Heating Your Tent While Camping in the Cold

battery powered tent heater

Who said that camping is a summer activity and should be avoided in winter? There is no need to restrict your camping adventures to summers. There are many ways to heat your tent so that you can enjoy a comfortable time camping outside even during winter!

Some of these options include battery powered tent heaters, battery powered heating garments, and kerosene heaters.

So, what are the other options that can help you heat your tent? We will look into 5 such products in this article. You will also find an extensive buyer’s guide for your next camping trip in the cold.

Our Favorite Tent Heaters

You can refer to the following list to see the tent heaters that we like the most. If you want to read more about a specific product, you will find a detailed review of each in the next section.

  1. Best overall tent heater – Mr. Heater 4k/9k BTU Portable Radiant Tent Heater
  2. Best budget tent heater – Honeywell HCE100 HeatBud
  3. Best design tent heater – Comfort Zone CZ707 Personal Heater
  4. Best safety tent heater – Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B
  5. Best innovative heater – Honeywell HHF360V 360-Degree Surround Fan Heater

All the above-mentioned tears are chosen on the basis of their power consumption, heating capacity, portability, and pricing. Every product has something unique to offer and sells at a different price point.

Detailed Product Reviews

Without further ado, let us review our favorite tent heaters.

1.     Mr. Heater 4k/9k BTU Portable Radiant Tent Heater

This is no doubt the best tent heater that you can get instead of a battery powered tent heater. This heater comes at a decent price range and stores commendable power to get you safely and wonderfully warm in a tent.

To ensure your safety, this heater includes a tip-off sensor and an oxygen-level sensor. These ensure that if the heater falls on the ground or while your tent’s oxygen level goes lower than the safety limit, it will automatically turn off.

This heater will heat an area around 225 square feet around it without any qualms. This heater is also energy efficient.


  • Ample safety features
  • Efficient running
  • It can heat a large area
  • Cost-friendly


  • Cannot work over the altitude of 7000 feet above the water

2.     Honeywell HCE100 HeatBud

Honeywell is a great company that produces budget-friendly electronics. Their products are reliable, efficient, and effective. The company has brought us a low-cost solution to tent heating. Do not be fooled by its cost. It makes camping in the cold enjoyable.

This is a mini-heater which is portable. At 1.05 pounds, this is an extremely lightweight heater that can help fit into your bad at ease.

Safety has also been taken care of with this heater. It includes tip-over protection. The knowledge of this feature can help you sleep carefreely and blissfully in your heated sleeping bag. 

The HeadBud comes with two pre-fixed heat settings. The cool touch housing prevents accidental burns and injuries. This is a 250-Watt heater with a ceramic build to ensure comfortable and even heating.

This heater effectively heats a tent for 1-2 people. It is extremely bright, but that is not something that cannot be overlooked at this price point.  


  • Budget-friendly
  • Cool touch housing
  • Lightweight
  • Good safety features


  • Extremely bright
  • Cannot heat medium to large tents

3.     Comfort Zone CZ707 Personal Heater

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, sturdy heater to warm your tent, this is a great option for you.

The Comfort Zone CZ707 Personal Heater is built on a full metal design. It is compact, and believe it or not; it is not too heavy either. This metal heater weighs about 3.6 pounds, which is not bad for the material quality. Unlike other metal heaters, this one does not heat up and features a convenient carrying handle for portability.

This heater is extremely powerful and effective in getting through cold nights comfortably. It is also extremely power-efficient and safe to use.

You can continuously use this heater to its full power without being fearful about a causing circuit issue. This heater includes a high limit safety fuse that will automatically cut the power off if there’s any danger of overheating the wires. The power indicator lights also add to the safety of the product. 

This is a great heater to help you sleep through a cold night in the wilderness. Its noise-free functioning keeps you from getting distracted by a wheezing electrical sound.

This is a 1500-Watt heater that can even heat garages easily. Even though the product includes an adjustable thermostat, it also comes with 3 in-built heat settings. Therefore, you can set the exact temperature that you need your tent to be in.


  • Unique stay-cool metal body build
  • Noise-free operation
  • Ample safety features
  • Efficient heating


  • This heater is not durable
  • The pre-fixed heat functions are not as effective.

4.     Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B

The Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B is a great option if you’re looking for a propane heater that can be used indoors.

It is safe for camping and is appreciated for its safety against overheating, which is done through an automatic power-off feature. A built-in thermostat ensures steady yet progressive heating. This protects your tent from sustaining burns or damage due to suddenly focused heating.

This heater also has a low-oxygen sensor and a tip-over switch, which prevents burns due to accidental incidents. 

Safety is the priority of this heater. It is made of a ceramic material which has shock-absorbing insulating properties. Not only does this keep you safe, but it also makes the heater efficient. It can safely and quickly heat your tent on the coldest of nights.

