6 Best SCAG Zero-Turn Mowers – Reviews & Comparisons

SCAG Zero-Turn Mowers

If you are looking for one reason to invest in Scag’s quality products, we can offer you plenty. From being a reputed and experienced industry player to hassle-free independent operations, Scag is an elite unit.

All Scag equipment undergo rigorous design testing, performance, productivity, and endurance tests, with the backing of components that get self-manufactured. Their constant product evolution has led to the release of the Zero-turn series of lawnmowers, incorporating residential and commercial specifications.

In this article, we furnish thorough Zero-turn Scag mowers reviews and their comparisons for a better understanding of the excellence of Scag technology. With an objective to compete with no one but themselves, Scag’s lawnmowers are a class apart from the rest.

SCAG Zero-turn Riding Mowers Review

1.     Turf Tiger II

Features at a glance

  • Velocity Plus cutter decks with 52”, 61” and 72” cutting width
  • Heavy-duty double-tube steel mainframe
  • Industrial-grade hydraulic system for 12 mph speed
  • Command-comfort operator station
  • Tiger-eye advanced monitoring system
  • 26” drive tires
  • Powerful and efficient engine variability

It is the multiple options in engine availability that makes the Turf Tiger II a standout lawnmower. The primary horsepower ranges from 25HP to 35HP, with engines like Kawasaki, Kubota, Briggs Vanguard, and Kohler running the show.

You can avail of diesel or propane options and air-cooled, liquid-cooled, or EFI mower choices. The Velocity Plus cutter deck is unique to Scag furnishing quality cuts and efficient discharge and dispersal.

Durability and stability get guaranteed with a rigid frame set low to aid consistent operations without toppling over on slopes. At your disposal is an industrial-grade hydraulic system that ensures even temperature distribution for a longer shelf-life of the equipment.

The command center is built around you, with easy access to the deck-lift pedal, Quick-Fit Adjustable steering levers, and a suspension seat. Further, the instrument panel offers all crucial information within sight, operating on-the-job.


  • Standard kill switch, roll bar, and seat-belts
  • Tool-less fixing of many components
  • Reliable build quality
  • Low center of gravity
  • 12-gallon capacity
  • Efficient blade engagement for quality cuts


  • Deck prone to scalping grass
  • Seating gets jarring on rough terrains

2.     Cheetah II

Features at a glance

  • Velocity Plus cutter decks with 61” and 72” cutting width
  • Ogura GT5 PTO Clutch brake
  • Heavy-duty double-tube steel mainframe
  • Hydro-gear ZT-5400 Transaxles for 16 mph speed
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Tiger-eye advanced monitoring system
  • Powerful and efficient engine variability

The engine options you get in the Cheetah II are Kawasaki and Briggs Vanguard with EFI and air-cooled choices. The total horsepower ranges from 31HP to 37HP. Both choices offer productive fuel efficiency for the engines employed.

Cheetah II requires less effort to maneuver due to its sensitive controls. While the transmission is smooth like butter, the power supplied gets challenging to get used to initially. So, bear in mind to prepare for the initial impact of intensity and smooth controlling.

As for the seating center, you will find the suspension platform a delight from where to operate. The seating system in other mowers is typically integrated into the deck-movement. So, you will find it a relief to remain less-shaken as the deck cuts across rough terrains.

A two-lever speed mechanism enables speed control between 12 mph for cutting and 16 mph for transportation. Additional features include the cast-iron, sturdy spindles, wide drive tires, Tiger-eye incorporating instrument panel, and more.


  • Powerful hill-holding capability
  • Multiple safety features
  • Assured comfort with controls and seating
  • Residentially and commercially durable
  • Rear discharge


  • Cut quality suffers due to rear discharge placement

3.     Tiger Cat II

Features at a glance

  • Velocity Plus cutter decks with 48”, 52” and 61” cutting width
  • Ogura GT3.5 PTO Clutch brake
  • High strength single-tube steel mainframe
  • Industrial-grade hydraulic system for 12 mph speed
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Tiger-eye advanced monitoring system
  • Powerful and efficient engine variability

Again, you have the choice of a handful of engine brands powering the Scag Tiger Cat II. There is the Kohler EFI, Kawasaki FT and FX series, and Briggs Vanguard with speeds ranging from 25HP to 32HP.

The drive system of the Tiger Cat comprises of 12CC dual-hydro gear pumps that deliver dependable power consistently even in strenuous conditions. You will find the suspension seat system slightly different from the Cheetah II.

There is not much of a difference, but the seating in the Tiger Cat II flexes efficiently and adjusts to the body weight when in motion. A padded seat, adjustable armrests, and seat mobility are additional comfort partners on rough terrains.

