Broil King Grills vs. Weber Grills—The Ultimate Grill Debate!

Broil King Grills

A barbecue (BBQ) party in your backyard is the ideal way to spend your weekend. When it comes to BBQing, having a quality grill is essential. Are you confused among the top two brands—Broil King Grills and Weber Grills ? Well, do not worry. This article will discuss which of these outshines the other.

Be it a large get-together or just family, BBQing with some rocking music is a superb idea. However, if your grill does not meet the standards, the entire party will be a flop. Today, the market has some multi-featured grills that are highly functional and easy to use.

Both the leading brands—Broil King Grills and Weber Grills, have introduced multiple models. Each of these grills has its own specifications, which make them stand out. This article will compare various models of each brand to see which one wins the battle.

Before getting to the exciting section of comparison, let us read a little about the two brands.

Broil King Grills

Presenting excellent grills from over a century, Broil King is a leading brand in the industry. From charcoal and gas to built-in and portable, the company proffers a multitude of grill types. Furthermore, accessories such as brushes, racks, roasters, etc. are also included in the package.

Every product extended by the company is of the highest quality and has brilliant features. After all, a hundred years’ experience cannot be overlooked. The stainless steel and the user convenience of Broil King grills will make your grilling experience a delightful one.

Weber Grills

Though not as long as the Broil King, Weber grills have been excelling in the field for over 50 years. The brand has gifted the market with various charcoal, electric, pellet, and gas grills. Each type of grill is packed with a plethora of features to make your grilling easy and fun.

What makes Weber even more famous is the invention of Kettle, which is dome-shaped and has a lid. The professional tools and accessories that come with these grills are optimal for home-use as well as restaurants. Every product offered by this brand is durable and designed to be versatile.

Now that you are well aware of the brands let us read about factors to consider while buying a grill. These aspects can help you decide the ideal grill for your needs.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Grill

Size: You want a grill that is compact enough to fit in your house but has sufficient cooking area. The different sizes include table-top, travel size, standard, and full size.

If you live in an apartment or love traveling, the table-top and travel size will be perfect for you. They are compact and easily fit into small spaces. The standard and full-size grills are for those of you who love grilling on a regular basis. They are great for your backyard parties.

Accessories: You must check if your grill comes with complementary tools. Otherwise, you will have to purchase them separately. The basics include oil-brush, tongs, spatula, etc.

Going to the next level, grill press and corn basket are made for special requirements such as marks and corn-baking. Side burner is yet another supportive equipment that lets you cook side-by-side.

Style: When it comes to grills, there is a multitude of styles available. From the dome-shaped Kettle grill to the Japanese-style Kamado, you can choose your preferred closed grills.

You also have the options of the fireplace and built-in grills. The former can be placed on campfires and house fireplaces, while the latter are gas grills, fitted in your kitchen.

Heat Output: While purchasing a grill, the amount of heat produced per hour matters a lot. A grill having a higher BTU rate will offer a quick and fuel-efficient cooking experience. Depending upon its size, your grill must have 75-100 BTUs per-square-inch.

Broil King or Weber, who will win the ultimate debate? Let’s find out!

1. Broil King Regal S590 Pro vs. Weber

For an even comparison to the Broil King Regal S590 Pro, the Weber Genesis II S-435 is taken. Both the grills fall under a similar price range of $1100-$1300 and offer fuel options between propane and natural gas.

Material and System

Featuring the signature Broil King PGT (Performance Grilling Technology), the Regal S590 offers a plethora of exciting features. It has dual-tube burners for even diffusion of heat. The Flav-R-Wave cooking system is stainless steel and vaporizes the juices for added flavor.

Similar to the other Weber grills, Genesis S-435 does offer exquisite stainless-steel flavored bars to enhance the BBQ taste. This grill boasts GS4 high-performance grilling along with an infinity ignition system.

Weber’s stainless-steel rods, which are 7mm in diameter, provide tremendous heat retention. As opposed to the cooking grids of the Broil King, which are also stainless-steel but 9mm in diameter. Clearly, the latter is heavier and more efficient.

Cooking Area

The Weber Genesis provides a larger primary cooking area of 646 square inches. Here, the Broil King Regal lags by offering 625 sq. in. of primary area excluding warming racks.

Burners and Side Tables

The Broil King straightforward wins the debate here. Its Regal offers 5 dual-tube main burners that make for 10 rows of flame in total. The versatile grill also has a 10,000-BTU side burner along with a 15,000-BTU rear burner for the rotisserie.

Weber Genesis S-435 is no less. The grill boasts 4 high-performance main burners, a sear station, and a side burner. Its heat output totals to a whopping 69,000 BTU, as against the 80,000 BTU of the regal.