The heater offers an elevation of 7000 feet and can heat equal to 95 sq ft area around it. The stability of this heater is great. A sturdily built handle can carry it around. 

This heater runs with the least BTU and has a maximum BTU of 336 minutes. It provides odor-free heating at a 45-degree angle.


  • It has a run time of minimum BTU, and its maximum BTU is 336 minutes.
  • Exemplary safety features
  • Ceramic design
  • Odor-free heating


  • Takes time to light
  • Needs some technical tests and improvements

5.     Honeywell HHF360V 360-Degree Surround Fan Heater

This is a great heater if you’re not into minimalist camping since it requires some heavy power source. However, if you have access to an appropriate source, be assured that this heater will give you the best deal for its price.

This surround fan heater comes with two heat settings that you can choose from to get into ideal temperature conditions. If you do not want too much heating, you can also turn on the singular fan mode that will not push any heat at all.

It has an easy to carry handle around the chassis, which has a sturdy base. Safety features are also taken care of. You barely have to worry about accidentally tipping over this heater as it has a wide stand that is almost impossible to disbalance. It still consists of a 360-degree tip-over switch.

With this heater, Honeywell got away with all standard heaters as its surrounding heating is phenomenal. This heater’s overall build is decent as it comes in a ceramic material that is safe to touch.


  • 360-degree heating
  • Sturdy base for optimum safety
  • Comes with two heating options along with a fan mode


  • Cannot be used by minimalist campers
  • Does not have a sound-free operation

Tent Heaters Buying Guide

The following are a few things that you should consider before buying a tent heater for yourself.

Type of Heater

There are several different kinds of tent heaters that you can choose from. The most popular ones are propane heaters and electric heaters.

Propane heaters generally warm up tents faster and can even warm larger areas. However, they are not the most convenient to ignite. Burning propane heater is also not the most eco-friendly thing to do as the oil burning process might emit too much carbon into the air.

Electric heaters solve the problems that come with propene heaters but propose two problems of their own. Firstly, they are not as quick to heat as propane heaters. Secondly, not all camping sites have electricity outlets. This is why a battery heater for camping begins to look nice idea.

Buying a battery powered tent heater, however, if not ideal because they hardly heat any space. Buying battery operated heating garments are better than a battery heater for camping. The problem of limited electricity can be fixed using a battery operate power bank that can power a few electrical gadgets that you might need for camping.

The kind of heater that you would choose should largely depend on your camping location and preferences.

Safety Features

Just like any other camping equipment, you must make sure that your tent heater is extremely safe to use. Sleeping with an unsafe heater inside your tent is the worst thing that can be done.

Nifty features like a tip-over switch, oxygen sensor, and high-power fuse are great to ensure a safe and comfortable camping trip.

Heathers that get too hot to touch are also not advisable. This is because they might contact the surface of the tent, and a hot heater service can cause the entire tent to burn.


It goes without saying – you will have to carry your tent heater with you every time you want some outdoor time. You might be the person who hikes up hills and tents at the hilltop or might be someone who drives to the camping site. Either way, you will have to walk at least some distance with all your stuff, as commercial camping sites need to be away from car spaces as well.

A heavy or bulky heater bringing down your belongings’ weight is the least desirable thing you would want. Compact and lightweight heaters are ideal for tent heating purposes.

Heating Capability

The reason why electric heaters took over a propane heater in the first place is that the latter took too much time and effort to get warm. This is most undesirable when you are outdoors in a cold environment.

Make sure that the heater you plan on buying heats your tent quickly. It should be able to provide you warmth within 5-10 minutes, and your tent should feel toasty by the time you’re ready to sleep.

Electric and battery powered tent heater also possess the possibility of staying on all night. Propane heats should not be kept burning all night, even though doing so is encouraged by manufacturers.

Noise Level

You would want to make sure that your tent heater has a noise-free operation. This is a crucial specification because some heaters produce a disturbing whirring noise that can keep you all night in the wilderness.

Noise free operation will also let you be aware of your surroundings. If you are a rough camper, being vigilant of your surroundings is necessary.


Electric heaters are at full rage currently, and with that, people wonder if a battery heater for camping is a nice option. The answer is, for the most part, it is. However, they cannot heat the entire tent. Battery powered heaters are great for garment warming, but they are not powerful enough to heat the entire tent.

The most important thing to keep in mind while buying a tent heater is to make sure that your tent will be warmed quickly. Camping in the cold is possible due to these devices, and it is fun. But that does not mean that it is inherently easy.

If you get stuck with a heater that cannot heat your room or is not safe to use, you can have the worst camping experiences possible. Getting an additional power source if you opt to buy an electric tent heater is a wise choice as it can power up multiple heavy gadgets at once.