Spectracide vs Roundup – Which Is Better ?

If you are confused between Spectracide Vs. Roundup, you’re not the only one. Both these grass and weed killers have active ingredients that will make lawn upkeeping bliss for you. When you compare a herbicide or a weed killer, make sure to compare the attributes that fall within the product range.

So, between Spectracide and Roundup, which one emerges victorious? Well, to conclude that, we need to have a closer look at both Spectracide and Roundup. This piece will closely compare the active ingredients, how they kill weeds and grasses, application, and which one is more effective.

So, are you ready for the Spectracide Vs. Roundup showdown? Let’s get started!

1. Spectracide Weed and Grass2. Roundup

Spectracide vs roundup

About Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer

The professionals consider Spectracide to be more of a specialist lawn herbicide. In Spectracide’s case, it performs better on residential yards and local gardens. This product uses a variety of ingredients to kill unwanted plants effectively. You also ought to know that this concentration is effective in killing more than 200 types of weeds and plants.

Since this is a fast-acting contact herbicide, it helps farmers who want to take advantage of the planting season. The users can spray Spectricide and wait for about a day or two to plant new crops. Like Roundup, even Spectracide contains the active ingredient Diquat Dibromide and Dicamba.

To make an effective solution, you have to mix 7 fluid ounces per gallon of water. Besides, once sprayed, the product takes only about three hours to show an effect on plants. However, some users report that it takes longer than that.

Also, you will not have to go through any hassle to buy the product. These plants and weed killers are available in most stores and eCommerce websites.


  • Active Ingredient: Glyphosate, Diquat Dibromide, Dicamba
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 8.38 pounds
  • Attached Sprayer


  • This product is very affordable.
  • Applying this product to kill weeds is an easy process.
  • It becomes rainproof within 15 minutes of application.
  • The herbicide does not contain glyphosate.
  • Users will find the savvy 1-gallon pack to be helpful.


  • The list of active ingredients includes harmful chemicals.
  • The main concern is that the is not as fast-acting as the brand claims.

About Roundup Weeds and Grass Killer

Are you looking for an effective herbicide that kills broad-leaved plants and those little adamant weeds? Roundup uses mixed products, including Diquat Dibromide and Dicamba. According to EPA, Roundup is one of the most commonly applied herbicides globally.

The best thing about Roundup products is that they come in several variants. For example, you can buy a specific Roundup weed spray killer for driveways and lawns. Roundup provides a targeted SureShot wand. This unique structure prevents the product from touching any nearby plants or leaves.

Most of the buyers cite this herbicide as a broad-spectrum weed-killing product. Since the product contains highly effective ingredients, you must not spray more than the recommended amount. Unlike Spectracide, this formula is not a contact herbicide.

You can spray the herbicides around the flower beds, lawns, fences, driveways, and many more areas. The brand claims that their formula starts acting within half a day of application. A drawback to the product is that once sprayed, it takes a good amount of time for the product to leave the soil.


  • Active Ingredient: 2% glyphosate, fatty acids, and 2% Pelargonic acid, Diquat Dibromide
  • Dimensions: 2.37 x 3.69 x 7.13 inches
  • Weight: 1.28 pounds
  • Shelf Life: 4 years
  • Comes with a measuring cup.


  • The glyphosate initiates effective and decisive action on plants.
  • It starts acting in around 12 hours.
  • You’ll also receive a measuring cup to measure herbicide and water.
  • It also kills weeds growing on driveways with Roundup variants.


  • The active ingredient glyphosate is harmful.
  • This herbicide takes a long time to leave the soil, water, and crops.

Spectracide Vs. Roundup Weeds & Grass Spray

Now that you have a fair idea about the two herbicides, it’s time we dive into a more detailed comparison. Both the concentrates kill weeds and plants effectively and have similar core active ingredients like Diquat and Dicamba. This section will make it easier for you to draw a comparison between Roundup and Spectracide.

Application and Usage Directions

Both the herbicides have similar concentrate levels and application directions. It means the performance level of the herbicides is essentially the same. The concentration level begins from 3 fl. Oz every gallon to 7 fl.Oz every gallon of water.

When you try to control perennials like different lawn grasses and woody plants in extraordinary environments, it’s feasible to increase the concentration. You can apply a more concentrated solution to your garden if the spread of weed is dense.

Operation Mode

The primary difference between the two brands is that Spectracide is effective only on contact. On the other hand, Roundup has systematic targeting of specific protein development. The contact pesticides generally are a fast-acting killing solution. They restrict photosynthesis to kill the plants.

On the other hand, systematic herbicides take hours to kill crops and not leave the soil quickly. These herbicides travel through the plant’s transport structure to kill the weeds.

Recommended Use

mostly all herbicides follow the same usage model. Many scientists still link these herbicides to induce cancerous effects in pets and humans. Since Spectracide does not include glyphosate, it’s less harmful. However, glyphosate falls in the category of ‘unlikely’ when it comes to being carcinogenic.