The side burners let you prepare sauces and cook on the side while you grill the meat.


Designed with the latest technology, Weber lets you connect its Genesis grill to the iGrill app. With the help of this feature, you can monitor the temperature and state of your food. Additionally, you can check the fuel level (liquid propane) with its fuel gauge.

Broil king features cool LED knobs in its Regal S590, similar to many of its other grills. It provides ease of use as well as control efficiency. Additionally, you can have precise control over the temperature with the Broil King’s linear flow valves.

Weber offers a full guarantee on all its products, which is not the same for Broil king. The latter delivers a 10-year limited warranty on Flav-R-Wave, burners, and cooking grids, The other components of this brand come with a 2-year warranty.

2. Broil King vs. Napoleon vs Weber

To have an even comparison ground, the best-sellers of each of these brands are taken. The Broil King Regal S490 Pro, Napoleon Prestige 500, and Weber Genesis II S-335 fall under a similar price range.

All three of these grills give you the option of choosing from propane and natural gas as fuels.

Material and System

The Genesis and the Prestige boast an aluminum tub, unlike the Regal. It extends the durability of the two grills due to reduced chances of rusting.

Though all three grills feature built-in knobs for temperature controls, the Prestige and Regal have illuminated knobs. This helps you notice that they are turned on.

While the Weber grill has external storage for fuel, the other two grills feature an in-built pedestal for the same. Additionally, the Broil King offers a tank base that slides for easy maneuverability.

Cooking Area

Out of the three, Napoleon Prestige bags the first place in the total cooking surface by offering 900 sq. in. This is greater than 669 sq. in. of Weber Genesis and 625 sq. in. of the Broil King Regal. However, the Genesis boasts a primary area of 513 sq. in. as against 500 and 490 sq. in. of Prestige and Regal.

Burners and Side Tables

The Napoleon Prestige and Broil King Regal offer 4 main burners along with a rear burner and a side burner. You can use the infrared-rear burner as a rotisserie for grilling turkey or meat. The Weber Genesis lags by proffering only 3 main burners along with a side burner and sear station.

Broil King’s main burner leads by providing 50,000-BTU heating output. Whereas Napoleon and Weber offer 48,000 BTUs and 39,000 BTUs, respectively. However, when it comes to the rear burner, Napoleon wins by 3,000 BTUs as opposed to the 15,000 of Broil King.


The Weber stands out with its fuel gauge and the iGrill thermometer connected to the app. They let you check the fuel level and the temperature, respectively, at any time.

When it comes to warranty, Napoleon offers the best—lifetime warranty. This is against the 10-year full warranty of Weber and a 10-year limited warranty of Broil King.

3. Broil King Signet 320 vs Weber Spirit E-310

Both the grills provide sufficient space for storage in the form of cabinets along with side tables. The grills use propane liquid gas as fuels and come with in-built lids. Alternatively, you can choose the natural gas options for both of them.

What’s more? Both the grills come with caster wheels for easy relocation.

Material and System

The Broil King Signet 320 is a large gas grill made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Its FLV-R-Wave cooking system will give you equal heat distribution for efficient cooking.

The Broil King Signet offers linear-flow burner valves that let you control the temperature. Additionally, the sure-lite electronic ignition is user-friendly and easily ignites the grill. The heat in the convection oven keeps your food warm for a longer time.

The Weber Spirit E-310 is a black gas grill that requires a propane tank of 20 lbs to function. Its cast-iron cooking grates that are porcelain-enameled make for even grilling. Moreover, it will not rust or peel-off even after several years.

The overall grill is constructed of stainless steel, built to last long. The grill has infinite control burner valves along with an electronic crossover ignition system.

Cooking Area

The 320 has a total cooking area of 635 sq. in. with a primary area of 400 sq. in. This is more than the 529 sq. in. offered by the E-310. The area includes 424 sq. in. of the main cooking space along with 105 sq. in. of warming racks.

Burners and Side Tables

The Broil King delivers up to 40,000 BTUs while the Weber offers 32,000 BTUs per hour. Despite having three burners each, the Broil King 320 proves to be more efficient that the Weber E-310. However, the higher heat output offered by the former is due to its relatively smaller primary cooking area.

Another notable point here is that the Broil King Signet 320 has dual-tube burners. They are relatively stronger as well as bigger in diameter. Every burner has two rows of flames, providing higher effectiveness.


What’s special about the Weber Spirit grill is that it offers a fuel gauge to check the level.

When it comes to warranty, Broil King and Weber offer a similar policy. You will get a 10-year warranty for the smooth working of the burners. Additionally, the brands offer a 2-year replacement for the other components.

Weber also gives you a rust-free warranty of up to 5 years for its bars and grates. That is not all. You will also get a 10-year warranty for its lid against rust.

