Best Deer Repellent-Top 9

best deer repellent

There is no denying that deers are innocent and cute creatures. However, the same marauding deers can bring in several diseases and spoil your flower beds and garden plants. Sometimes, it’s challenging to keep them away, even after installing a deer fence around your yard.

Needless to say, these dewy brown-eyed creatures can jump over the fence quickly and enter your property. Are you struggling to keep deers away from your yard? Ditch those conventional deer fences and invest in deer deterrents and deer repellent spray.

In this deer repellent buying guide, we’ve covered nine fantastic options for you! Plus, there’s also a section dedicated to exploring natural ways to solve your deer problem. Let’s get to exploring the products before the deers jump in your yard again!

Why Should You Use a Deer Repellent?

It is not mandatory that a deer fence can do the trick of deterring a hungry deer all the time. Over time, the deers will learn to dodge the fence and enter your yards. The primary reason for using a deer repellent is that it is an effective and budget-friendly option.

Deep repellents have a better success rate than any other method. These repellents can help you save your tomato plants and lovely flower garden from mischievous deers. Besides, deers bring in a lot of diseases with themselves.

The chemicals in the best deer repellents can help you keep them away from your property. In the next few sections, we’ll explore more about deer repellents.

Types Of Deer Repellents

Most first-time buyers are not aware, but there are several types of deer repellents. When you go shopping for a deer repellant, you’ll find the choices to be puzzling. All these varieties can help you prevent deers from venturing your yard. There are physical repellants and chemicals ones both.

However, for the best deer repelling, you should use a combination of both varieties. There are also motion-activated options to track the movement of these deers. You can use sprays, fences, ultrasonic devices, and deer deterring plants.

1. Mechanical Deer Repellents

Mechanical repellents are physical barriers to make your lawn and garden deer-proof without the use of chemicals. These repellents will block the deer’s path and not allow them to enter your property. The typical mechanical repellents are deer netting, fencing, and walls.

When you are installing deep-proof fencing, consider the height, strength, and placement of it. Deers are pretty healthy and strong creatures that can make jumps as high as 8 feet. Mesh deer netting is more budget-friendly than fences and walls.

However, these are less durable than walls. But, it is nearly invisible, so it’s less intrusive.

2. Electronic Deer Repellents

The Electronic deer repellents rely on solar-powered, plug-in power, or AA batteries. Nowadays, electronic devices are motion-activated. The motion-activated electronic repellents will use light and water sprinklers when they detect any motion.

The surprise water sprinkles and light scare away the deers. One drawback of these electronic motion sensor-type devices is that they can accidentally sprinkle or flashlight on your pets. You also require a garden hose for a water source, which might freeze during winters.

Most deers are not avid fans of too bright LED lights. This light startles the deer. You must know that the light-based electronic deer repellents are only useful during the night.

3. Taste-Based Deer Repellents

The next type of deer repellent is the taste-based ones. These repellants leave an unappetizing taste on your plants. After spraying your plants with these repellants, the flavor will be undesirable for the deers. Most of the taste-based deer repellants use natural ingredients like cayenne pepper and bitter chemicals.

After a single nibble, the deer will realize that the vegetables or leaves aren’t worth munching. Besides, the taste-based deer repellents are also environmentally friendly.

4. Scent-Based Deer Repellents

If you want to keep deer away, scent-based repellents can do an excellent job. Deers are creatures that have extreme smelling power. Some of the effective repellent sprays will use unpleasant odors like clove and peppermint. The deers usually dislike the robust peppermint scent.

You may also come across scent-based repellents using egg solids. These repellents use unique ingredients with odors that are not tolerable for the deers. The best part of using a scent-based repellent is that they are environmentally friendly.

Keep in mind that these repellents are a fantastic way to keep the deer populations away without harming the plants.

5. Ultrasonic Deer Repellents

Like the electronic and solar-powered devices, even the ultrasonic deer repellents run on power sources. Most often, you require batteries or solar power for operating these repellents. The pest deterrent method for this type is different from the previous ones.

