Best Level Lawn Tool-Top 10

best level lawn tool

A bumpy lawn definitely ruins the aesthetic of your house. We all dream of beautiful green grass and flowers to make our lawns a paradise. Hence, it is necessary to address the issue of uneven lawns. To accentuate the space, you must smooth out the lawn evenly with an ideal lawn tool.

A bumpy lawn can be dangerous for people as they might fall while running. For the safety of your kids and other people, lawn leveling becomes a necessity.

If you do not choose the right leveling tool, lawn leveling can become a hassle. The market has an abundance of lawn tools. Hence, to aid in your decision-making, you must go through this guide on level lawn tools.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Level Lawn Tool

Before buying any lawn tool, you must analyze several factors. These considerations ensure you are making the right decision. Here is what you need to know about these factors.


Before buying any lawn tools, purpose analysis should be your first step. In the case of a leveling rake, you must observe your lawn type and the extent of its bumpiness. For example, if your lawn is severely uneven, you must purchase a heavy-duty lawn tool.

Next, you must observe the dimensions of your lawn. If your lawn is big, a hand rake should not be used.

Hands rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows are best fit for lawns that have minor bumps. When it comes to moderate and heavy-duty tasks, you can choose from a myriad of special lawn tools meant for those purposes.


The measure of a good leveling tool is its durability. Any tool that you buy for your lawn or gardening purposes must be sturdy. They must be strong enough to withstand the pressure that is applied to them for the completion of the task.

For example, it is required of you to dig a hole through the dirt in the ground. To do so, you will have to apply considerable pressure and push at the rake. If the rake is not durable enough, it will break easily.

To prevent this from happening, you must check that your equipment is strong enough. You must choose the brand that promises durability through and through.


This factor influences your buying decision the most. Among multiple leveling tools, you can only choose the rake that comes under your budget. Also, you must check that the tool is worth the price you are paying for it. If it’s not worth it, you must remove the tool from your buying list.

In most cases, the durability 0f the rake is determined through the price. However, you must not think that low-priced tools are entirely hopeless in durability. Nonetheless, the functions of cheap lawn tools are nowhere close to expensive ones.

Once you are done with function comparison, analyze the price to ensure a better judgment.

How To Level Uneven Lawns?

The leveling process is probably the most important detail to be understood. To level the lawn, you must identify its range of work required based on its severity.

Severe bumpy lawn

If you think that your lawn has severe bumps, you will have to take extreme steps to cure it. In such a scenario, sod-cutting or topdressing will not be an alternative. You must address this issue by reinstalling a completely new lawn. It will be better to remove the dirt, weeds, and bumps that cover the lawn with the help of a tractor.

The initial step will include the identification of the slope line with the help of stakes. Once the slope line is identified appropriately, you can initiate the drainage process. Next, you must start removing the subsoil in the higher areas and use it to fill the lower area.

For about 2 inches, spread the topsoil and till it into the subsoil. Tilling will prevent any problems related to drainage. The final stage of grading the lawn includes the spreading of topsoil for another 4 inches.

You can grow new grass by using sod or seed.

Moderate bumpy lawn

In moderate bumpy lawns, the low spots have a small depth of one inch. For this, the best alternative is topdressing the lawn. In the process, you must remove sods and identify the cause of unevenness.

Make sure to rectify the cause and cover the leakages when the topdress is done. Once the leakage has been fixed, finish the job by filling the hole with soil.

If you are new to gardening, you must thoroughly learn the process.

  1. Remove the sods located in low spots.
  2. Ensure the sods are more than 18 inches wide.
  3. Pull the sods from the surface one by one until they are no longer attached.
  4. Keep the strips away from the sun and moist.
  5. Fill the holes with soil and add water to make sure that it settles down.
  6. Place new sods and water them regularly to make them grow.

Minor bumpy lawns

Minor depressions in the lawn can be easily taken care of. You can get even lawns by using a soil mixture to topdress the lower areas. It is not a difficult job and does not require heavy labor. In fact, the cost of fixing minor bumpy lawns is veritably less.

