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I planted red beets. Last night I was reading my Williams Sonoma cookbook and saw a recipe for beet salad with yellow ones too. I'm headed out today to buy a packet of yellow beet seeds so I can make that salad this summer. I'll be watching for your prep ideas and recipes...great idea.

Jean Ann

I love beet salad...try adding fresh thyme or basil to it...maybe some parm cheese...holy cow...I can't wait to harvest!

Steed Farms

I just grew beets this winter and they worked out great and tasted delicious. I baked them with carrots that I cut up and it turned out really good. I like the idea of baking them with the oil. I used water. I bet the oil and spices will taste better

Weed Whackin' Wenches

My love of beets is second only to... my love of rhubarb! We planted chioggia, golden and bull's blood. I love the deep burgundy leaves of the bull's blood. The chioggia's are so swwet you can just eat them raw, grated in salads. I just recently found a to-die-for recipe in a Moroccan cookbook for beet salad with mango and another with beets and oranges. --Curmudgeon


We love 'emI am growing loads of about 5 different varieties - white, golden, chioggia and a few different red varieties.I like juicing beet with apple and carrot for a juice to drink and well as eating them.RegardsKaren

Garden Wise Guy

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets!I was in Portland in early April and had a beet salad at Pazzo's that is still haunting my dreams. I have to replicate it some day. Roasted golden beets thin sliced and layered with cucumber, dollop of creme fraiche gently infused with horseradish, topped with roasted sunflower seeds. My wife, son and I kept passing it around, grinning ear to ear. Magical. Thanks for the reminder!

Garden Wise Guy

Me again - just glanced at your profile and realized YOU'RE FROM PORTLAND!!!! Gotta make it to Pazzo's (Broadway and Washington).Write to me when you've accomplished your mission. I need confirmation that this is a truly heavenly comestible.


I had the exact same experience. I was reintroduced to beets about two years ago and love them now. One thing I do a lot is steam them, slice them and dress with a balsamic vinagrette. So good cold, warm, room temp.


I've always loved beets. There are pictures of me as a baby with beets smeared from the top of my head to my baby-toes.I sometimes roast them the same way you do, cut in chunks with garlic, thyme and olive oil. Other times, I roast them whole and rub the peel off, slicing them into an arugula and parmesan salad. And sometimes, I just boil them whole, peel them, then slice and eat with butter and salt. Another yummy preparation is to grate them raw and toss them with garlic and yogurt for a wonderful twist on tsaziki. Oh, I love beets.


I love beets, too.I bake them in a covered pyrex dish. No oil. Just a splash of balsamic vinegar. No salt. No pepper. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or an hour (for big beets).Then I eat them immediately -- all by myself! luxury! -- or let them cool and slice them for salads.


Over here they are preserved as a pickle, sliced, whole or cubed, they make a wonderful soup too; Borscht. I like them in salads, or roasted with other vegetables, like sweet peppers, courgettes, onions, mushrooms, or a more winter mix, like carrots, spuds, parsnips etc. Beetroot crisps are good too.

Diane Mandy

I love love love BEETS. Roasted with feta and tossed in salad with a vinegarette or sometimes even pickled. YUMMMMY!

Terra Hangen

I definitely will try your roasted beets recipe, and now I want to plant beets!Thanks for your comment and tip on Tristar strawberries.

Jean Ann

I am so glad to find beet freaks like me! You guys had some awesome ideas! I love beet salads...I have never tried grating them, but I will now...and I haven't made borscht, but I did put beets in a veggie soup I turned a wonderful color and added sweet earthy taste... Now I am even more anxious to harvest!


O dear--always been a little wary of beets--something to do with their garish, shameless color--but perhaps, after all these wildly enthusiastic confessions about beet-love, I'll have to give them a second chance.Your blog is great. Always good to find someone beside themselves about root vegetables!

LeLo in NoPo

I lurve beets. I scrub them and put them in a casserole dish with about an inch or less of water. Then I put a few long sprigs of rosemary in there to enfuse the beets as they steam/cook under cover for about an hour. On a green salad with feta? Super deliciousness!

LeLo in NoPo

P.S. I use beet juice as a natural red food coloring in my cupcake frosting. Makes a delicious pink. No beet flavor. ;)

Jean Ann

Lelo, you are so crafty! What a great idea...I will try that...

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