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The best part of fall planting for the kitchen garden is it gives me a second chance...spring always gets away from me, I run out of time and energy. Fall gives me a second window of opportunity. No big plans, definitely some cilantro, fall greens...maybe some perennials to get a jump start on next spring.


Hey there! I haven't been by in a while, but I see we're still of like mind! My purple carrots are delish--unfortunately the dog thinks so too and it's a race to see who gets to them first! That Tilth guide is one of my faves. We have tiny baby tomatoes and peppers. And we're getting ready to sow some more beans and some brassica and root crops for fall. This will be the ifrst time we plant for fall.


I'm thinking I will save one of my beds for leafy greens, and the others I will prep for early spring planting. The soil just wasn't what I was hoping for, and, like Shelly, I just ran out of time this past Spring! Can I plant garlic in the Fall? I would love to grow some, seeing it is one of my all time favorite things to add to just about anything.


I love the idea that fall is a second chance for the garden. My spring is really busy, fall seems like a great opportunity...I prefer planting perennials in fall, get those roots established.

And yes, garlic planting in fall is fantastic! Get out there and grow some garlic!

Farmer de Ville

Ahh, a reminder that it is time to get back on the ball. Yes, right to it!


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