The drive tires and a foot-oriented brake system offer more stability and convenience to the compact model. Then there is the instrument panel with the Tiger-eye technology and tapered spindles and bearings, completing the feature-loaded Tiger Cat II.


  • Multiple safety features
  • Budget-friendly lawn mowing tank
  • Broad-ranging comfort features
  • Broad center of gravity for stability
  • Efficiently designed component operations


  • Absence of transaxles causes frequent jerking motion

4. Patriot

Features at a glance

  • Deep, fabricated, and welded cutter decks with 52” and 61” cutting width
  • Ogura GT2 PTO Clutch brake
  • High strength tubular-steel mainframe
  • Hydro-gear ZT-3100/ZT-3400 Transaxles for maximum speeds up to 10 mph
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Foot-pedal parking brake
  • Powerful and efficient engine variability

The highlight of Scag Patriot is undoubtedly its cutting quality, thanks to Velocity Plus decks and the low-maintenance design. The two 52” and 61” cutting decks get powered by Kawasaki and Kohler air-cooled engines for maximum fuel-functionality.

Comfortability is never an issue with the suspension system seating and security assuring features that are within arms-reach. A quick height adjustment system allows you to change the cutting height efficiently with 1” to 5” change options. No matter the terrain, the Patriot effectively matches the ups and downs of your lawn. 

Operational competence gets enhanced by the 6.5-gallon fuel capacity, sealed spindles, and hydro-gear transaxles that furnish sturdy driving force. Not to forget the foot-operated pedal that is a highly coveted feature of convenience in lawnmowers.

Experience up to 10 mph of ground speeds as you ride in superior comfort on the torsion-spring seating system. Scag supplies all the safety you need with their ROPS, wide caster wheels, self-adjusting belt, and AUSCO disk brakes.


  • Digital meter with preprogrammed maintenance features
  • Quick cutting height adjustment
  • Multiple security features
  • Foot-oriented pedal brake system
  • Flexible discharge chute


  • Hydro-gear transaxles seem slightly weak for the machine

5.     Freedom Z

Features at a glance

  • Deep, fabricated, and welded cutter decks with 48” and 52” cutting width
  • Ogura GT1 PTO Clutch brake
  • Hydro-gear ZT2800 Transaxles for speed of 8 mph
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Easy foot-pedal deck-lift
  • Powerful and efficient engine variability

The Freedom Z might be more suitable as a residential mower but often finds itself on numerous Scag commercial mowers reviews. This comparison is in part due to the utilization of commercial features in an affordable Scag lawn mowing model.

Freedom Z offers two models of 48” and 52” cutting decks powered by Kohler air-cooled engines. The components of the engine series reduce wear over time, allowing optimal power utilization. They work in tandem to operate the dual hydro-gear transaxles that propel the machine to a top speed of 8 mph efficiently.

Earning brownie points for Freedom Z is the low-maintenance mower design with few exposed components to maintain. The seating system features a contouring adjustment with all the tools you need to command the mower movement.

While the wide rear and front caster tires enhance stability on all terrains, a foot-oriented pedal brake offers excellent stopping power.


  • Durable and fabricated cutting decks
  • Quick cutting height adjustment
  • Powerful clutch performance
  • Multiple safety features
  • Wide center of gravity


  • Not suitable for commercial lawn care

6.     Liberty Z

Features at a glance

  • Deep, fabricated, and welded cutter decks with 36”, 48”, 52” and 61” cutting width
  • Ogura GT1 PTO Clutch brake
  • Hydro-gear ZT2800/ZT-3100 Transaxles for maximum speeds up to 7 mph
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Easy foot-pedal deck-lift
  • Powerful and efficient engine variability

The highlight of this residential lawn mower is its arsenal of pro-mowing components that typically do not embellish residential models. Scag utilizes the best of its quality to ensure long-lasting performance and endurance through Liberty Z.

On offer are four deck options of 36”, 48”, 52” and 61” to suit your specific lawn requirements. These models get powered by Kawasaki air-cooled engines, except the 61” cutter that operates on a Kohler air-cooled engine.

The engines themselves incorporate top-class iron cylinders, air filters, and oil systems for assured longevity of the unit. Quality of grass cutting remains top-notch with a fabricated and heavy-duty spindle-driven blade mechanism.

You can avail of easy-to-reach cutting height adjustments through a foot pedal to change the values in increments. The low-maintenance design is a feature passed down through the brand products, and Liberty Z offers the same. Not many components get exposed to the elements, and those that are, are easy-to-clean.


