have oil-less cylinders that don’t pose any risk to the Rosin. It will keep the extract as clean as possible. The cheap and petty pneumatic press requires oiling too, which creates similar problems as the hydraulic one. Always invest in a high-quality pneumatic process for satisfactory results.

3. The Heat Plates Should Be Long And Narrow

 Long and narrow plates mean high-quality yield and effectiveness. Solventless rosins are marching towards the top of the list and creating a name for themselves. Terpenes preservation is imperative to produce the best Rosin. The rosin plates commonly available in the market are square-shaped. 

The biggest concern with square plates is that make low-quality products and terpenes that are burnt. This is as the oil has to travel further, and therefore it receives more heat than required. This whole process will cause your material to burn.

You pick long and narrow plates as they let the pressing of rosin oil happen rapidly. A faster extraction ensures that the yield preserves the rich terpene factor. This results in the highest yield and great terpene profile. 

Above all, you should look for plates made of aluminum. Yes, stainless steel is a more durable option, but it bad heat distribution. Most of the cheap rosin press uses stainless steel. Don’t forget to use parchment paper as it is good for both the plates and the materials.

4. Heat Accuracy

Heat is one of the most important factors of a rosin press. The heat is the prime determiner of the quality of your output. Once you’ve ticked the heat accuracy in your rosin press buying checklist, you’re good to go. There are users of both hot and cold pressing, but no matter which one you’re using, you will want to know what consistency you’re going to get.

Applying heat to your material is necessary for making Rosin. Therefore you will want a press that has customizable heating options. A rosin press with a heat gauge will accurately display the temperatures you are pressing at. It is essential to check the heat accuracy as the results depend on it.

Whether you like a sap consistency or honey consistency, your rosin press should not go beyond 300-degree Fahrenheit. If you are pressing beyond this temperature, you are probably going to burn the material. Even the best cheap rosin press should be equipped with a heat controlling gauge.

5. Select A Quality Manufacturer

Products purchased from a good quality manufacturer has the least chances of failure. Especially when it comes to rosin press, you get what you’re paying for. This is the reason why you should avoid the homemade press, as well as cheap rosin presses. Rosin press may seem like a great deal of investment, but they are long-lasting and excellent.

The process of rosin pressing is everything related to quality and yield. It is better that you give some thought to the rosin process, and they buy it. A cheap rosin press loses around 10 to 20% of the yield. A cheap rosin press will eventually end up costing your more than you intended to save.

6. Buy A Fully Automated Press 

The market has a huge collection of manual Rosin and fully automatic rosins. Manual rosins were a thing of the past; nowadays, everyone is using a fully automatic one. The manual rosins have become obsolete as they occupy much longer time and more hard work. Consider the rosin press as an investment for a lifetime.

It is best to shell out some extra cash and pick a fully automated rosin press. You just need to push a single button to initiate the process. Automated rosins are much more efficient, faster, and give a consistent yield.

You’re in luck if you find a patented filling station; this will make operating the machine easier and more accessible. On average, an automated machine can produce up to 40-pounds. If your press produces any less than that, then maybe you should think of getting another one.

Fully automated presses are going to be there for a long time, and hence they should be on your list. It is much better to wait till you can invest in an automated one rather than buying a manual, old-school rosin press. High-quality material and a fully automated rosin press is the perfect combo.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Rosin Press Bag

As mentioned above, the quality of the rosin press bag is equally important to the quality of the press itself. If you want a good yield, you should invest in a top-notch press and rosins bags both. This rosin press bags buying guide consists of a few essential factors you should check to ensure that you get the best.

1. Heat tolerance

You have to check the enduring heat levels of the rosin press bag. A good bag should withstand at least 300-degree Fahrenheit. If the bag underperforms during heat application, there are chances of a blow-out. You should ensure that the bag can match the heat level of your rosin press.

2. Dyes

Since you are going to consume the output, it’s best to pick a dye-free material. You are going to ingest a lot of oil in them. You would not like any dye leaching into your material, as it can be harmful. Most of the bags available are dye-free but still don’t forget to look them up.

3. Micron Units

Commonly, rosin press bags start from 25 microns and end at 220 microns. The lower the units, the better for pressing fine material. Both low and high units have their utility. It depends upon which flower you are going to use for the yield. Lower units have better filtration, but at the same time, they result in lower yields. 

4. Pressure tolerance

The pressure tolerance level is of paramount importance. If you like to use higher amounts of pressure during your rosin press, you’ll need a bag that can withstand the pressure. Do not skip the quality check before you make the purchase. All brands mention the pressure bearing capacity. To avoid any blow-outs, apply only as much pressure as the rosin press can take. 

5. Size of the bag

You don’t want your material and oil running out during the middle of the pressing process. For this reason, you should buy a rosin press bag that can accommodate your material adequately. You also shouldn’t buy a bag larger than the size of the plates.

Suppose you have a plate size of 2 x 6-inches, you shouldn’t buy a bag measuring 3-inches because it won’t fit. You should consider the filling size and plate size both while buying a rosin press bag. If you try to overfill the bag, it may blow-out during the process.

Summing It Up

By now, you will have a fair idea about the best features of a rosin press and rosin press bag. All three rosin press machines mentioned are the best performers under their price range. The best rosin press bag is surely the Press Club nylon bag. The bag has excellent durability and top features.

All the presses and bags have their pros and cons, but amongst so many selections, they are the best. Now you have to select what best suits your requirements. Regardless of whichever unit or bag you choose from the list, you won’t make a mistake.

Give special importance to the heat plates and the pressure tolerance levels. The plates need to be crafted using durable materials, which can prove their efficiency. Given many available options, beginners might face a few difficulties in making the right choice, but this curated list can help you.