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Jeff Deasy

Growing your own food is very good advice, but I'm astounded that it was offered by CNBC, the channel that had the CEO of AIG on to say (without serious challenge) that AIG was a financially sound investment just before it blew up. Just a short time after that a CNBC star assured the audience that Bear Stearns was a sound investment. Later that week it blew up. Will wonders never cease!


I love this post. I actually just went and registered for an Organic Gardening class called "Turn your lawn into a mini farm with no till methods."

I can't wait to save all kinds of money by harvesting my own food! For anyone in Portland, check it out:


Yes! Yes! Yes! Freakin' finally!


We have pet rabbits, so we save on our own food and theirs! We eat the broccoli; they eat the stalks and leaves. We eat the beans; they eat the vines. We eat the peppers; they eat the dandelions. :)

Theresa Loe/LivingHomegrown

Well, well, well...It is about time! Thanks for brightening up my day. Good news indeed.


Amen to that! I get a huge kick out of "shopping" from the veg garden and tallying up the savings! :-)

And of course, knowing that it is good, fresh and healthy is a huge bonus as well.


I really enjoy growing or making my own food, it gives me the giddy feeling that I've somehow "tricked" the stores out of some money! ;D


Shopping for seeds yesterday at Portland Nursery on SE Division St. I noticed that a LOT of the seeds were produced in China!! Not the way to go surely.

Chuck Bartok

What a thrill to see more and more of my Lifelong Passion being discussed.

We have provided well for our Family Gardening for Profit for Many decades.

Check out the results of 2008 experiment
24 Tomato Plants= 1,000 pounds Fruit=$1,000

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