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Oh I definitely think you should do it!


I think this is such a COOL idea for you, JeanAnn =) I think you would give a fresh perspective and a real one ta boot! The drawback would be one more project on your plate!! Oh well, that's life!

Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Congrats! You have to write it now! Why not? What's there to lose?


Wow - what a vote of confidence from one of my favorite authors! (Her original 1982 printing of Edible Landscape is one of my favorites).

Congrats - and let us know when you decide to start!

Just Jenn

If you say no - then it will never be written and never be published. End of story.

If you say yes and write it (with an *excellent* recommendation, can she write the foreword?) then maybe it will get published. If you know in your heart you can do it, then go for it. Let the world decide if it gets published or not. Your decision should be based not on fear of rejection but on the joy it would bring to you to write it.

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