Ultrasonic deer repellents use ultrasonic frequencies to scare the deer away. These pest control devices emit high-frequency waves and sound to deter deers. However, these sounds are not safe for the human ear.

These ultrasonic deer repellents are a noninvasive and humane deterrent option. You will also see the some of the ultrasonic deer repellents also use motion-sensors to scare the deer away.

When To Use Deer Repellents In Your Garden

The best time of the year to use chemical-based repellents is whenever you have new vegetable gardens emerging. In simpler words, you should use repellents during the early spring season. Also, you must observe deer activity before starting with the application of deer repellents.

Start the application early, and increase the frequency when your flowers and vegetable plants begin to bloom. However, the young shrubs and trees might require protection around the year. Especially during fall and winter, you should give extra care to these plants.

It is because during the winters the food gets scarce. Because of this, a hungry deer will resort to fibrous foods like tender branches and barks of young trees. Utilizing a deer netting or a deer repellent during the cold is an excellent way to safeguard these vulnerable greens.

If you are growing winter vegetables and greens, you have to rely on frequent repellent applications heavily. Even though your garden is the best and most attractive food source, the repellent will force the deer to look elsewhere.

The average application frequency should be one application every month. You will need more frequent applications in the following situations:

  • If the deer population in your region is above-average levels
  • When the food is scarce, especially during the winter months
  • You want to break and stop a regular deer feeding habit.
  • When there is heavy rainfall
  • Your vegetable gardens are experiencing rapid development.
  • When you are growing greens and fruits that deers love.

How to Use Deer Repellents

If you have an extensive deer population in your region, it’s best to equip both chemical repellents and ultrasonic type of devices. Using a combination of all these products can help you combat deer interference in your yard.

Since all deer repellents work differently, there is no one rule for using all. We recommend you carefully read through the label on repellents or check the user manual. Most importantly, the chemicals in repellents are not safe for vegetables and green leaves.

You use granular or spray-type deer repellents to create an outer layer of your flower bed.

9 Best Deer Repellents

1. Hoont Solar Powered Motion Activated Animal & Pest Repeller

This product is one best repellent in the motion-activated and safe to use category. Though it has a small stature, it can perfectly integrate into your garden to keep deer intrusion at bay. That infrared motion sensor covers about 800 ft2 area. There are seven different frequencies in this Hoont device.

It does not use a water jet or any foul smell and taste; instead, it uses high frequencies to eliminate deers. If the sun is low on some days, you can use AA batteries to power up this device. The IR sensor and the ultrasonic system are highly reliable.

What we love is that this unit is humane and uses safe methods to scare off deers. Unlike deer repellent spray, this one does not use any chemicals.


  • This product has positive reviews.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product.
  • There are three different ultrasonic frequencies.


  • The pests get used to light after some time.

Customer Reviews :

“We have had a single speaker unit and this double speaker unit for about a year, after mixed success with smelly, expensive sprays which seemed to always wash off after rain and allow deer to eat our hostas.”


2. Hoont Motion Activated Yard & Garden Animal Repellent

This Hoont Motion Activated animal repellant uses a harmless water jet to chase away clever deers. It can chase those hungry deers 24/7. It is a safe, humans, and chemical-free way to scare away deers and other unwanted pesky guests from your garden.

The Hoont water jet does not harm the deer and rabbits. To scare them off, this unit uses an annoying water squirt. Because of this product’s success rate, you can use it to scare away all kinds of animals. With one spray from the water jet, the animal will learn to leave your prized plants alone.


  • A very high-quality product
  • It has a wide 120-degree comprehensive detection angle.
  • The product also offers a highly-efficient water-saving design.
  • You will face no issues during setup.
  • This product is apt for both daytime and night use.


  • The batteries do not come with this product.
  • It is a bit pricey

Customer Reviews :

“I gave the Hoont motion detect sprinkler a try for the cat problem… and it worked like a charm! 👌🏻 Money WELL spent!”


3. PredatorGuard Deer Repellent Plants Pouches

The PredatorGuard is an extremely efficient and the best deer repellent. You can simply hang or stake these pouches to make sure that the deers stay away from your yards. The good news is that these pouches are also rabbit repellent.

