Best Microgreen Growing Trays – Product Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

microgreen growing trays

The growing microgreen has been in rage lately in the farming community. Not only have farmers experimented with several growing mediums, but they also experiment with different microgreen trays.

Even though microgreens are small in size, they are full of color, flavor, nutrition, and aroma. Microgreens have more nutritional value than full-sized plants. The possibility of maintaining such high-quality entirely depends on the products used to grow the microgreens.

The microgreen growing medium is crucial to the kind of harvest that you are going to get. However, microgreen grows trays are just as important to the harvesting process. The trays ensure the healthy and even growth of the crops.

Even though there are not many product options in the market when you look for microgreen trays, there is still the possibility of making mistakes while buying one. Therefore, we have reviewed some microgreen growing trays in this article to give you an idea of what to expect with each. We have also formed a buyer’s guide to knowing what to consider while buying microgreen trays.

Microgreen Trays – Product Reviews

There is only a small array of products that you can use as molds to grow microgreens in. Below, we have reviewed some of them. These product reviews should help you understand what to expect with each product.

So, without further ado, let us get acquainted with microgreen trays.

1. 1020 Microgreens Growing Trays No Holes

Looking for reusable, sturdy, and durable food grade microgreen trays without holes? This is undoubtedly the product for you. The 1020 Microgreen Growing trays are extremely sturdy to improve handling. Their reusability and durability act as added advantages that come with sturdiness. These factors also make the tray cost-efficient. 

The outside dimensions of this tray are 21 x 10.75 x 2.5 inches and weigh about 3.84 pounds. You can be assured that the dimensions will not alter due to bending or twisting under the tray-full weight of microgreens in it. The best part about this product is that you can hold it in one hand and not worry about dropping some crops due to splitting or twisting.

This is an excellent substitute for the multiple cheap trays you might resort to buying in the illusion of saving money. Unlike them, this tray is a long-term investment due to its reusable, durable plastic, which will last you a long time.

If you are growing microgreens that love moisture, these hole-less trays act as the perfect moisture domes for your crops and allow for easy germination. The BPA-free plastic also ensures that each seed has a healthy start of their life.

The manufacturer is so confident about these trays that these food grade microgreen trays come with a lifetime guarantee.


  • BPA-free plastic
  • Sturdy, Durable, and reusable
  • Perfect dimensions
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Lack of holes only allows this tray to be used as a bottom watering tray

2. Handy Pantry 1020 Microgreen Growing Trays with Drain Holes

If you liked the previous product but are not sure about buying a microgreen growing tray without holes, you should look at this product. Although both e trays are from different manufacturers, the two’s quality and build are the same.

These trays are perfect for shallow germination. They are good for microgreens such as amaranth, spicy salad mix, arugula seed, and sunflower seed. Due to the 1020 BPA-free plastic, these are food grade microgreen trays that you cannot do wrong with.

Their dimensions allow for compatibility with most other trays, and hence, they can see perfectly fit into your system. They are also countertop trays that facilitate convenient farming if you do not have a mounting system yet.

These are good for not only microgreens but also sprouting of broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and radish sprouts. They can help in different farming kinds, such as ebb and flow, organic fodder systems, and hydroponic growing. They can fit perfectly into a 20 x 20 inches tray for bottom watering.

You can buy these trays in a varied variety of pack sizes. If you are just beginning, you can get the pack of 5 or 10, while experienced farmers can opt for packs of 50 or 100 trays. These trays’ dimensions are 21.45 x 11.2 x 3.1 inches, and they weigh about 1.65 pounds.


  • Great for drainage
  • Good quality build
  • Compatible with most microgreen systems
  • Multi-purpose trays
  • Lightweight


  • Not the sturdiest tray out there

3. Bootstrap Farmer Multicolor Microgreen Trays

If you need the perfect bottom watering system and are looking for sturdy and durable trays, you might want to look at these trays. Bootstrap farmer is a reliable company that has many great microgreen trays selling in its name.

One thing that doesn’t affect farming but is interesting about these food grade microgreen trays is that they are multicolor. You can get them in red, orange, green, blue, or pink. This lightens up with the harvesting vibe.

These trays are made of top-quality 100% BPA free plastic that is ultra-durable. Once you buy this tray, you can use it for over 5-10 years and not be worried about the loss of quality.

The build material is recyclable Polypropylene leach-resistant plastic that has no additives in it. Therefore, these trays help in regulating pests and are also easy on the planet.

The sturdiness and rigidity of these trays are unmatched. They can hold anything without breaking. They are so durable that they should be used multiple times and are suitable for commercial growers.

These trays are the perfect match for other Bootstrap trays that have drainage holes. They can be used as humidity domes, heat mats, microgreen trays, wheatgrass sprouting, and fodder.  The outer dimensions of these products are 21.25 x 11 x 1 inch. However, this tray set is also available in the 1010 size for smaller yields.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Multicolor
  • Food-grade quality


  • Only compatible with other Bootstrap goring trays

4. Yield Lab 1020 Hydroponic Tray

While growing microgreens or any other plant, you must get the seeds to germinate in the tray perfectly. These rays do exactly that. They help microgreen seeds establish roots while imbibing the advantages of being grown in a containerized environment.

