8 Best Gardening Hats For Men

best gardening hats for men

If you love gardening, it means you will be working in the sun for several hours. Protecting yourself from the UV rays is essential. Hence gardening hats are crucial. These hats will be able to give you protection from the sun and keep you cool as well.

The essential features of gardening hats are that they should give enough sun coverage and be light-weighted. A majority of people get easily affected by sunburn, and this is a severe problem. Being able to protect yourself from the UV rays is very important.

Working outside can be very tiring. Hence, to make gardening more enjoyable, it is important to purchase a gardening hat. There are a variety of different options to chose from. They vary in size, colors, and designs as well.

Although most gardening hats have the same kind of design, all of them are of high quality. The fabric used and its’s unique wide brim provides enough upf 50 sun protection. Some of the best gardening hats for men will be reviewed in this article, along with the importance of the same.

Finding the right one to purchase might also be challenging since there are a lot of different options available in the market. Since, before choosing one, you should also consider some factors so that it fits your needs, style, and budget accordingly.

Why Is It Important To Wear

There are various hats available in the market to provide you with enough sun protection; however, gardening hats are well designed to provide shade to your face. Some hats are designed in a way wherein they can be worn merely as a piece of accessory.

However, hats for men have features that act as more than head accessories. They help you stay cool and are very practical. As mentioned earlier, gardening requires staying out in the sun for a very long time and due to this reason, purchasing gardening hats with built-in upf 50 is integral.

This is one of the main reasons why regular hats or caps should not be used while gardening. Those might be able to give sun protection to your eyes and face but won’t provide enough shade to your shoulders.

Hats for men are mostly made of lightweight material and also provide excellent ventilation. The shape of other hats is also slightly different, and their features do not meet the requirements, especially while gardening.

Some of the features that make garden hats for men unique are their breathable material, neck flap, chin strap, and large brim. The neck flap and chin strap allow the person to be more protected from the sun. They are also handy on windy days while working out in the garden.

The lightweight material of the gardening hats with excellent ventilation prevents overheating. Another important reason as to why you should specifically use gardening hats for doing tasks in the garden is because they are made of a different fabric. Most of the fabric used in these hats is thick and sturdy.

They have in-built upf 50 and blocks the sun to keep you cool. The fabric can withstand a lot of pressure as well and can be washed very easily. Although some hat provides moisture wicking features, gardening hats are much more in doing the same.

Baseball cap, adventure hat, bucket hat, and many more do not have the label of upf value. Sun hats that have a higher upf will be able to provide more protection from the sun. Besides the fabric the design is completely different from other hats and upf 50 sun protection is a lot better in adventure hat.

Those other caps and hats don’t have the ability to protect you completely from the sun. Moreover, gardening hats are much more practical and the design of those hats are also very unique. As mentioned above, the material and fabric is a bit different which allows more breathability and blockage of sun.

Other than that, these hats offer shade to more parts of your body than just the face. The comfort and adjustability of the hat will make the tasks a lot easier to perform in the sun.

The large brim of the hat helps in providing shade to the neck and shoulders as well. The brim size should also be taken into consideration because the bigger brim size will be able to give more sun protection.

Some of the gardening hats come in one size with adjustable chin straps. The shape and design of these hats should be such that it provides sun protection and a comfortable fit. The chin strap and neck flap will allow the hats to stay in place, especially if they require you to move and bend a lot.

Some gardeners prefer using the chin strap more often than others. Very few hats have adjustable chin features as well and even if they do, their usability isn’t as efficient as the gardening hats. Those provide great ventilation by providing shade to the face as well.

As compared to other hats and caps, some of the best gardening hats for both men and women can be used in other places as well. These hats are not restricted to gardening and can be used as a Sunday afternoons adventure hat too.

You can wear the gardening hats in any activity or place that will expose you to a lot of sunlight and harmful uv rays. Even though sunscreen is a must, those hats will provide you with extra protection.