The brand claims that the product is safe from poisons, chemicals, foul odors and is all-natural. Make sure to hang it near the flowerbeds or the usual entry points of the deers. Plus, it has a super long-lasting effect and is also rain-resistant.


  • It smells good and is long-lasting.
  • It is not a harmful deer deterrent and safe to use
  • This one is a budget-friendly product
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • It may not affect the deers eventually.

Customer Reviews :

“I hang the deer repel on them, and then either stick the stakes in my pots or I placed them between my rose bushes. They lasted all season, which living in the south can go into November and December. The smell is like the old Lava Soap, which is much better than the deer repellent sprays.”


4. Bobbex Concentrated Deer Repellent

This Bobbex Concentrated Deer Repellent is our top pick. If you think installing a deer fence demands too much money, this deer repellent should be on your wishlist. This solution is apt for chasing off whitetail deer, mule deer, blacktail deer, moose, and elk.

This garden deer repellent can deter deer through taste and smell deterrents. This repellent is a mixture of recycled garlic, wintergreen oil, garlic, fish meal, urea, cloves, egg solids, cat food, sodium benzoate, magnesium silica, water, and magnesium sulfate.

The good thing is that this solution is environmentally safe and does not harm the deers. It is the smell and the taste that will put off the deers from feeding on your garden.

To use the Bobbex repellent, you have to mix the solution with 2.5 gallons of water. The ratio of the product and water will also depend upon the weather conditions. Note that the product is not intended to be sprayed on edible plants and rough-skinned berries.


  • Bobbex is the best and most effective deer repellent.
  • This product is the best bang for the buck.
  • You’ll find this spray to be easy to apply.
  • It is an environmentally-friendly product.
  • The product uses all-natural ingredients.


  • This Bobbex product has an extremely foul odor.
  • It does not work in all weather conditions.

Customer Reviews :

“We used this the past two growing seasons, and it works better than anything else we tried over the years. We are never going to deter a determined deer, but this does an excellent job.”


5. Deer Out Concentrated Deer Repellent

This Deer Out Concentrated product is one of the best deer repellents out there. One of the highlights of this fantastic deer repellent is that you can even use it on edible-type plants. It is because this repellant uses all-natural ingredients to deliver an effective solution.

We love the fresh and minty peppermint fragrance in this Deer Out repellent. You can use it in your garden during spring, summer, fall, and even winter! This solution makes about 2.5 gallons of the solution after mixing with water.

It is also available in a starter kit and a 2-pack bottle, which is ready to use. You must keep two things in mind while using this product. First, you have to apply it every two weeks, and secondly, the deers will continue to pay a visit to your garden. However, the smell will repulse them.


  • It offers value for money.
  • You can use it all year round.
  • The peppermint smell is pleasant.
  • This product has an all-natural concentration.
  • It is safe for all kinds of plants.


  • It comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • You have to apply it every two weeks.

Customer Reviews :

“Tried them all, and this is the one! I live in a deer-infested area and have had all my plants, flowers, you name it, destroyed for years. I gave this a shot, and it works like a charm.”


6. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Are you looking for the best deer repellent? This Liquid Fence may be expensive, but it knows to do the job the right way. The spray employs all-natural elements to create a safe method to put off the deers. The product claims to be rain-repellent, which also reduces application frequency. Regardless of the season, you can apply this product to repel deer.

This one is our top pick because it is not eco-friendly and biodegradable. Such a safe garden repellent is excellent for your flowers and veggies as well as the animals. Thanks to the garlic and egg odor, the deers are never going to look back at your garden.


  • It is safe to use in the vegetable garden.
  • The spray application method is convenient.
  • You can use it to deter deer all year round.


  • You have to apply this liquid fence product frequently.
  • It has an unpleasant smell.

Customer Reviews :

“We apply it about once a month, and it works like a charm. Nice to know that it’s friendly to the environment as well. Smells like a mixture of garlic, pepper, and eggs. Not the most pleasant aroma, but the smell doesn’t stay on the flowers for very long.”


