10 Best Pots for Succulents

best pots for succulents

Succulents are an excellent option for plant lovers who do not have much time to maintain their plants. If you want to have indoor plants in your house, then succulents are your best choice. Succulents store water in leaves and are drought-friendly. However, despite the low maintenance, there is little care that these plants would require.

When deciding to plant succulents, you need to look for the right pot for succulents. Without choosing the right pot, you will not be able to grow succulents successfully. To help you in the selection process of choosing the right pot, we have reviewed some of the best pots for succulents along with primary care tips that would help you significantly.

Basic Facts about Succulent Plants

Before you begin your journey of becoming a succulent planter, there are some basic facts that you should know about the plants.

  • Succulent grows in desert locations and can survive dry weather.
  • The word succulent is derived from “sucus,” a Latin word meaning sap or juice.
  • There are almost 60 plant families that contain different succulents.
  • You will be able to find several color variations of the plant.
  • These plants are pest-resistant.
  • Most succulents are confused with cacti. A Cactus is succulent; however, not every succulent you see is a cactus.
  • You can get succulent jewelry that has few weeks of durability.

How to Care For Succulents?

If you plan to plant succulents at your home, then there are some basic care tips that you should follow.

  • Succulents require a lot of direct sunlight, especially if they are newly planted. Make sure that they at least six hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • When you put the succulents in sunlight, you should not let the pots stay in one place. You need to rotate the pots every day so that every portion of the plants receives ample sunlight.
  • These plants do not require much water, but each succulent type’s watering sessions would be different. Make sure you follow the watering schedule properly so that the plant does not die.
  • The soil should be watered directly. It is better to use a container that has drainage holes. In case the containers do not have a drainage hole, give the proper amount of water since overwatering could lead to root rot.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Pot for Succulents

When choosing the right pot for succulents, several factors should never be ignored. Without the right pot for succulents, your plant would not be able to survive. Several features need to be present in a suitable succulent pot.

Several brands have come out with pots for succulents. However, finding which pot would be the right pot for succulent that you wish to grow can be a hard choice to make. Below mentioned are those essential features that you need to keep an eye out for.

1. Drainage

The main thing you need to know about succulents is that they do not require or can survive in excess water. This is before you start a watering routine and should be kept in mind at all times. When you choose a pot without a proper drainage hole, it could lead to water pooling in the pot’s bottom.

Since the water will not find an outlet, it will sit at the roots, resulting in root rot. No matter which design you choose, you need to make sure that the pot you choose has proper drainage holes.

Even if you choose succulent plants without drainage holes, you need to be very cautious about the plants’ watering routine.

2. Material

The next thing that you need to look at is the pot’s material that you are choosing. You will find wood, ceramic, metal, plastic, resin, and terracotta planters in the market. If you want to choose the right pot for succulents, then the best material to go for would be ceramic or terracotta.

Both ceramic pots and terracotta pots are breathable materials equipped with ample drainage holes that would allow air circulation and water movement. However, both of these materials are quite heavy, especially after potting soil and succulents have been added.

If you need a pot that is easy to move around, it is better to choose plastic or resin. These would be much more suitable for larger plants where you need to move the pots easily.

3. Texture and Color

The pot that you use should also be good to look at. You do not want to choose some pot that does not suit your home interior. However, the pot should also match the physical characteristics of the succulent.

You could look for taller style pots for succulents that grow upright, while short style pots would be perfect for low-growing ones.

4. Size

The container’s size you choose is an essential consideration. Yout container should provide the plant with ample growing space; however, it should not be oversized. You need to choose containers around 5-10 % bigger than your succulent size for the right size.

Oversized containers will lead to the spreading of roots faster than the growth of the plant. This would result in the roots becoming fragile. On the other hand, small containers would obstruct the spread of roots.

Top Picks for Best Pots for Succulents

1. Brajttt Plant Pots

When looking for the right pot for succulents is its modern design and the hexagonal structure. This compact container can be kept on your window sill, kitchen counter, or living room. This set of 8 ceramic pots is the perfect addition to your home decor.

You can use the container garden for planting cactus, small plants, and different types of succulents. These ceramic pots are very solid and would not get damaged easily. Moreover, these succulent planters are made from a breathable material, which is very good for the plants.


  • Sturdy material that keeps the container from getting damaged easily
  • The packaging is done well so that it does not break in transit
  • Can be used to plant different types of succulents, cactus plant and herbs


  • Small pots that may obstruct root growth

2. Brajttt 11.1 inch Succulent Pots

Another great product of Brajttt is the 11.1-inch succulent planters that are made from high-grade clay. The pot comes with a good drainage system that does not let the water stay at the container’s bottom for long. This avoids any case of root rot and ensures that the plant stays healthy.

This pot can be considered the best pot for succulents in this brand. Starting from the pot’s minimalist design to the excellent drainage holes that eradicate the excess water, this pot has it all. Moreover, this pot has bamboo saucers that prevent dust and moisture from escaping.