The soil mixture will include sand, compost, and blended topsoil. This mixture is essential to fill the tiny low areas to support the growth of grass. Do not put the extra mixture in low areas since that would add to the lawn’s unevenness. Avoid positioning the topdressing too deep as it would suffocate the grass. You can use a hand rake to even out the fillings.

You can also use a push broom to evenly spread the topdressing. In the end, you will receive an even lawn where your kids can run back and forth without any worry.

Best Lawn Leveling Tools In The Market

Here is a list of the best lawn leveling rakes and tools that you can get from the market. These lawn leveling tools make gardening an easy-to-handle job. They will make your lawn level without any hassle.

1. ATV/UTV Landscape Rake

Landscape rakes have gained popularity only recently. You can attach the rake with your UTV or ATV, which will be pulled when the vehicle moves. The stainless steel curved tines are located at the bottom of the rake. They dig the dirt and grass when the rake moves. Bumpy soil, grass-roots, and rocks are removed by it to make gardening easier.

It can be used for severe and medium leveling based on how efficient you are in driving your vehicle around the land.


  • It can be used for severe and medium leveling
  • Not much effort required (fit for large-scale gardening)


  • You must drag it around the area with the help of a vehicle.

2. Tow-Behind Spike Aerator

The next level lawn tool used for the medium and severe leveling is a tow-behind spike aerator. This is similar to the ATV/UTV landscape rake in terms of being towed behind. This means that this is a hands-free tool attached to a vehicle that will pull the tool around.

The aerator is used in lands that are compacted. Compact lands would be those that have a heavy amount of clay content.

Taking out compacts from the lawn would be a hard thing, which is made easy with a spike aerator’s help. You need to ensure that the aerator is fixed tightly at the behind of a vehicle.

Compact soil will crumble easily, which can be handled best with a spike aerator. The best thing about this is that it will not harm the soil directly.

Once the compacted soil is taken out, the roots can breathe freely. This will help the grass to grow properly, and you can fill the low areas as required.


  • Can take out compact soil
  • Hand-free tool


  • May not be able to take out the whole compact layer at one go

3. Standard Golf Levelawn

This tool is fit for moderate leveling tasks. This leveling tool can effectively level moderately sized lawns or large sports grounds. You can easily use this tool for your task, and it is exceedingly comfortable as well. Based on popular opinion, it is a spectacular tool.

It prepares the lawn for planting by removing stones. If you have grass on your lawn, it would be better to trim it before using the rake. It has a long handle that makes its usage by tall people easier.


  • Fit for use in large spaces (golf grounds)
  • Lightweight design


  • Slightly pricey

4. Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is a very common tool that everyone has heard of. It is used to carry any mixture for many different purposes.

It is not only a level lawn tool but also used in construction sites to have different ingredients. Even here, it serves the same purpose, i.e., to carry the soil mixture that you need for top dressing.

With the wheelbarrow, you can mix the soil quickly and carry it to the desired spot. You can even put in the excess soil, which will be extracted to even out the lawn. This is one of the most used tools by people who go for topdressing.


  • Easy to use
  • Can carry different ingredients


  • May not have enough space to hold the mixture
  • Not for heavy-duty task

5. Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake

This leveler is fit to even out your bumpy lawn or garden with perfection. It is handy in function and can be used for medium and heavy-duty tasks. The dimensions of the tool’s work head are 17 inches by 10 inches. It also comes with two screws in its metal-made long handle. The length of the handle is 6 feet.

Its long handle can be disassembled, which makes it a portable alternative. This would mean that you can carry it anywhere in your car without any trouble.

People of any height can use this rake due to its handle adjustability feature.


  • Does not rust (made from stainless steel)
  • Foldable handle


  • Difficult to use in large areas

6. Hand Rake

Another commonly used lawn tool is a hand rake. It is used for taking clumps from the soil and during topdressing. Hand rake demands manual labor. It covers less space than larger rakes. However, that itself is its benefit. It focuses on small specific areas in your lawn and takes out the required soil.

The back handle of the hand rake can be used to even out and spread the soil in your lawn. You will have to put in a moderate amount of effort and strength while using it to dig into the soil. You can also use the hand rake to mow wild weeds. It is an essential piece of equipment for backyard gardening.