7. Safer Brand 5962 Waterproof Deer Repelling Stations

Your hunt for the safest best deer repellent will come to an end with this product. This Safer Brand product can repel deer humanely and effectively. Just one application per growing season, and you can keep the deers away. The 100% dried blood in this product triggers a flight reaction in deers.

It will spread the repelling scent across your garden and is also odorless to humans. This product comes with six ready-to-use stations and stakes. You will appreciate that this product is also usable in your edible vegetable garden.


  • It has a patented waterproof casing.
  • It is safe to apply in vegetable gardens.
  • This product offers season-long protection.


  • You have to use an excellent quantity for a higher deer population.

Customer Reviews :

“This has been the only thing that works to keep them away. They last for about two months, maybe a bit more. Long enough for the new growth to become established and no longer as appetizing to the deer. “


8. Lomerey Solar Powered Deer Chaser Light

The Lomerey Solar Powered Deer Chaser Light is the best bang for the buck, considering its robust abilities. With this pack of 4 bright red flashing light repellers, the deers won’t dare to enter your vicinity. The dual red LED powerful lights flashes bright to disturb the predator’s eyes.

You’ll like how the device self-charges itself during the day to deliver amazing performance at night time. The weatherproof design allows users to use this device regardless of the weather. You have to keep in mind the hotspots for deer and place these lights accordingly.

You can target all flying and small predators along with the deer to safeguard your yards. All in all, it is a reliable and valuable investment.


  • It automatically charges during the day.
  • It has a maintenance-free and weatherproof design.
  • You can use it on camping trips and outdoor events also.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to get them in the standing position.

Customer Reviews :

“These are great little blinking red lights that are supposed to scare off skunks and others. Well, they worked well the first night and the second, but then the skunks accepted them, and they dug for grubs in my lawn right next to the blinking red lights. I think they felt that they were at a disco having supper! The lights flash great and hold the solar charge all night long.”


9. Univerayo Deer Repellent Device

This easy-to-mount device is one of the best instruments to keep deer away from your beautiful green plants and shrubs. This Univerayo garden deer repeller uses two bright red flashlights to deter deer. The device does not require electricity because it is solar-powered.

Besides, with an IP77 rating, this product is safe to use for all types of weather. Unlike repellent sprays, you don’t have to worry about reapplication. The device covers an angle of 60-degree which you can alter according to the terrain.


  • Best deer repellent with IP77 weatherproof
  • You can use it on yards and gardens.
  • This solar-powered device only requires 5 hours of charging.
  • The pricing is very reasonable.


  • It needs an intense sun to charge up.

Customer Reviews :

“I researched sound machines and then somehow found this product. With very little confidence this would work and thinking I may be wasting $40 more dollars, I set them up next to the area where the raccoons came in and out. Within two days, I stopped hearing them.”


Make & Use Homemade Deer Repellants

Do you not like chemical or electronic devices around your yard? In that case, you can also prepare an effective homemade repellant. With these natural ingredients, the deers will no longer treat your vegetable garden as their buffet table.

You can combine this all-natural solution with deer-resistant plants. Many people tend to avoid store-bought deer repellents because they are a tad pricey. Especially if you require deer repellents’ help, the store-bought repellents can run out of budget.

This mixture is also safe to use on edible plants. Here’s an effective homemade repellent that uses all-natural ingredients to scare away Bambi and his fellow eaters!

The Process

Here’s a full process to prepare this all-natural homemade repellent:


  • Warm water
  • Strainer
  • Blender
  • Egg solids
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Crushed garlic cloves
  • Yogurt or milk
  • Garden sprayer

Step 1: Blending all Ingredients

Put the egg solids, yogurt or milk, cayenne pepper, and garlic along with 2-3 cups of water into a high-speed blender. Blend all the ingredients in a smooth puree. Next, strain the mixture into a big gallon jug. Also, add the remaining liquid and seal the container.