  • Minimalist design
  • Set of 2 ceramic pots
  • High-quality construction


  • The sides of the planters may get chipped easily
  • Maybe too narrow to function effectively

3. Brajttt 2.5 Inch Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot with Drainage

In your journey to choosing the right pot for succulents, you will come across different products by Brajttt. The next in line is the 2.5-inch ceramic succulent pot with drainage holes. These mini pots are very vibrant in their design and come in a set of 6 ceramic pots.

This is the right pot for succulents since they are very attractive and also have the required features. The drainage system ensures that your potting soil can breathe and keep the succulents alive. These containers can be used as nursery pots or given as gift items to your loved ones.


  • Mini pots for small succulents
  • Exceptional drainage system makes it the right pot for succulents


  • May be too small for some plants

4. T4U 2.5 Inch Owl Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots with Drainage Hole

You cannot miss out on T4U when choosing the right pot for succulents. These ceramic pots for succulents are one of the best on the list. These planters can be used as decorative items due to their attractive texture. They are available in several colors and are made from breathable material that keeps the soil moist.

There is a tiny hole in the bottom of the pot that allows free air and water flow. The walls of the pots are sturdy and provide ample space for the growth of small succulents. There are many different owl design variations in this group of pots.


  • Excellent construction that goes well with home décor
  • Perfect hole for water drainage that is necessary when choosing the right pot for succulents


  • May not be able to hold larger succulents

5. COLOAPT Succulent Plant Pots

If you are looking for the perfect clay pots for succulents, then these pots from COLOAPT would be a perfect choice. These pots are available with the finest drainage system, ensuring there is no water accumulation at the bottom. This the first thing you look for when choosing the right pot for succulents.

The set comes with a bamboo tray to place these pots and keep the surrounding area clean. It is quite easy to add potting mix into these jars due to their simple shape. Just ensure that the potting soil mix is not cramped up and there is space in the soil for the root to grow and breathe.


  • Simple yet elegant structure
  • Sufficient planter size for big succulents


  • May get chipped easily

6. Gardenix Décor 11″ Plant pots self-Watering Succulent pots

The next product that you can opt for when choosing the right pot for your plant is the Gardenix Decor 11″ self-watering succulent pot. These containers are the perfect products when choosing the right pot for your succulent.

The pot size is 11 inches, which is good for most small to moderate-sized succulent. These succulent fiber containers have narrow sides and walls made of sturdy fiber and plastic. They will not chip easily like terracotta or fiberglass containers or seems cheap like metal containers.


  • Sturdy planter that can let the soil breathe properly
  • Able to keep the soil thriving and moist


  • Too narrow structure

7. Potey 3 Piece Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots

Choosing the right pot for your succulent becomes easy when you have a product like the Potey ceramic succulent planters. These planters are made from high-quality ceramic and are very sturdy. They are much better than metal containers in their function and looks.

The planter has a proper outlet for water and does not let air get trapped inside the pot. Your only task is to ensure that the succulent gets watered at the right time and you do not give more than the required amount.


  • Attractive and sturdy construction
  • High-quality ceramic used


  • Users have complained about the planter not being suitable for real succulent

8. Evron Clear Flower Planter Pots

The next product that you can look into while choosing the right pot for your succulent is the one from Evron. These acrylic planters are as sturdy as terracotta pots and perfect for people who love gardening.

You can give these things as gifts since they are very elegant and useful. If you are not a terracotta fan, you can go for these planters for your succulent. Moreover, you can use them as decorative items in your house.


  • Clear and sturdy acrylic construction
  • Perfect as gifts


  • May break easily

9. La Jolíe Muse Large Succulent Planter Pots

La Jolie is the right home for your succulent if you want to use ceramic instead of terracotta pots. When choosing the right pot, you need to see that it has all the necessary specifications, and this product does.

Perfect for large succulent, you can easily plant any variation you want without fearing the growth area. They are the perfect decoration for the living room due to their amazing look and texture.


  • Good for large succulent
  • Amazing look which is fit for home decoration


  • Quality may be breakable when it becomes heavy

10. T4U 2.5 Inch Small Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot with Drainage Hole

Another product of the T4U brand that needs your attention when choosing the right pot for your succulent is the 2.5 inches ceramic planter. This comes in a set of 12 planters, all made from high-quality ceramic that would not break easily. Moreover, they are available in various colors that could go with any decoration setting.

The planter has a single hole that drains extra water and lets airflow into and out the container. This keeps the succulents breathing and in healthy condition. However, you do need to be aware while watering the succulent.


  • Variable colors
  • Good quality ceramic
  • Proper drainage system


  • Lack of trays to place the pot

Summing Up

Choosing the right pot for your succulents is not easy. You need to keep in mind many different factors to make sure that your succulents grow properly. From ensuring that the container has drainage holes to decide the containers’ material it is a lot of work when choosing the right pot.

To make it easy, we have listed some of the right pots for succulents that you could opt for. These pots for succulents are equipped with good specifications that would keep your plants healthy and growing for a long time.