Various skin diseases including skin cancer can be the result of excessive exposure to direct sunlight and since most people don’t realize that, they don’t pay heed to the importance of hats especially while gardening.

However, before choosing the right gardening hats there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration, including the comfort and its efficiency. The styles of these hats largely varies across the options found for men and women, however, we will be reviewing some of the best ones for men.

How To Choose

There are a lot of options available online when it comes to sun hats. Every hat has some unique feature to offer. But there are a few characteristics that one must check before making a purchase. Here a few variables that you would like to consider before narrowing down your options.


Style is something that is one of the top priorities for a lot of people. Going outdoors does not mean that you need bulky and odd-looking gear. A sun hat can be both protective and stylish. There are four types of sun hats that you can consider for your adventurous escapes.

  • Flap

A flap-style sun hat is a great choice for those who are looking for all-around sun protection. The flap can be used to cover your neck as well as your face. This type of hat is primarily used for desert tours. It can also be used in other highly adverse climatic conditions, especially areas where you will be facing prolonged exposure to torturing sun rays.

  • Cap

A cap-style sun hat is quite chic and stylish. It looks likean ordinary baseball hall that provides the required protection from the sun and the harmful UV rays. It is also known as a snapback hat, and it has a brim only in front. Some of the cap-style sun hats come with a foldable flap that can be used when needed.

  • Bucket

The bucket-style sun hats have a signature wide brim around them. This hat is meant for those who need complete sun protection, by a wide circumference providing shadow to the face.

  • Fedora

A fedora-style sun hat is quite similar to a bucket hat. The size of the brim in a fedora is smaller than that of a bucket hat. This type of hat is quite stylish in appearance and provides the protection that is needed outdoors.

2. Material

One cannot compromise on the material quality of the hat. Not every fabric can prove to be useful as well as comfortable to make a sun hat. You need a fabric that is light, weight yet sturdy, breathable, and easy to fold. There are a few materials that are commonly used for the production of sun hats.

  • Cotton/Linen

Cotton/linen is popularly known for its natural breathability. It has a great feel on the head and you will light and breezy after wearing it. However, this material is not very quick in drying up when it comes in contact with sweat or water. Because of the soft nature of the fabric, it is quite susceptible to getting torn, making it a poor choice for hikes or other rough adventures.

  • Polyester/nylon

Polyester nylon blend is one of the most popularly used materials for sun hats. Both these materials are moisture-wicking and have a natural ability to resist water. It is not very breathable, but attaching a mesh line to the same makes it a perfect fit. This material is quite sturdy and durable, providing longevity to the hat.

  • Straw

Straw hat is pretty cheap as well as stylish. This hat is made of handwoven straw and pretty lightweight. They are quite commonly used for pool parties and some outdoor gatherings. Straw is quite fragile in nature. This makes these hats less durable and difficult to fold.

3. Sun protection

The reason why one uses a sun hat to protect their head, face, and neck from the harsh sun. While choosing a sun hat, make sure to go for a product that has a upf rating of 50+ and provides about 97% of UV protection. If these criteria are not met, the entire purpose of buying a sun hat.

4. Brim size

The brim size is also a primary consideration for many people. The size of the brim will depend on the type of outdoor activity you are planning to use the hat for. A hat with a wider brim will provide a greater circumference that provides better sun protection. But it will also make the hat heavier.

A narrower brim will not provide as much protection, but it will make the hat lighter in weight. Depending on the type of activity, you can choose the width of the brim accordingly. For instance, if you are looking for a sun hat for gardening, then a wide brim will be a better choice. But if you are looking for a sun hat for hiking or camping, a narrower brim might work well.

5. Color

A darker color will absorb more light in comparison to a lighter variant. Most of the sun hats in the market are light in color. They reflect the majority of the sunlight and keep your head cool. It is advisable to opt for lighter color options for your own comfort.

Colors like powder blue, beige, light brown, and white works perfectly for harsh summer conditions.