You must only apply the herbicides as mentioned on the label. You must not be including a mix of higher product-to-water ratios above the mentioned levels. Additionally, the herbicides must not be directly applied to the soil. Only target the roots and leave the soil while spraying.

Additionally, you must wear protective gear while mixing the concentrate and applying it.


Spectracide claims that their formula starts acting in as fast as 15 minutes. Users were incredibly content and satisfied with the performance of both Roundup and Spectracide. You must note that the resistant weeds will require a couple of more rounds of application.

The glyphosate in Roundup is very effective in killing adamant and dense weeds. When we speak about Spectracide, though the formula claims quick-action, it might not be the case. Many users report that contrary to the label, the product takes up at least 1-2 days to kill the plant after you’ve applied it.

Direct comparison chart of Spectracide vs Roundup

Active ingredientsDiquat Dibromide  2.30% Fluazifop-p-butyl 1.15% Dicamba & dimethylamine salt             0.77%Glyphosate with Diquat or Dicamba options
Application7 fl. Oz per gallon of water for comparable results of killing the plant and prevention of regrowth6 fl. Oz per a gallon of water for effective killing of plants and prevention of regrowth
Mode of operationIt is a non-selective herbicideIt kills weeds through contact with the part of the plantIt is a non-selective herbicideIt is a systemic weedkiller targeting protein formation in plants
Recommended useWear protective hear and use appropriate spraying equipment to aim at the targeted plat type and areaBuy premixed solution or ensure to use the recommended mix ratioSpray when there is no precipitation  Wear protective gear including an apron, gumboot, gloves, and face maskMix the recommended water to concentrate ratioSpray preferably in a sunny daySpray when the weather forecast shows precipitation is expected  
VarietiesComes in a variety of products, including lawn care, farm weed, and perennial type that kills even rootsIt uses fast-acting technology to ensure that the herbicide is effective within 15 minutes of applicationIt comes in a variety of products depending on the resistance level of the targeted weed. It offers fast-acting technologies that allow the herbicide to penetrate the plant within a short time. One brand name is Weathermax, which is effective within 30 minutes.
Expected ResultsThe package says the plats will be dead in a couple of hours.The results are visible after a couple of days.The contact area will die within 2-3 days, especially annual types.Tough weeds will take weeks to die, especially perennial weeds.  The package says it takes 1-3 days to show an effect on plants.Plants die after a couple of days or a week.Plants differ in resistance; hence effect could delay for resistant weeds for up to 2 weeks.The effect is swifter during sunny weather
Product AvailabilityThe product is available in most stores, including Amazon, Lowes, Homedepot, and WalmartYou can buy it from local retailers and major retailers such as Amazon and Homedepot

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the organic alternatives to Roundup weed and grass killer?

There are many natural solutions to weed control that is a perfect alternative to Roundup. You can try spraying:

  • Corn gluten
  • Iron-based herbicides
  • Phytotoxic oils
  • Salt-based herbicides
  • Natural acids like vinegar
  • Herbicidal Soaps

2. Does Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer contain glyphosate?

Unlike the Roundup herbicides, Spectracide grass and weed killer does not contain glyphosate.

3. Which is better, Spectracide weed killer or Roundup grass and week killers?

The answer to this question is subjective. If you are looking for a complete grass killer, you can opt for a robust concentrate like Roundup. However, If you are only looking for some plant control, Spectracide is the best option.

4. How long does it take for Spectracide grass and weed killer to show visible results?

Spectracide is a herbicide with an effective active ingredient formula. You’ll be surprised to see visible results in as little as three hours after application. More importantly, please wait for a day to plant new flower beds, shrubs, or trees in the fogged area.

5. Is Spectracide Safe for pets?

You must know that Spectracide grass killers contain chemicals that might be harmful to both humans and pets. It’s better not to allow your beloved pets near the fogged area for some time. After spraying, you must allow the solution to dry. Only when the concentrate is dry, it’s safe for your pets.

6. Is Spectracide weed killers safer than Roundup herbicides?

It is no secret that gardeners and farmers are at a high risk of developing cancer because of exposure to toxic ingredients in herbicides. The only reason why Spectracide might be a safer grass killer than Roundup herbicide is that it does not persist in the soil.

Spectracide Vs. Roundup – Final Verdict

Both Spectracide and Roundup are very effective herbicides that can control the ruthless weedy grasses in your lawn. If you want to opt for a complete weed killer, Roundup is your safest bet. If you’re going to control weeds within your yard, then Spectracide is a better investment.

Herbicides are enormously divisive elements. Most of the garden owners consider them to be toxic to nature. Recently, herbicides became a subject of debate when a user claimed a fat class-action lawsuit against them.

It would help if you acquainted yourself with the health hazards of using a herbicide and chemicals. Roundup weed herbicide states that the product should not contact plants and foods that are up for consumption. The Spectracide weed killer makes similar claims.

Hopefully, now you know which herbicide to choose for your precious enchanted garden!