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My Mom has 'Fibro' as she calls it - and finally got real honest about dealing with it, what she can and cannot do, as well as off a lot of extra meds that were making it all worse. She was a mess about 10 yrs ago -- and now, is almost back to her old self. Big hugs, hang in there, and glad you are working with a good doctor.

Jenny Nybro Peterson

Good for you, Jean Ann! It does take a lot of courage to disclose something so potentially debilitating and private. You are more than competent, and I admire your attitude and spirit as you deal with this. Best wishes and much love to you along the way, my friend.

Jean Ann Van Krevelen

Thank you both for your support! It was just one of those things I needed to do. And I feel good about doing it! Let me know if there are any subjects you'd like to see me cover...

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