6. Other essential hat features

There are a few other features that you can look for to make a sound choice. The internal sweatband is one such essential hat features. It helps in absorbing the perspiration keeping the forehead rear portion of the head dry and moisture-free.

Another feature is the addition of vent holes or mesh. These additions also help in making fabrics like polyester and nylon more breathable and light. There will be a constant flow of air through your head, keeping it cool and dry.

Drawstrings are also a good addition to a sun hat. They let you keep the head fit and intact on your head. It also helps in better adjustments. Some hats come with an additional crown drawstring along with a chin cord. This helps in fitting the hat more comfortably on the head.

Flaps can be a great addition to your sun hat. They add an extra layer of protection for your neck and face. A quality hat will give you the option of folding the flap inside the hat when not needed. It is always advisable to buy a hat with a flap in case it is needed in some situations.

Going for a waterproof material can also come in handy. You can keep your hats for men on, on a rainy day as well without the fear of getting your head wet.

7. Brand and price

When buying gear for outdoor activities, you need to be particular about the brand you choose. Not every brand is good enough when it comes to delivering quality. Choose wisely when it comes to brands.

Also, a good quality gardening hat is not always supposed to be expensive. You can get great features at a reasonable process as well. Thorough research about the same can help you choose the perfect hat for your suiting.

Top Products :

1. Home Prefer Men’s Sun Hat

The Home Prefer Men’s Sun Hat makes it to the top of the list because of its superior quality material and ultimate protection that it offers. This gardening hat comes with a upf 50+ sun protection that will keep your hot head cool in the scorching sun.

It is a multifunctional bucket hat manufactured by the company to provide you a combination of comfort and protection to your head. This gardening hat is made with a polyester-nylon poplin blend that helps in quick drying as well as a great appearance in terms of texture.

The fabric used in the production of this amazing garden head hat is the high-quality wicker. There are two mesh vent eyelets carved in the hat. They allow a flow of air through the hat, letting your sweat dry off and leave a cooling sensation behind. It also comes with an adjustable drawstring that you can fasten at your convenience. You can also detach it if it does not suit your style.

It also comes with a long neck flap for an added layer of protection. You can fold it up into the brim to convert this garden hat into a bucket hat quite easily. This hat is a truly versatile product that you can use to craft different looks for different occasions. You also have a wide range of colours to choose from.


  • Quick-dry breathable fabric
  • Versatile can be used for different looks   
  • Detachable chin cord


  • Not a sturdy product
  • A bit thin in the top center

2. Solaris Wide Brim Boonie Hat

If you are looking for a hat to support every outdoor activity of yours, the Solaris Wide Brim Boonie Hat is the one to go for. This stands by the definition of protection and comfort. It is having SPF 100 and upf 50+ that guard your head against UV rays as well as the harsh sun.

Be it a fishing trip, catering to your garden, or taking a hike in the mountains, this hat is a must-have for all the outdoor events you plan. This gardening hat is unisex and can be used by both men and women as a sun hat.

The fabric of the hat is very soft and lightweight, which gives it an overall urban look. The company focused on great detailing to bring to the customers the most superior quality and versatile design. It provides 100% protection to your head, neck, and face in the harshest weather conditions.

This gardening hat comes with a feature of a detachable crown. The crown part can get very hot in direct sun. To protect it from over-heating and allowing some breathability, you can simply remove the crown and expose the mesh portion of the hat. However, the mesh portion is not upf rated, so you need to be cautious.

It comes with an adjustable chin chord that will help you secure the hat to your hat even when the wind is strong. Another popular feature of this hat is the wide brim, which gives a wider shade diameter in the sun. the neck flap can either be removed or folded into the brim at the wearer’s convenience.


