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nice! i was never a veggie fan growing up. HATED onions ('cept McDonalds onions) and mushrooms.

then i got a bunch of reptiles and started cutting up squash, zucchini and collard greens all the time for them, and eventually for my dogs. so, i started snacking on that stuff while i prep'd food for them.

THEN, i decided to cook the hell out of asparagus and mushrooms in a pan in olive oil, soy sauce, butter and garlic powder. LOVED IT!

now i eat mushrooms raw.


Awesome! Love the blog & this post...I am trying to turn my "black thumb" onto a "green thumb," and I think some of your tips will really help. Looking forward to reading more.

Jerilee Wei

My former vegetables were potato chips and cheese doodles, now I love most vegetables. Sorry to say it took getting breast cancer and a lot of years to realize that vegetables are a part of good health.

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