Walking stick kale

If you are looking for ideas on what you should plant in your vegetable garden then kale can be a great choice. This is a common vegetable and might not be on top of everybody’s list but the benefits that it provides are many.

Kale is an easy way to add a dash of green to your garden. It is also extremely healthy so this is not something that you would be planting for the looks alone. Although, everyone appreciates a green surrounding. That said, the leaves of kale can either be green or purple depending on the type you choose.

Another option that can make your garden pop are tomatoes. Red is a very beautiful contrasting color on green. However, it is best to make sure that your soil’s condition is first ideal for planting tomatoes.

We have curated a list of the best fertilizers for tomatoes that are available in the market. This list contains many highly rated options to choose from which will help your tomatoes grow tasty and look nice on your garden!