  • Removable crown to keep the head cool
  • Wide brim
  • Removable neck flap


  • Lack sturdiness
  • Mesh area, not upf guaranteed

3. EINSKEY Sun Hat

The EINSKEY Sun Hat has a remarkable brim width of 3.8″ making it a great choice for all those outdoor events in the blistering sun. This gardening hat has been tailor-made for all the outdoor activities that require you to be under the direct heat of the sun throughout.

The material used in making this sun hat is a water-resistant polyester blend that holds sturdy on wearing it. It will not become saggy even after getting drenched in rain, including the brim. It also comes with an adjustable chin cord that helps you keep the hat in place, whatever might the situation be. You can run, walk in the wind, or dance in the rain, this hat will stay intact.

Despite being sturdy, this sun hat is very easy to pack, as you can fold it and place it inside your luggage. This makes it highly portable, making it the perfect carry-on for a beach trip, hiking trip, camping, or a laid-back fishing trip.

The fabric of this gardening hat provides a layer of protection against UVA and UVB rays. The mesh panels on the sides allow a constant flow of air, keeping your head cool in the hot sun. In all this hat is your one-time purchase to enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities, without getting hot-headed. You can pick your favorite options from the different colors offered by the company.


  • UVA and UVB protection
  • For both men and women
  • Water repellent
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot be machine washed
  • No neck flap

4. Super Wide Brim Sun Hat

The Super Wide Brim Sun Hat justifies its name by providing the user with a 5.9″ wide brim hat for sun protection. It is an amazing product that is designed to keep your face as well as head protected from the harsh sun.

It is made from a water-resistant polyester fabric that increases the usability of this fabric by manifolds. Even the brim part is also water repellant. It comes with two drawstrings for better adjustment. One is the adjustable chin cord that keeps the hat secured even on windy days. Another drawstring is present on the top that helps contour the shape of your head for a better fit.

The inner side of the brim is lined with a sweatband that helps in absorbing the dripping sweat of the summer heat. This helps in keeping the head dry and cool. The crown portion has a layer of mesh that allows the fabric to breathe, keeping the head cooler in extreme weather.

This sun hat is a perfect choice for a hiking trip, a camping day, or a slow trek across the lush green mountains. It is a unisex product that can be used by men and women. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your liking. The upf 50+ and UV protection are just the added bonus in this product.


  • Water repellent material
  • Lightweight
  • Extra-wide brim


  • No neck flap

5. Hensel Hats Aussie Breezer

The Hensel Hats Aussie Breezer is one charming product when it comes to sun hats. The company has created a unique and most aesthetically pleasing design for the people who love the outdoors as well as staying in style.

This sun hat comes with a three-inch soft brim that provides sufficient coverage to all from the sun. It also checks the upf 50+ and UV protection feature. This gardening hat gives a fashionable edge to your hiking, camping, or gardening attire.

It comes with an adjustable chin cord that helps you maintain and tight and secure fit with comfort. You can dance around wearing it on a windy day and it will stick to your head. This gardening hat is made of mesh-like fabric that provides extra breathability to the head and keeps it cool and dry.

The fabric is highly adjustable in terms of packaging. You can crush it and fold it in whichever you like and store it in your luggage. It will not get crumpled or de-shaped. The insides of the hat are lined with a sweat-absorbing material that helps keep the forehead and the rear part of the neck dry.


  • Fashionable-design
  • Breathable fabric


  • No neck flab
  • Not a sturdy material

6. Mesh Crown Safari Sun Hat

The Mesh Crown Safari Sun Hat is a product for those who are on the lookout for a perfect product that gets the job done. It is made with a polyester mesh and nylon fabric blend that provides upf 50+ and UVA/UVB protection.

The material used in the production of this gardening hat is quite lightweight and breathable. You won’t feel heavy and your head will remain cool and dry. The shape of the crown portion of the heat is that of a teardrop instead of a round. It better contours the shape of the head and provides a more comfortable fit.