The sturdy and durable plastic construction of these products is great from an efficiency point of view. They aid in multi-year usage of the trays. The plastic used to make these trays is reusable and eco-friendly.

These trays are the best-balanced product between durability and lightweight handling. They are great for many purposes. They can be used for microgreen growing, seed and cutting propagation, and other farming purposes.

The Yield Lab trays do not have drainage holes. Therefore, due to their deep construction, they can be used for extra watering or moisture doming. They are great for moisture-loving microgreens. They are also good to be used as drip trays.

Compatibility with hydroponic microgreen grow mats is also something that you do not have to worry about. They are perfect for accommodating the company’s other trays, such as a microgreen tray with holes.


  • Well-balanced
  • Sturdy
  • Deep
  • Multi-purpose


  • Compatible only with other Yield Lab products

5. Wild Green Fingers Seed Starting Microgreen Growing Trays

If you’re looking for a heavy product that is a good seed starting pack, here are the right trays for you. These trays are considerably small and are suitable for house 1010 microgreen trays. This product’s dimensions are 14.5 x 9 x 2.2 inches, which makes them more manageable than the larger trays as they can even fit in a windowsill.

These trays are useful to accommodate growing material for microgreens. They could also be used for herb and salad leaves growing. They can undoubtedly be used as wheatgrass trays, microgreen trays, and cat grass trays.

The durable and sturdy plastic makes them ideal for heavy farming or rough handling. Since these trays are also recyclable, they are the perfect addition to a nature-caring farmer’s growing system.

These trays do not have drainage holes and can be used as moisture domes in microgreen production. They are ideal for such uses because they help the plant soak all the moisture without any leaking. This also allows for clean and manageable microgreen production.


  • Manageable size
  • Multi-purpose trays
  • Recyclable


  • Some users find that the edges of these trays are easily crack-able.
  • Build feels cheap

6. Bootstrap Farmer 1010 Microgreen Trays with and Without Holes

Bootstrap has another product that you cannot go wrong with. If you do not like the size of the 1020 trays because you find them bulky, you might like this. These square trays are much more manageable in size, and they can be seated almost anywhere due to their small size.

Much like the 1020 trays, they are great for microgreen farming. They are sturdy and durable. This increases the handling capability and ease of the trays.

These trays are the perfect equipment for someone who is starting with microgreen farming and wants to understand the process’s quality aspect. However, they are a favorite among experts as well.

Once you buy these super sturdy trays, you do not have to worry about them breaking easily. They are built to be used multiple times and will not break easily. They also come with a 2-year warranty that assures quality products.

The plastic that these trays are made of are BPA-free and environmentally sound. Therefore, they are great for a nature-conscious farming process. These food grade microgreen trays ensure that you do not have to worry about harmful additions to your microgreen crops.

These trays are great to fit other 1010 or 1020 trays by Bootstrap. You can essentially build an entire Bootstrap growing environment and not worry about the quality of your equipment. The best thing about buying this product is that it comes with half trays with holes and half without holes.


  • BPA free food-grade trays
  • Durable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Good dimensions


  • Cannot be used with other company’s products

7. National Garden Wholesale Super Spouter Tray

This 1020 microgreen tray is made to fit the industry-standard thickness. Although thickness does not always promise sturdiness and strength, this tray is fairly rigid. It is made to hold and will serve the purpose of adequately maintaining weight.

This 10 x 20 inches tray is great for propagating seedlings with a seedling mix, rock wool, or starter plugs. It can also be safely used for microgreen cultivation. The small size of the drainage holes ensures that the plants will stay moist but will not retain too much moisture. This helps in overall good growth and prevention of pests and molding.

Since the tray comes with raised channels on the base, it is good for air circulation and the roots’ airing. This product is an overall great product for microgreen growth.

The exact dimensions of this microgreen tray are 21.2 x 11.1 x 2.3 inches. It is a fairly deep tray that allows for longer microgreens to be produced. The tray weight is about 4 ounces.


  • Standard thickness
  • Good size
  • Deep tray


  • Can be flimsy at times
  • Microgreen growing is the secondary purpose of this tray

8. Extra Strength Microgreens Seedling Trays

Most professional farmers like to use larger trays for a bigger yield. This microgreen tray allows just that. This longer microgreen tray has a 23.62 x 11.81 x 1.38 inches dimension. The shallow depth is good for smaller microgreen variants that are difficult to root in deeper trays.

This tray is ideal for microgreens and can also be used for sprouting due to its small drainage holes. These trays can also be used as heat mats and humidity domes for various crops such as sunflower, lettuce, and wheatgrass.

The stackable design of these trays is good for storage purposes and some forms of hydroponic farming. The manufacturer claims that these trays are so durable that they can last for up to a decade without qualms.

