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It's very interesting that I have come to exactly the same conclusion for the opposite reason - we had some seriously hot and dry periods this summer and I was hot to water and only the perennials survived... so I too am having more of them next year! (I'm in the UK, also zone 8ish)

oh my goodness, i'm sorry your garden didn't go well but please don't give up on veggies! i have had a great veggie year here in portland - guess the stars were aligned over my house in NE Portland as i've had great luck with the tomatoes, beans, zucchini, onions, peppers, greens, etc. and i'm a freakazoid who knows nothing about gardening, just figuring it out as i go along, so hang in there!!


Check out a book called Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier. I just took a quick look at my copy, and counted 72 perennial vegetables that will thrive in the Pacific Northwest... in addition to the common asparagus and rhubarb, you can grow perennial onions, bamboo, tree collards, rocket, chicory, yams, arugula, sorrel, nettle, etc. It's true, you can grow lots of veggies and still be a slacker!


I'm interested in them, too. In no particular order check out these pages:


ASPARAGUS! The perfect thing. It's something I've always wanted to grow, and what could be better than going out to pick fresh asparagus in the spring from your own garden.

French Sorrel! Sposed to be good in soups and it is super gourmet-y. comes up every year even in my zone 4 garden in Canada.

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