The top portion of this outdoor hat, including the brim, is made of polyester mesh fabric. The mesh fabric allows the constant flow of air through the head. You won’t feel overheated or sweat exorbitantly. It makes a great choice for a sunny beach day, a hiking outing, or some generous amount of sun time in your garden.

This sun hat also comes with an adjustable chin cord. This along with the teardrop crown features keeps the hat stable on the head even on a windy day. It comes in different colors ranging from medium to extra large sizes. Be it for yourself or your loved ones, this is an amazing purchase for your next adventure outdoors. You can choose from an adorable colors range offered by the manufacturer.


  • Teardrop crown for a perfect fit
  • Mesh head for better airflow
  • Lightweight and breathable material


  • No neck flap
  • Not a sturdy material
  • Small brim

7. Unigear Sun Hat

The Unigear Sun Hat is known for its superior quality protection against UVA and UVB radiations. With upf 50+ rating sun protection standard, this hat is an amazing gear to carry along for all your outdoor activities.

This gardening hat has a 3.4″ wide brim that is average in diameter, providing ample protection from the heat of the sun. The company guarantees 97.5-99% of UV protection every time. It is made with a water-repellent polyester blend. So, you can totally enjoy a nice rainy hike, without the fear of your head getting drenched.

It comes with two adjustable drawstrings. The one around the crown helps tighten the circumference helping it better contour the head. The other drawstring is like the chin cord that keeps the hat in place in heavy winds as well. The hat is also layered with a moisture-wicking headband. This helps in drying the sweat quickly, keeping the head cool and dry through the journey.

This gardening hat can be crushed and folded very conveniently and packed in the luggage with ease. It is very compact and portable making it a handy carry-on. You can go on hiking, beach trips, fishing, or camping with this amazing hat on your head. Its unique and versatile design with different colors makes it a perfect choice for all your trips.


  • Two drawstrings for a better fit
  • Moisture-wicking sweatband for quick sweat absorption
  • 99% UV protection


  • No neck flap
  • Not sturdy

8. Shadecloth Headgear Sun Protection

The Shadecloth Headgear Sun Protection Drape is a very practical gear for people who love the outdoors. It is a great product that can be used to protect the face and the neck from intense sunlight and heat.

The material is made from a superior quality polyester blend that gives protection from UVA, UVB, and upf 50+. It is a very versatile draping that not just keeps your face and neck protected, it also keeps it dry, making it one of the best gardening hats for men.

This sun protection drape will keep sweat away from your eyes, making it convenient to work in the blistering sun. The one size fit of this product makes it a very useful purchase. You simply have to wrap around your head to cover either your face or your neck, whatever seems comfortable for the situation. This is a unisex product that can be used by both men and women.

The adjustable headband allows you to use this drape with any type of hat or baseball cap. Even though the hat is not included, it gives you the liberty to style it up with the hat of your choice for a better look and sun protection. This neck and face drape is a perfect choice for people who need no hassle and just simple gear for protection. The colors this drape is available in is pretty limited.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • One size to fit all head sizes
  • 99% UV ray protection


  • Not a part of a hat
  • Not water resistant


Most people are not aware of how important gardening hats are. It is one of the most integral gardening tools that should be purchased before you start doing any gardening out in the sun. Apart from applying sunscreen, these gardening hats provide added protection from the sun.

There are a variety of hats for both men and women. Protecting your skin from the sun can prevent harmful damage. Those sunburns can cause relatively serious skin diseases and should be taken seriously. Other regular hats and baseball caps might not be able to block the sun and harmful rays in the same way.

Along with gardening hats, other tools are also essential. The clothes also matter a lot while gardening. Wearing clothes that are light and shirts that are long-sleeved are more favorable, mainly because the hands are not exposed to direct sunlight. Other than that, applying sunscreen is also a must.

Hence, investing in gardening hats that fit all your needs and are of great quality that have enough blockage is the ideal option. Using the same will immensely help you in protecting your skin. With the purchase of the same, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy gardening without any risks of causing harm to your skin.