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Hmmm, that's an interesting idea. I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of growing in garbage bags. I mean I grow all sorts of stuff in plastic pots but that plastic seems more stable to me than plastic bags do (I don't like the idea of using plastic bags as mulch for food containers for the same reason) However I have lots of fabric, hanging around so maybe I'll sew up some simple bags to try this with.


Interesting idea. I haven't grown potatoes because root crops don't do well in my soil; maybe I'm thinking about the potatoes the wrong way entirely!

Farmer Jen

Thank you for the great idea. I have tried to grow potatoes once, and I only got the small crop you describe underground. I didn't know I needed to grow them UP! I will try that this season.


I grow my potatoes the traditional way and always have a good sized harvest with good sized potatoes. I've never heard of your method before and hope it works.


Where do you get the potato start? Will this work with all kinds of potatoes?


Lots of places sell seed potatoes. You can order them online or purchase them from a farm or nursery. Last year, I think I ordered mine from Peaceful Valley.

This will work with any kind of potatoes. It doesn't really matter what kind of container you use, it matters that you mound up the straw/compost as the potato grows.

Another alternative is to use a raised bed. By adding posts at the corners, you can wrap it in wire fencing and just add straw as the potato grows. If you want to harvest some potatoes while the plant is still growing, use wire fencing that is big enough to slide your hands through.


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Red Icculus

My grandpa used grow spuds in inside out tires. He would keep on adding up tires until harvest. To harvest, he knocked them over and the potatoes just separated from the dirt.


I'm starting my garden for the first time this year, and am going to grow potatoes. I'm going to pick up a couple of cheap garbage cans from the store, and grow them that way. Start with a layer and a seed potato or two, and as they grow up, just keep adding soil to the top. When it's time to harvest, just dump the can over, and pull the potatoes out!


What's really cool is that this technique puts potato growing in just about anyone's reach. :-)

I've heard some folks use the same technique in a cylinder made of chicken wire. I had some extra netting, which I staked out onto the ground next to my compost bin. Forked about 6 inches of good compost into the net "bin," laid in my starter potatoes, and forked more compost on top. I've never grown potatoes before, and am eager to see if this works out.

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