Best Pole Saws for Tree Trimming – Buyer’s Guide and Top Picks

best pole saws for tree trimming

Pole saws are great tools if you want to reach high tree branches or leaves. They are a hybrid of chainsaws and stepladders.

Pole saws for tree trimming obliviate the risk of carrying a tree branch cutter on a ladder to work manually. Pole saws are great when you want to cut hard-to-reach and hard-to-cut branches. They are not only equipped with power but aid length issues.

Choosing the best pole saws for tree trimming is of utmost importance. With the help of the right product, you will prune and trim your trees effectively. It might take some time for the average buyer to choose the right product. This is why we have prepared an extensive buying guide for you.

Through this guide, you will determine the kind of pole saw you require according to your requirements. The list of our favorite products will also help you directly buy the product that best suits your needs.

So, read more to get the detailed understanding of what to look upon while buying a pole saw for tree trimming along with the top picks!

Choosing the Right Pole Saw

Several different factors define the right pole saw for each individual. Let us look into the most important factors that you should consider. Keep all the below-mentioned points in mind so that you can make the right buying choice.

Types of Pole Saws

Let us have a look at the different kinds of pole saws that you can buy.

Gas Pole Saw

Gasoline-powered chain saws are the most versatile and powerful tools that you can own. This is especially so if your working space is remotely located since they do not require a fixed power source such as electricity.

Most gas pole saws can run for long hours as long as they have enough fuel in them. Therefore, they are great for large gardens that require the saw to work for hours at length. However, these pole saws tend to be quite loud since they are the only pole saws that need an engine to work. It is also due to the engine that the average weight of gas-powered pole saws varies from 14 to 20 pounds. 

Cordless Battery Pole Saws

Cordless battery poles do not require the manual effort of putting in fuel. Instead, they function on rechargeable batteries. They are not as powerful as gas pruners. That is why they take longer to finish their jobs. However, they do not make a lot of noise since they do not function with an engine.

Since the average runtime of compatible batteries is about an hour, you must always carry extra batteries.

Cordless pole saws are generally lighter than gas pole saws. Their average weight ranges between 13 and 15 pounds. They are, therefore, safer and easier to use. They function on either 40V or 80V batteries that can be reused into any other gardening devices.

Corded Electric Pole Saws

These electric pole saws for tree trimmingrequire a constant power source. This is why they need to be plugged into a wall outlet with an extension cord. This may sound like an unideal working design; however, these saws are just as powerful as battery-powered ones.

The cost-effectiveness and the indefinite runtime are multiple points in favor of this kind of pole saws. These are also the lightest elevated chainsaw type that you can find.

These saws are also incredibly lightweight. This is because they do not have to carry the load of the power source inside them. The average weight of corded electric pole saws is always less than 15 pounds.

Weight of The Tree Branch Cutter

Gas pole saws are the heaviest kinds of tree branch cutters, followed by corded electric pole saws. The cordless electric pole saws are the lightest from the lot.

Some gas pruners can weigh up to 20 pounds, which is inconvenient and dangerous to use. You will be holding these tree branch cutters over your head and will be supporting them with only your arm strength.

If the pruner is too heavy, your arms might get tired, leading to you accidentally dropping it on yourself. Even a 10-pound pruner can cause inconvenience. Lightweight pruners that weigh about 8-pounds are perfect if you do not have enough arm strength.

Actual Length and Working Height

Choosing the right height of the pole saw according to your working needs is of utmost importance. The actual length is the pruner’s height, while the working height is the actual length along with the length of your arm.

Understanding the actual length of the pole saw is crucial to factor in the height that you will reach.

Oiler Type

When you want to maintain a chainsaw, you will have to oil it to keep it in shape. Pole saws are of two types – manual and automatic.

The oiler type of your pole saw makes a considerable difference in the way it is used. While manual oilers can be a little hard to maintain, automatic ones could be inconsistent.

Automatic oiler bars ensure a well-lubricated chain. This is the more popular oiler type. The manual oiler type requires you to push a button to ensure well-lubrication. This allows for better control over lubrication, which is why it is preferred by people who do not use the pole saw frequently.

Length of the Cutting Bar

The most common length of cutting bars varies between 6 and 10 inches. In the case of handheld chainsaws, the recommended cutting bar length is at least 2 inches longer than the branch’s diameter that you’re going to cut. This will allow you to prevent kickbacks.

When manufacturers claim an 8-inch blade can cut a 7.5-inch thick branch, they’re not technically lying. However, longer blades are preferable to exercise caution.

Chainsaw Head

If you want a 2-in-1 functionality, you must opt for a removable head chainsaw. If the head of a pole chainsaw is removable, you can double it as a handheld chainsaw. 2-1 model helps you to trim and prune trees alongside faster log cutting.