4. Broil King Baron 440 vs Weber

The Broil King Baron 440 offers 4 primary burners, due to which the Weber Summit E-470 makes for ideal comparison. Apart from that, both of these grills feature side burner(s), porcelain iron-grates, and side tables. Moreover, both these grills offer propane and natural gas fuel options.

Material and System

The E-470 has a Snap-Jet burner ignition system as opposed to the sure-lite electronic ignition system of the 440.

The Weber has reversible porcelain cast-iron hotplates for longer heating time, opposing the stainless-steel reversible cast-iron grids of the 440.

The Summit has a built-in lid thermometer while the Baron has a deluxe Accu-temp thermometer.

The stainless-steel Flavorized bars of the Summit and the Flav-R-Wave system of the Baron vaporize the juices. This reincorporates rich BBQ flavor.

Cooking Area

With 444 sq. in. of primary space, the 440 offers a total of 644 sq. in. cooking area. Here, the Summit takes the lead. It offers 468 sq. in. main cooking area along with 112 sq. in. warming rack.

Burners and Side Tables

The main burner of this Broil King grill extends a heating output of a whopping 40,000 BTUs. Additionally, its side burner produces 10,000 BTUs of heat.

The Weber grill burners produce heat up to 48,800 BTUs along with the side burners heating up to 10,600 BTUs.


The additional features of the Summit include LED knobs and a porcelain enamel lid. Whereas, the Baron boasts linear-flow 180-degree valves for user-friendly control. It also offers the Broil King signature dual-tube burners for even heating distribution.

5. Broil King Monarch 320 vs Weber Spirit

Your first and foremost option is choosing the fuel option for each of these grills. Both—the Monarch 320 and the Spirit come with propane liquid (pl) and natural gas (ng) alternatives. This comparison will consider the ng options for both the grills.

Material and System

The Broil King Monarch 320 ng uses heavy-duty cast iron for its cooking grids. The overall build of the grill is of top-notch quality stainless steel with metallic painted door and side shelves.

The grill is highly-functional, providing multiple features to conveniently grill your favorite food. Its Performance Grilling Technology (PGT) provides a Flav-R-Wave cooking system. It delivers superior heat distribution while the deep cook box provides higher heat retention. Now you can have the most fuel-efficient BBQ.

Every model of the Weber Spirit series offers superior rust protection. Its lid and cook box are porcelain-enameled, built to last long. The same goes for its cast-iron cooking grates.

With the Spirit grills electronic ignition system, you will have a seamless experience. This feature is the same for the Monarch.

Cooking Area

The Monarch comes with a primary cooking area of 350 square inches as against 424 square inches of the Spirit. Additionally, the former provides a cooking rack of 170 sq. in. while the latter has 104 sq. in.

Burners and Side Tables

The Monarch gives you 3 dual-tube burners for even distribution of heating. Each of them has two rows of flame that diffuse gas throughout the grill, preventing cold spots. The burners offer a total of 40,000 BTUs of heat output.

Though the heat output is only 32,000 BTU, the Spirit grills too feature 3 burners. In this grill, the heat retention duty is fulfilled by its cast-iron cooking grates.

Both the grills boast side tables on each side for extra preparation space along with a cabinet for storage purposes.


The Monarch offers dual-side, reversible grids. Now you can get perfect sear marks from one side, during the continuous basting on the other.

The linear-flow valves of the grill give you precise control over the temperature. This feature is similar to the burner valves of the Spirit, that offer you with infinite control. Now you can sear, roast, or slow-cook as you wish.

The Spirit grills include porcelain-enameled Flavorized bars that add extra grill taste to your food. It reduces flare-ups and vaporizes the grease, similar to the Monarch grids.

What’s more? The Spirit grills come with removable drip pans. Now you can conveniently manage the grease dripping down.

Wrap Up

So, which brand wins the race? It depends on multiple factors. Talking about the material, Weber features porcelain-enameled grills to avoid rusts, with some part of stainless-steel. Whereas Broil King grills are covered with stainless-steel from top to bottom and are highly durable.

If you are looking for a larger grilling area and higher heating output, you can choose the highly-efficient Weber grills. Moreover, these grills are also compatible with the iGrill app to monitor food-temperature. The fuel gauge lets you instantly check its fuel level.

At the same time, Broil King has dual-tube burners that provide even heat distribution. Additionally, the brand’s signature PGT boasts impressive features. The brand also offers large wheels for easy mobility and positioning.

In the end, what matters is your purpose and preference. It depends on whether you want to host large gatherings or use the grill for daily use. Moreover, the features offered by specific products, rather than the entire brands, make for differentiating factors.

Know the grill before you buy the grill!