They can hold heavy loads of about 20 lbs without breaking or warping. They are also weather-resistant microgreen and propagation trays. 

The plastic used in these trays is BPA-free and is non-leaching polypropylene. This allows for healthy plant growth, and if the crop you’re growing is meant for commercial purposes, you cannot go wrong with these food grade microgreen trays. 

For indoor commercial growers, this is the ideal pick for primary microgreen growing trays.


  • Large size
  • Stackable
  • Ultra-durable
  • Food grade plastic


  • They require extensive cleaning and maintenance since the drainage holes might clog with soil

9. 5GallonBucketHydro 1010 Microgreen Drip Trays

These trays are like any other 1010 microgreen trays without holes. They are great for bottom watering since they are deep and can hold more water than the standard 1-inch deep trays. You can use this tray for microgreen, wheatgrass, or any other organic cultivation.

These trays are great for all forms of germination and are regularly favored by expert growers. These trays also allow for roots to run longer than usual while allowing for healthier, more moisturized microgreens.

The dimensions of these trays are 10 x 10 x 2.5 inches. Since they run at the exact size of 1010, they can be compatible with other 1010 trays with holes to hold the microgreens with growing medium and seeds. Two of these trays can also be easily fixed into a 1020 tray.

Reviewers of these trays have testified on the sturdiness and reliability. These trays’ primary purpose is to grow the ‘sample’ microgreens that commercial growers have to present to clients. These trays’ cost is also highly appreciated since they provide better quality than expected from a product at their price.


  • Good size
  • Great depth for root growth and bottom watering
  • Perfect for growing sample trays


  • The corners of the tray are not as strong as the entire tray
  • Too lightweight and can be knocked off

10. Mr. Sprout & Co. Heavy Duty 1020 Trays Without Holes

This tray set comes with a transparent plastic humidity dome lid. If you are growing microgreens such as radish or sunflower seeds, you will notice that they require more moisture than others. To provide the same, the humidity dome lid traps the moisture inside the set-up.

The transparency of the lid allows for microgreen growth to be monitored at ease without causing contamination. This also allows for total control over the germination process. The lid helps regulate the size the microgreens reach since too long microgreens can lose their color and flavor.

These trays are built of heavy-duty reusable plastic, which will last you for a decent amount of time. Since they are not flimsy, they can be used in most weather conditions indoors.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Durable
  • Transparent humidity dome lid
  • Total control over germination


  • The plastic is not food grade.

Microgreen Trays Buying Guide

There are some good options present in the market. However, you can also find equally flimsy and bad microgreen trays. You must keep the following things in mind before choosing the right microgreen growing trays for your growing system.

Build Quality

The quality of the material used to make the microgreen tray is necessary to be good. Good material increases durability and maximizes the utility of the product. A good material ensures that the ray will be well functional for over half a decade.

The durability of trays helps in getting acquainted with the growing procedure suited best for the product. It also increases the cost-efficiency of the product.


A microgreen tray’s sturdiness is one of the most significant factors to consider while buying a microgreen tray. A flimsy microgreen tray cannot hold the weight of grown crops or even the amount of soil required for growth. While farming, it is possible that you’d want to keep multiple trays together, and having sturdy trays facilitates multi-tasking.

 Another advantage of sturdy trays is that the growth of microgreen is even. If trays are flimsy, they tend to bend from the middle while causing crops in the center to retain extra moisture, while crops at the corners do not get enough moisture.

Plastic Quality

You should always give preference to food grade microgreen trays that are built with BPA-free plastic. Non-leach plastics are great to prevent molding, leeches, and other pests and are always beneficial.

Low-grade plastic can lead to loss of the crop’s quality and nutrients. Food grading is necessary if you’re going to grow microgreens in that tray.

Drainage Necessities

Not all microgreen trays require to have drainage holes. While some are used for moisture retention, some are used for growth. This is why you need to decide whether you want trays with or without holes and look for a product accordingly.

In case you want drainage holes in your tray, make sure that all holes are evenly spaced. The number of holes matters too. You don’t want to buy certain sprouting trays that are completely embedded with holes, nor do you want to buy trays with only 2-3 holes per inch.


The most popular tray size for microgreens is 1020. This conveys that the tray is 10 inches wide and 20 inches long. Generally, microgreen trays are 1 inch deep for successful rooting.

Other tray sizes include 1010 and 4010. Small trays are great for small growing spaces or growing sample trays. Meanwhile, large trays are perfect for larger growing spaces and full-fledged crop growth. You must choose the size that suits your needs best before buying a microgreen tray.

Summing Up

Buying microgreen growing trays is the first step to begin microgreen farming. After trays, you need to buy microgreen grow mediums, microgreen seeds, misters, and other necessary equipment.

Microgreen trays determine the ease you will have while growing the crops. They also affect the quality of the yield you will have. Therefore, choosing one correctly is of the utmost importance.

To prepare the best base for your crops can yield more nutrients and richness in their growth. Be it any type of crops you select, the microgreen trays should meet the expectation to improve the farming experience.