  • Welded and fabricated deck that reinforces mower durability
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Comfortable operation on rugged or inclined terrains
  • Digital panel with preprogrammed maintenance features
  • Multiple safety features


  • Warranty based on hours of residential use

SCAG Zero-Turn Mowers Comparison

Every model of Scag Zero-turn mowers gets designed thoughtfully, with their unique in-class capabilities and sizes. This thoughtfulness translates to engine and deck variability to suit multiple residential and commercial lawn care specifications.

Additionally, multiple customer reviews on Scag zero-turn mowers are typically positive, given the industrial standard that Scag exhibits.

Here is what you can expect from the class of Scag zero-turn mowers comparison.


  • Turf Tiger II provides propane-powered 25HP Kohler, diesel-powered 25HP Kubota, and 31-37HP Kawasaki and Briggs Vanguard engines.
  • Cheetah II furnishes 31HP Kawasaki air-cooled and 37HP Briggs Vanguard EFI engines.
  • Tiger Cat II supplies 22HP Kawasaki FX, 25HP Kohler Pro, 26HP Kawasaki FT, and 32HP Briggs Vanguard engines.
  • Patriot offers 22HP Kawasaki FX, 23HP Kohler Pro, 23HP Kawasaki FX, and 25HP Kohler Pro engines.
  • Freedom Z provides 22HP and 24HP Kohler Pro engines.
  •  Liberty Z furnishes 18HP Kawasaki FR600, 21HP Kawasaki FR651, 23HP Kawasaki FR691, and 26HP Kohler Pro engines.

Drive system

  • Turf Tiger II and Tiger Cat II incorporate Dual pump and motor systems with a maximum speed of up to 12 mph.
  • Cheetah II includes a hydro-gear ZT5400 two-speed transaxle system for acceleration up to 16 mph.
  • Patriot sports hydro-gear ZT3100/ZT3400 transaxles with maximum speeds up to 10 mph.
  • Freedom Z incorporates a hydro-gear ZT2800 transaxle for speeds of 8 mph.
  • Liberty Z features hydro-gear ZT2800/ZT3100 transaxles for speed up to 7 mph.  

Deck size or Cutting width

  • Turf Tiger II makes available 52”, 61” and 72” cutting decks.
  • Cheetah II features 61” and 72” cutting decks.
  • Tiger Cat II sports 48”, 52” and 61” cutting decks.
  • Patriot furnishes 52” and 61” cutting decks.
  • Freedom Z makes available 48” and 52” cutting decks.
  • Liberty Z features 36”, 48”, 52” and 61” cutting decks.

Brake engagement

  • Turf Tiger II features Ogura GT3.5 (300ft.lbs.) and Ogura GT5 (350ft.lbs.) clutch brakes.
  • Cheetah II furnishes an Ogura GT5 clutch brake for 350 ft-lbs.
  • Tiger Cat II has an Ogura GT3.5 clutch brake for 250 ft-lbs.
  • Patriot features an Ogura GT2 clutch brake for 108 ft-lbs.
  • Freedom Z has an Ogura GT1 clutch brake for 74 ft-lbs.
  • Liberty Z sports Ogura GT1 (74ft.lbs.) and Ogura GT2 (108ft.lbs.) clutch brakes.


  • Turf Tiger II incorporates a four-point iso-mounted torsion-spring suspension system.
  • Cheetah II and Tiger Cat II feature four-point iso-mounted mid-back on operator-suspension platforms.
  • Patriot offers a torsion-spring suspension seat.
  • Freedom Z and Liberty Z have seating systems with padded armrests and seat mobility, barring the absence of armrests in the 36” model of Liberty Z.

Fuel capacity

  • Turf Tiger II provides 12 gallons of diesel/gas fuel capacity.
  • Cheetah II sports a 13-gallon fuel tank.
  • Tiger Cat II has 9.5 gallons of fuel capacity.
  • Patriot and Freedom Z have 6.5 gallons of fuel capacity each.
  • Liberty Z provides 3.5 and 5.5-gallon fuel capacities.


  • Turf Tiger II prices range from $14,000 to $20,957.
  • Cheetah II prices range from $13,000 to $14, 417.
  • Tiger Cat II prices range from $10,515 to $11,902.
  • Patriot prices range from $7,199 to $8,219.
  • Freedom Z prices range from $5,800 to $5,954.
  • Liberty Z prices range from $4,783 to $5,923.

Summing up

The one main takeaway of this Scag mowers review is that Scag lawn care equipment is built to last efficiently long. You, as a customer, will find minimal quality issues with any of the Scag Zero-turn mowers.

It would be challenging to announce one zero-turn model of Scag as better than any other. These lawn care beasts bring their unique capabilities to the table, which makes picking out one top choice unnecessary. No matter which Scag Zero-turn mower you choose to invest in, rest assured of its quality, performance, and reliability.