  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight mower


  • Working based on your strength and effort

7. Shovel

There is not a single person who has not heard of a shovel. As you may already know, a shovel is used to dig soil or dirt and even level or smoothen the land.

It is termed as a level lawn tool for the same reasons. The shovel here is used to either dig the soil or even the soil over an area to fill out the low areas.

You can also use the shovel to remove any thatch that may have been hindering the plant roots and its exposure to water, nutrients, and air. You can easily handle a shovel without putting in much effort.


  • Can be handled easily
  • Lightweight
  • Necessary level lawn tool for minor leveling job


  • Cannot be used for heavy-duty tasks

8. Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool

Rocklin Industry is quite a well-known company, famous for its tools for home maintenance. The Levelawn Tool is one such level lawn tool that can be used for leveling your field.

The ground plate of the tool is measured at 48” x 10”. Along with this, the length of the handle is 78 inches. You can even shorten it to 50 inches if required.

One of the most notable things about the tool is that it can be used in different grass types. Some of the grasses are Bermuda, Fescue, Kentucky, Bluegrass, and Ryegrass. It is also not very heavy at just 15 pounds.


  • Can do more work with reduced effort
  • The ground plate is made from stainless steel.


  • Will require proper practice to use the tool efficiently.

9. Brinly-Prc-24bh Lawn Roller

With its impeccable reputation and quality, Brinly has been producing garden tools for more than 180 years. The lawn roller is durable and a highly recommended option.

You can use it to remove damage caused by frost heaves and moles. You can compact loose dirt present in your garden or lawn. It consumes less time to level the ground and is useful for almost all lawn types.


  • It can be used by hand or can be attached to a towing tractor
  • You can get even lawns without much effort


  • Requires a high level of precision

10. Variable Action Drag Chain Harrow

This level lawn tool is made from carbon steel. It is fit for heavy-duty tasks and is probably the best option for tough leveling jobs. The dimensions of the harrow are 48 inches by 54 inches. It is comparatively weighty (60 lbs) and needs 4 HP to pull it.

Harrow is used to preparing the lawn or garden before starting the leveling process. It has many uses, such as pasture renovation, mowing, herbicide incorporation, root racking, etc.


  • Versatile usage
  • It is the best fit for heavy-duty tasks


  • It cannot be used by your hand


1. Why is DIY lawn leveling rake not a good idea?

Manually made dirt and sand leveling tools are not cost-effective. They are weak and do not withstand much pressure. They are made from unreliable materials and break easily. Hence, you will have to buy new materials to make them again. The results are not really good.

The DIY lawn leveling rakes are not as efficient as manufactured ones. They do not even out the surface as you wish them to. The lawn surface continues to be bumpy. Manufactured rake from reputation-driven and based companies must be your only alternative.

2. What differentiates landscape rakes from land leveling ones?

Contrary to popular opinion, landscape rakes are different from land leveling ones. They have a similar handle and head design, yet they differ in function.

A landscape rake is used to move and break large piles of sand. However, a leveling rake is used to level and disperse sand and soil. Sand and soil, with the help of a leveler, even out. Both leveling rakes and landscape rakes are necessary for a better gardening experience. You must use them before planting grass or any other plants in your garden.

3. What makes a leveling rake expensive?

The price of leveling rakes depends on three parameters: material, functions, and quality. Leveling rakes are mostly made from metals (stainless steel) for better durability. Other factors that influence the price of these rakes are design and labor. Due to the growing demand for leveling rakes by homeowners, their prices have increased manifold.


A level lawn with lush grass is every homeowner’s dream. Leveling can be a long and tedious process, but good leveling tools can make it easier for you. Even when it comes to gardening, you must put an effort to level the ground for a better experience.

Some leveling tools require hand labor, while others can be used through a tractor or a vehicle. You can level the soil at your convenience. Once the ground is leveled, you can use grass seeds to grow vibrant green turf in your lawn. In fact, you can enjoy growing a multitude of other plants and make gardening your new hobby. Make sure to water your lawn regularly.

May your lawn grow out to be healthier and more versatile!