Step 2: Ripen the Combination

While the potent combination will be ready to use after blending, it’s better to let it rest. If you leave the mixture to ripen at room temperature for 24 hours, it will be more effective. Yes, it’ll be a tad intense! After 24 hours, you can transfer it to a garden spray or use spray bottle.

Step 3: Spray the Solution on Individual Plants

Spray individual plants liberally once the morning dew or raindrops have dried up. Make sure to spray the fruits, leaves, stems, and the full plants with this solution. Don’t fret, as this solution will not harm your foliage.

The milk in this spray contains casein. Casein is a sticky protein that allows the solution to cling to the leaves. Once the solution dries up, humans will be undetectable but still adequate to chase away ruminants.

If any stubborn deers dare to taste the plants, the pepper will take care that they don’t return. That pepper will turn them off and give them a burning warning to not come near the plants again!

Step 4: Store it Safely.

Because of the sticky ingredients in the repellent, it can easily clog the spray bottle. Once you apply the repellent to your garden, pour the leftover into the jug or a container for storage. The best part is that as the milk and egg continue to rot, it will get even more effective and potent.

Step 5: Reapply When Necessary

You have to reapply the homemade deer repellent to your edible plants every week and after rainfall. The ideal season for spraying these deer repellents is during the early growing season. When the weather conditions are warm in March or April, it’ll be a perfect time to spray!

During these months, the deers try to establish feeding patterns. If you spray your yards with this unappetizing spray, they’ll be forced to look for another meal source. This garden deer repellent also is useful as a rabbit repellant.

Other Natural Ways to Keep the Deers Away

There are also tons of standard and inexpensive garden deer repellent solutions. You can try these concoctions before investing in an expensive store-bought solution. Check out all the natural alternatives below:

  • Sprinkle some chili powder to chase deer and rabbits
  • Buy some deer deterring plants for your garden.
  • Hang Irish spring soap bars
  • Spread and leave some human hair in your garden and near the flowerbeds
  • Use your pet to watch the yard.
  • Bring in some flashing lights and high-pitched sounds.
  • Strategically place fabric softener sheets.
  • Use dried blood meal to send warning signs.
  • You can also use spray that has peppermint in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most effective deer repellent?

Our extensive research and product review say that the Bobbex deer repellent is the most effective option. The unique combination of natural formulas will not only chase away the deers but also keep your plants safe. The pungent odor of this deer repellent does a great job of scaring away the deers.

The Bobbex deer repellent also happens to be or top pick for protecting your garden from deer populations. The product works in all weather conditions.

2. Do coffee grounds keep deer away?

Maybe not in all, but in some instances, you can use coffee grounds to repel deers. You can sprinkle some coffee grounds around your flower beds and entrances to keep the deer away. The deers do not like the smell of coffee grounds and usually stay away after spotting them.

3. What can I use for deer repellent?

There are several items that you can use for repelling deers. There are garden protecting fences, noise deterrents, deer deterrent sprays, deer deterring trees. Also, the peppermint smell can chase away the deers. Ingredients that have a strong odor can repel the deer effectively.

Processed sewage, predator urine, decaying fishheads, hair, garlic, blood meal have a strong odor that the deers usually dislike. You can either invest in a store-bought repellent or make one yourself!

4. Do mothballs repel deer?

Mothballs are odor deterrents that do a great job of chasing away the deers. You can spread a handful of mothballs around your flower beds and plants to prevent the deer from eating them. Remember that the mothballs do not offer a powerful barrier.

It is okay to use mothballs only when you have a small deer population in your area. You may have to use a combination of methods to keep the deers away.

To Sum It Up

Deer repellents are extremely effective methods to keep the deers away from your yard. Most of the time, a hungry deer can defeat even a 6-foot fence deer structure to take a bite of your vegetable garden. Besides, the deer fence is not always a pocket-friendly option.

You can layer up some of these repellents from the list to make full-proof protection. Yard owners must be dedicated and follow a strict routine for deer repellent application. With these products, you can chase away the deers at a fraction of the cost of a deer fence.

Grab a deer repellent so that those lovely tomatoes in your garden lands up on your plate and not the deer’s stomach!