You do not have to buy any extra equipment for tree trimming and branch cutting. This proves to be an extremely cost-efficient approach. Some chainsaws allow the pole trimmer to be converted into a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, or a yard trimmer.

Best Pole Saws for Tree Trimming – Product Reviews

Now that you know how to choose the right tree branch cutter, we have listed a few products that we like. You can select one of these products or get an idea of what good quality pole saws are like.

So, without further ado, let us get acquainted with our favorite pole saws for tree trimming.

1. Remington RM1035P Ranger II Electric Pole Saw and Chainsaw

 Remington is the producer of some of the best pole saws available in the market. This company is very reliable when it comes to performance and build quality.

The Remington RM1035P Ranger II Pole Saw is a hidden 2-in-1 model. It can be switched from a device ideal for cutting logs to a device capable of pruning trees within seconds. This pole saw allows for cutting both close-up objects and objects that are far away.

The 10 feet extendable length of this pole saw is one of the highest length levels possible to achieve. It gives you a massive overhead reach that ultimately serves the required function of a pole saw.  

Since the shaft of this pole saw is made of non-slip and anti-rotation materials capable of making the unit sturdy. The in-built branch blade also allows for easier and larger area cleaning.


  • Push-button that allows for easy functionality switching
  • Study and stable because of the anti-rotation and non-slip materials used to build
  • Starts instantly
  • Automatic oiling system


  • A little heavy to use
  • The maximum high can be too dangerous to use
  • The motor could be stronger than it is.

2. Worx WG309 Corded Electric Pole Saw

This is another powerful pole saw that can serve two functions almost instantaneously. It can be instantly shifted from being a pole saw to a handheld chainsaw. This proves to be an economical and easy storage feature.

This pole saw features an auto-tension function responsible for expanding the lifespan of the 40-link blade attached to it. Along with a reliable and strong 8-amp engine, this pole saw has the capability of being used for many years. It is one of the most durable pole saws available in the market.

The Worx WG309 Pole Saw has the capability of extending up to 8 feet. Even with that massive length, this corded pole saw is considerably lightweight at 10.2 pounds. This pole saw strives for optimum functionality. That is why it is not made to be unnecessarily bulky.

The ergonomic grip design is perfect for maintaining a good grip on the shaft. Even though pole saws should not be used in wet conditions, this product can stand the slippery conditions at ease. The corded design makes it ideal for small areas that do not have tangle-able distractions.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Auto-tension and auto-lubrication
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2-in-1 functioning


  • Chances of kickback are pretty high
  • Lack of proper safety functions and measures

3.  Greenworks 20672 Battery-Operated Pole Saw

With advancements in technology, finding battery-operated saws has become very common in the market. However, if you want the best of its type, the Greenworks 20672 is one of the best pole saws that could exist.

This cordless pole saw has an actual length of about 8-inches and can reach about 8 feet. It has an adjustable tension system and an extendable shaft.

All these things combine to give the user great control over their work. Along with that, it is incredibly lightweight at just 8.36 pounds.

 It also comes with an angled powerhead that is perfect for cutting horizontal grass instead of cutting trees. The battery system incorporated in this product can be used with other 40 Greenworks yard tools. You will find a hard time trying to switch from this pole saw to any other. 


  • Automatic oiling system
  • Durable
  • Built-in battery indicator
  • Extremely lightweight yet powerful


  • Needs better designing
  • May come in fragile packaging

4. Oregon Cordless PS250 40V Telescoping Pole Saw

Oregon is a renowned brand that delivers quality electronic and heavy-duty machinery. The reliability and usability of the Oregon pole saw is exemplary due to several reasons.

The foremost thing that is great about this product is that it has a balanced weight distribution. This balanced distribution is possible because of the mid-mount motor design that it fashions. This allows for the saw to be used from any angle at ease with optimum safety. It avoids the common problem that most cordless pole saws have – it doesn’t feel heavy on one side.

With an 8-inch cutting bar, this pole saw can extend to up to 10 feet. The blade size is small in size. This allows for more precision while chopping specific bushes and branches. This also allows the company to cut down on the weight of the machine. It is, however, still a decently weighted machine.

Being an electronic pole saw, it is multifold quieter than gas saws while delivering the same branch chopping quality. The functioning of this saw is such that it doesn’t even vibrate too much.


  • 40V lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Automatic oiler
  • The shoulder strap allows for weight distribution
  • Balanced design
  • Starts instantly


  • Small blade size
  • A little heavy

5. Sun Joe SWJ800E 6.5-amp Electric Pole Chainsaw

It is almost unbelievable how lightweight this electric pole chainsaw is. It weighs only about 8 pounds that is the optimum weight for overhead pole saws. It is also extremely compact as compared to other pole saw models. This makes it convenient to use and store.

