4 Safe And Natural Alternatives to Spectracide Bug Stop

Is spectracide bug stop safe for pets ? A majority group of pesticides includes insecticides, fungicides, herbicide, and fumigants that are said to have a substantial linkage with the development of cancer in humans and animals. The research studies conducted on chemicals such as triazine, carbamates, chlorinated, and organophosphates prove that some of them are carcinogenic in humans. whereas, some others are low in toxicity and don’t come under this category.

Pesticides represent an assorted collection of compounds used to control insects, pests, and diseases included some plants that come under the category of weeds. Insecticides are used for agriculture, gardening, and urban pests, whereas their exposure to general users is very pervasive. Insecticide applicators, operators, and exterminators are among the severely exposed individuals.

The gardeners and urban dwellers fall in the next category since they expose themselves to the application sites. Direct exposure is the highest level of exposure that takes place to professionals who individually apply insecticides in any types of settings whereas, an indirect exposure is a result of exposing somebody to the treated sites, breathing in polluted air, drinking water at the worksites, smoking, and eating food containing the residues of carcinogenic pesticides.

The National Health and Nutrition report show the presence of residues of various insecticides in the urine samples of the majority of the US population that support the evidence of the ingestion of food treated with insecticides. An indirect exposure as living in a house treated with pesticides or visiting the recently treated gardening site is also there.

Is spectracide safe for pets

In recent years, an increasing number of group studies are underway on pesticide exposure, and consumption of the food that has been exposed to pesticides, and these studies link immune-toxicity and oxidative stress to the exposure of low dose insecticides. This increases the need to use more natural and organic products, as pesticides or the best organic fertilizers

The recently identified health hazards associated with the use of pesticides give rise to several questions to explore the safe alternatives for the users, pets, and plants together. This article highlights some insights on the Spectracide bug stop and answers a few questions put by the users upfront:

  • Is spectracide safe for pets?
  • Is spectracide bug stop safe for humans?
  • Is spectracide safe for plants?

Let’s move to the facts and see for ourselves:

Spectracide bug stop contains active ingredient Gamma-Cyhalothrin (0.025%) and inert matter (99.975%), which means it is ready to use formulation. Gamma-cyhalothrin is an active member of the pyrethroid family. Lambda-cyhalothrin is on the pyrethroid list of ICAMA whereas, Gamma-Cyhalothrin is the newest generation of pyrethroid that contains the active stereoisomer of the two isomers present in lambda. It has a neurotoxic effect on insects and kills them through hitting their nervous system. Pyrethroids are produced from synthetic chemicals. Now, let’s move to the answer to the first question.

1. Is Spectracide bug stop safe for pets?

It’s advisable to keep your pets inside while you are spraying and to keep them inside until everything is totally dry. Pets might show the following symptoms within the first hour if they ingest spectracide. Vomiting and tremors are the most common, and if something is stuck in their throat. Dermal reactions create restlessness, itching, and crying. Keeping pets away and making sure they don’t ingest neither high nor low doses is important to their safety.

2. Is spectracide bug stop safe for humans? 

The evidence shows an increasing number of health issues associated with a pyrethroid as in the last ten years, three hundred times more health issues reported in humans in the US only. Although pyrethroids characterize low toxicity in humans, upon exposure you can get burning skin, nausea, dizziness, respiratory troubles, and convulsion.

3. Is spectracide safe for plants?

Both Lambda-Cyhalothirn and Gamma-Cyhalothrin are proven phytotoxic chemicals on higher doses thus, for this reason, Spectracide does not recommend the use on gardening plants. It induces stress on the foliage of the plants and they may wither or die permanently. It’s only safe for the purpose it’s listed for, against crawling insects faround the boundaries of a home or garden.

Here are a few alternatives safeguarding your health along with of your pets and plants:

Safer – 51703 Diatomaceous Earth (DE):

DE is a natural fossilized silica that contains numerous tiny holes. Once the crawling or flying insects trapped, they would never come out of it and die of dehydration. Insect control is possible within 48 hours of application. It provides effective control on cockroaches, Bed bugs, earwig, flea, and silverfish indoors and white flies, aphids, spider mites, caterpillars on gardening plants. It’s natural, organic, and safe in all ways. It is extremely effective on any bugs with an exoskeleton as the silica damages it and exposes the bugs to any other method you have used.

Our choice:

1. Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Diatomaceous earth as Spectracide Alternative

Pros :

• Made in the USA

• Food grade

• Includes as power duster which is very useful

• Big 10 lbs pack at a great price


2. Bonide-Neem Oil: (3-in-1)

It is available in ready to use formulation and acts as an insecticide, fungicide, and miticide at the same time. The active ingredient of neem oil is Azadirachtin that kills all flying, boring, and chewing insects include the white flies, thrips, aphids, borers, and mites and cures powdery and downy mildew, molds, and leaf spots altogether . Moreover, effective at eliminating insects at all stages of development. i.e., eggs, larva, adult, etc. you can use this organic solution up to the day of harvest without worrying about residual effects. It’s available as a concentrate or as a ready-to-use spray. Neem oil is very versatile and has many uses. I’s second on the list but top on my to-buy list.

Neem oil Spectracide alternative


• All natural.

• Very effective and with many uses

• Effective on bugs and fungus

• After it is used and it has dried up, totally safe


Harvest without worrying about residual effects.

3. Monterey-LG6130 Garden Insect Spray:

A bacterial organic solution that contains both Spinosid A and Spinocid D control the thrips, borers, moths, caterpillars, spider mites, and many other gardening pests. You are at liberty to use it on vegetables, ornamentals, leafy greens, and herbs without having fear leaving residues on plants foliage. It comes in a ready to use concentration and approved product for organic gardening. Extremely safe for humans, pets, plants, and the environment.

Monterey LG6130 Spectracide alternative

4. Southern Ag-10401 Natural Pyrethrin:

Another Organic insecticidal remedy that is derived from the plants of the Chrysanthemum family and comes under an organic listing. It controls a variety of insects on vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and livestock. It contains 0.96% pyrethrins with 9.6% Piperony Butoxide which is a binding agent and enhances the efficacy of insecticides in combinations.


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