The design employed in this pole saw is ergonomic and much easier to use than most pole saws. It does trade length for power, but its power is worth a few inches of height loss. The 7.2 feet length is less than other models, but it could be ideal for your use if you do not require too long trimmers.

The best part about this saw is that it comes with an adjustable head that can be moved up to 30° to deal with awkward angles. The lightweight compensates for the length.

This is possible because there is considerably less risk of losing arm strength while using this blade. It can, therefore, be helped entirely overhead. This gives a few inches extra height to the entire setup.  

To prevent undue dulling, the blade is automatically lubricated. It is always on the same performance level regardless of how long you have been cutting for. The 8-amp motor allows for a strong performance that will not fail you.


  • Compact design, easy to store
  • Lightweight design, easy to hold
  • Adjustable head, easy to work at awkward angles
  • Strong motor for better functionality


  • Small blade size
  • The user might end up getting careless due to the lightweight build.

Using a Pole Saw Conveniently

While you can refer to the user’s manual that must be provided by each manufacturer, it is always great to have better-using tips. Below are a few steps you need to follow if you want to use a pole saw effectively.

Clear the Working Area

Since pole saws could be potentially dangerous and you’d want to get the job done as fast as possible, you’d want to make sure that the cleaning area is clear. Make sure that no people or things are standing in the area to avoid accidents and time wastage. This is also because you’d want a clear area for when a branch falls from the tree.

You should also make sure that you do not trip on something. A clear area is a must.

Create a Working Plan

Before you get to work, you will have to create a working plan in advance. You can not go about cutting a branch without knowing what exactly needs to be done. You must take a step back and observe the work that is required before switching on the chainsaw.

Work on Lower Branches First

If you want to make your pruning process easy, you should start working on lower branches first. Once you have removed the lower branches, you will get clear space to safely cut the upper ones.

Pick the Right Standing Spot

Ensure that you do not stand at a position that will allow the cut branch to fall on you. Make sure that you sand to the side for maximum safety. You must also make sure that you are standing in such a position that you can see and hear the pole saw perfectly.

Adjust Height Correctly

Make sure that you hold the saw correctly. The right position is to hold one end of the pole saw to the chest level.

If you want to reach higher branches, do not adjust your height since that would cause you to lose balance. You must always only adjust the pole saw length to reach branches that are either too high or too low for the pole saw’s standard length.

Slowly Increase the Pace

Ensure that whenever you start cutting, you do not make the first few cuts at full speed. Keep an eye on the branch while you begin cutting at a low speed.

When you have cut halfway, you can increase the speed before you start reaching the end. Make sure that when you reach the end, you decrease the speed of the saw again.

Using a Pole Saw Safely

Pole saws are very high-functioning and work at a high pace. They can cut through people as easily as they cut through branches. Therefore, there are a few safety tips that you must follow.

  • Make sure that you are always wearing the right safety gear. Safety gear includes clothes that stick to the body, boots, eye protection, a hard hat, and hearing protection. You must also wear heavy-duty gloves while working with a chainsaw.
  • Never use the chainsaw at night or in wet conditions. Attempting to use pole saws for tree trimming at night can cause visibility issues that can be dangerous. Wet conditions can make either you or the branch slip, which is also becoming a serious situation.
  • Do not attempt to cut several branches in one go since you will lose control. Remember, you are working with an unintelligent machine. Therefore, if you create chances that allow you to get hurt, you will get hurt.
  • While using a tree branch cutter, make sure that you remove the branches immediately. This prevents you from tripping. Tripping-related accidents are dangerous when a high-speed saw and heavy tree branches are involved.
  • Make sure that you are always ready for a kickback. A kickback occurs when the tip of the pole hits a hard object. This makes the saw turn towards you. Pole saws are easy to lose control of since you have minimum control over something that functions over your head. Kickbacks are fatal. However, you can prevent injury by maintaining vigilance.


Pole saws are perfect when you need to cut branches that are higher up than your reach. Even though they are dangerous, they are more convenient and safer than using a step ladder along with a chainsaw. However, no matter how well-trained and practiced you are, using pole saws for tree trimming is highly dangerous.

There is a wide variety of pole saws that you can choose from. Buy the one that meets your needs perfectly to cut your lawn will be the most convenient thing ever. If you get one that supports dual functionality, be assured that your garden will never look shabby as long as you have the will to make it look great.

So, what are you waiting for? Once you purchase the one which meets your needs, start trimming your tree and plan a picnic under it!